Monday, November 28, 2016


Fibromyalgia by Karen
In 1996 Karen was diagnosed with fibromyalgia where there she experienced chronic pain down the right side then down the left side. She decided that she would address her problem using alternative measures but when she did a consultation with Donna Roth she was told to eliminate all grains, sugar, pop and wine her response to this was , “Forget that!” So she refused to pursue the program.” I just didn’t do any of the program. “ She did, however, stop coffee for 1 month and when she tried coffee after that she felt sick. By 2005 Karen was tired of the pain so back so back to see Donna Roth. The same program was suggested. This time Karen went off all grains , sugar  and did the high dense nutritious smoothies with Mineral Chi Tonic,Chlorphyll and lots of Cat’s Claw. Afer doing this for 2 months she noticed that there would be perhaps ½ a day where there was no pain. There was something happening. Excitement and hope came into existence. Then there would be 2 days a week without pain, then 1 week  without pain and this progressed until there was absolutely no pain at all. In 2012 when she visited Donna Roth the third time, Candida Clear cleanse was suggested. This time Karen admitted that she had still been drinking red wine. Donna clearly stated that the wine must stop to clear up the Candida.Karen’s words, But I love red wine!’ Karen recalls the words that were spoken to her , “ Karen, then why did you come here for?” Karen was determined to get her health back . She stopped red wine . Months later when she tried drinking red wine it totally made her sick. Here she is today, November 2016, pain free, and 40 pounds lighter.