Monday, January 30, 2017

My Thoughts by Donna Roth January /2017

Many people diagnosed with cancer seem to think that their options are :
Chemo and radiation or
Therapeutic Nutrition
This is a totally incorrect mind set.

Nutrition is never an option. It is the Law of Nature that states that no matter what
choice you are making you must have nutrition for the energy you need to heal your body.

We often hear this, “There is no science to prove that the therapeutic nutrition program works."
To this I say this therapeutic nutrition follows the Law of Nature! A law is a law; it is a fact, it does
not change with the next wind that blows its way. It is Law of Nature that states you must supply your body with nutrition to sustain life. Let’s think about this. Do we need science to prove that this law is so? It is just simple common sense.  It is the Law of Nature that states that we must drink water to sustain the life of our body. . Do we need science to prove that this law is so? It is just simple common sense.
It is the Law of Nature that states that dead matter invites bacteria to break it down. Do we need science to prove that this law is so? It is evident wherever we go. Imagine what would happen if leaves did not break down by bacterial action into soil, if waste material did not break down by bacterial action, if dead animals did not break down by bacterial action; we would be swimming in a cesspool of waste debris. Bacterial action is needed to eat away at waste matter so that life could continue. It  is the Law of Nature and we do not need science to prove it. It just is.
Think about science and the winds of change in science. What about thalidomide that was scientifically
proven to be safe and effective and the consequences of all the children born without limbs?
There are numerous drugs with science to state that were safe and initially given the green light to be sold in the market only to be withdrawn a short time thereafter because of strokes, heart attacks and so on! Science is not a reliability factor!

Now I am also here to say that every nutritional  product I  use in my therapeutic nutritional  programs comes from a Nature's Sunshine lab that has gone through multiple rigorous quality control testing to ensure that the nutrient values of these products are not tampered with by the use of glyphosates or chemical fertilizers or modified genes and so on. These products are pure and come straight from Nature. They are not manmade and I am here to say that no man made product can provide your body with nutrition that way Nature does. Nature’s nutrition in its untampered pure form simply cannot be replicated  by the hands of man. This is also the Law of Nature.

I want to share some details about Nature’s Sunshine and quality control.

“We travel the world to inspect our suppliers' facilities and processes to ensure the highest quality natural ingredients are harvested and handled to protect key essential nutrients. Then, we verify each ingredient’s true beneficial potential.

Our staff science team formulates our products with a relentless commitment to ingredient purity and potency. That’s why our customers trust Nature’s Sunshine natural products to deliver proven, repeatable results.

We make and package Nature’s Sunshine products in our own facility, under conditions and guidelines that meet the most stringent global regulations.

We don’t have one single laboratory . We have six. Over the past forty-two years, we’ve studied and determined the optimal formulations for literally tens of thousands of natural ingredients, and we’re fully committed to learning even more.
Science means scrutiny, too. A full staff of quality assurance PhDs are focused on testing every natural ingredient in every Nature’s Sunshine product in our Microbiology, Vitamin, Mineral and Herb Labs.
That’s why we can confidently guarantee the purity and potency of every product that bears our name.
Our premium quality products do more than improve people’s health—they transform their lives. Sourced, manufactured and tested against the most rigorous quality standards, our unique product portfolio delivers more than over 500 personalized solutions to optimize your health.
So where do the plants come from that are so conveniently placed into capsules for your use :
Kelp comes from Nova Scotia. NSP Kelp contained 2.5 to 6.5 more iodine than that of the competitor.
Paw Paw comes from Eastern Us, tested by Dr. Jerry McLaughlin in a lab using smaller animals to be 1 million times more effective than certain chemotherapies
 NSP High-Potency Garlic contains 400 mg of standardized, stabilized, high potency garlic, which is equal to 1,200 mg of fresh garlic. This garlic was tested against 5 leading brqands and its potency was superior.
Black Walnut has been tested to contain high amounts of chromium and iodine. Great for cleaning out parasites, treating anemia , skin problems and menstral dysfunctions.
Astragalus: comes from Asia and has been tested to contain several very beneficial compounds. It has been tested and shown to increase stem cells in the bone marrow and lymph tissues .It is wonderful for fatigue and adrenal exhaustion.
Cat’s Claw combination has an amazing amount of tests behind it.Cat’s Claw comes from a vine in Peru.  It has been used to successfully treat 14 types of cancer cases ( 1988) Dandelion comes from Europe and North America. It cleans the blood and the liver, pancreas, stomach, spleen and kidneys. It removes excess water, normalized blood pressure and enhances the flow of bile.