Monday, November 28, 2016

Abdominal Pain and Thyroid

Abdominal Pain and Thyroid Problems by Charlotte 
Charlottte was in serious trouble with all kinds of muscle and joint pain,” My arms , wrists and elbows were so sore I thought I would have to quit my job.” On top of this Charlotte would have acute pain disorders in her abdomen.” I could never go for a hike with my husband as the abdominal pain was excruciating.” This pain would happen off and on for 10 years.” I spent many days in pain on the couch.” In 2004 Charlotte  underwent a colonoscopy and an X ray of the gall bladder was taken to determine if there were gall stones. Nothing was found. She was sent home no further ahead. Then one day Charlotte happened to be at small health fair when she met Kathy, DNM, who told Charolette all about TAFYH. This sounded just what Charlotte was looking for. Under the leadership of Kathy Charlotte took action for her health. She did the bowel cleanse , the kidney flush and the liver cleanse and the gall bladder flush.Even though the doctor told her there were no gall stones Charlotte passed 26 stones during her cleanse. It was during the liver cleanse that she noticed that she was passing liver flukes and 2 other kinds of parasites. At this point Kathy suggested the Taio He Pak. Charlotte did this cleanse for 8 months. It was after the 8 th month that a really strange thing passed; it was a big worm! Life took on a totally different turn after this 8th month. The pain in the wrists, muscles, joints were all gone. The abdominal pain was no longer there. She could hike with her husband for an hour and a half without any abdominal pain. Finally Charlotte took on the health of her thyroid. She had been taking thyroid medications for years. She was able to wean off all her thyroid medications and today Charlotte is pain free medication free and lives to share her amazing story with others. She is a TAFYH grad and a TAFYH leaders leading teams of her own. She will be my guest speaker on Monday Dec 12 to tell her own story and to give you all the details.