Saturday, January 14, 2017


1.Hormonal Imbalance
Candida produces xenoestrogens that cause menopause, PMS, irritability, water retention, inability to lose weight, endometriosis
2. Skin and nail fungus
Athlete's foot, toenail fungus
3. Vaginal and urinary tract infections
4.Brain fog
Memory loss, lack of focus, poor coordination,
5. Intestinal disorders
Bloating, cramping, lack of probiotic bacteria,
6. Oral thrush
7. Sinus infection
8. Chronic fatique
9. Mood swings

Minimum Candida Program by Lawrence Smith
1 hour before each meal take the 1 pack (2 enzymes) Candida Clear on an empty stomach.
40 minutes later or 20 minutes before the meal take the 6 pack , Candida Combo (yeast killers)
Take 8 “Probiotic 11"  before bedtime. Eat the Candida diet.

Continue the program for at least 6 weeks or 3 boxes of “Candida Clear”.
Set a cell phone or other alarm for 7:00 am -- take the 2 pack
set the alarm for 7:40 am -- take the 6 pack
Eat at 8:00 am                                                                                  
Set alarm for 11:00 am -- take 2 pack
set alarm for 11:40 am -- take 6 pack
Eat lunch at noon.
Set alarm for 5:00 pm -- take 2 pack
set alarm for 5:40 pm -- take 6 pack
Eat at 6:00 pm
Take all 8 Probiotic 11 right at bedtime.