Monday, January 16, 2017

Open Mindedness: What if the things you know are not true?

Open Mindedness: What if the things you know are not true?
Dr. Wayne Dyer once said,” An open mind allows you to explore and create and grow. Remember that progress would be impossible if we always did the things the way we always have.”
Think about cancer for a moment. We have been giving money to cancer research for decades and yet a cure is not found. The medical establishment continues to do the things they have always done and progress is not happening. In the 1400’s it was an absolute belief that the world was flat and to think otherwise was foolish. Well guess what? Along comes Christopher Columbus to challenge that belief system. In his open-mindedness he courageously tested the waters. He sailed the ocean blue in 1492 and found the world to be round. He was instrumental in shifting the entire paradigm. Now did this belief system change overnight? No! It took generations to change it.
Taking this analogy to cancer, I have witnessed 100’s of people overcome their own cancers since 1998. My first cancer client was Sheena, 25 years old with 2 months to live. She refused to accept a death sentence at 25 and said this, “Why would I go to a doctor that has given me a death sentence?” At this point her mind became opened and she ended up in my office ready to take on a new adventure. She followed the therapeutic nutritional program and became cancer free. It was a delight to have her visit me during the recent Christmas season and to once again express her gratitude to me. This is 2017 and Sheena has been cancer free since 1998.  Now Sheena with her new found information has shared her knowledge with  hundreds of people but not one person has taken it on. They simply don’t believe her. How deeply embedded a belief system can become.“Opened minded people do not impose their beliefs on others. They just accept all of life’s perspectives and realities doing their own thing in peace without judgement.” Sheena is a breath of fresh air. She approached each moment of her healing journey with fresh eyes and an opened heart and she chose to  no longer become defined by her doctors limitations and belief systems. She refused to accept their NO HOPE future for her. To Sheena , her future was not dismal death  but life of light and energy. She was optimistic, she was grateful for all the new lessons she was learning and she found joy inside her hardships. And she knew that she would have to look to unlikely outside sources which is why I came into the picture.
This evening I am that unlikely source for you. I know your questions. “ She is not a doctor so what does she know about cancer? “ Actually I know nothing about cancer but I know how you can overcome it. OR if her program is so good why doesn’t everyone else know about it? “ Remember Christopher Columbus was also ostracized and criticized by closed minded people.
This evening I want to acknowledge you for stepping outside the box and being here in attendance. I know you are here with an open mind. So I ask one thing of you this evening. Stop filling your mind of judgements of the things that will be presented. Some things I say may ruffle your feathers. Please stay in that space of learning and understanding.

What if what you have learned is not true? Tonight I will reveal things that you have never heard of before. Stay opened and be prepared to learn. Let’s start.