Saturday, June 10, 2017

Dr. Rogers Prize Update

Dr. Rogers Prize Update June 10/2016

The final countdown has happened and the button was submitted on May 31/2017.
This was a huge work; 14000 words were submitted in completion of this application.
This has been a work that really started 30 years ago with the assistance of Carol Nilsson.
 Year 1993 after the death of my Mother I started searching for the answer to cancer.
Year 1998 my first cancer client Sheena with 3 months to live overcame cancer using my program
of herbs and super foods. I started to wonder why.
Year 2000 Carol introduced me to Ron Gdanski who wrote the book Cancer Cause Cure Cover Up. Injury was discovered.
Year 2001 Lorene, Carol and I designed a program to address injury, elimination and infection
Year 2003 Dr. Jerry McLauglin with 20 years of research introduced Paw Paw to the world. 
Year 2003 Garry , my first Paw Paw client overcame cancer. Inury, Elimination, Infection
Year 2007: Book Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury was released with 60 cancer success stories. To date over 5000 copies have been sold.
Year 2009 ; Inflammation came into light after a cancer client passed away having many infected root canals and a flu shot.
Year 2011; the 5 pillars were revealed: injury, inflammation, elimination. infection, circulation
Year 2011; nominated for the Dr. Rogers Prize by Jacquelyn Johnston
Year 2013: Birth of TAFYH Nominated the Dr. Rogers Prize by Jacquelyn Johnston
Year 2013: Dr. Kathy Deane accepts TAFYH as a course of study
Year 2016 TAFYH was translated into French by Rhea  and  her  7 naturopathic practitioners in Quebec 
Year 2016 TAFYH is accepted as a credited curriculum of study at the College of Humanitarian Medicine
Year 2017 : Nominated for the Dr. Rogers Prize by Jacquelyn Johnston

We  plan to use to the Dr. Rogers award money as a perpetual scholarship fund for TAFYH education.

There is so much gratitude that I want to express to all of you.

My deepest gratitude goes to Jacquelyn Johnston who was instrumental in searching out the Dr. Rogers Prize award and nominating me for this award. Jacquelyn has now nominated me for  the Dr. Rogers Prize three times; 2011, 2013, 2017. 

Gratitude to all TAFYH Grads who have stepped outside the box to discover the laws of nature in health.

Gratitude to all TAFYH leaders who have taken on teams to further this movement.

Gratitude to all who have taken the time to write letters of support.

Gratitude to the people who gave me permission to use their cancer success stories in my book.

Gratitude to all the comments of support I have received.

Love and Gratitude,

September will hopefully bring good news . . . the energy you are putting out there is so incredible, Donna. My greatest respect to you for all your efforts that include so many people :)

WE all know where you stand! As a vigilant TRUE warrior against cancer, and all other crazy dis-eases that now plague our world! Thank you, thank you! To you, your mom, your aunt, all because you cared enough to passionately search for the answer! May your tribe increase, May others hear the truth, and not be bound with fear of going the most natural & healthy way! I'm honored to know you, and most grateful to have trained under you! 

Our thoughts and prayers will be with you as we all believe that you should be the winner of this Prize for the knowledge you have used to help others and for the knowledge that you have passed on to all of us so that we can continue to help ourselves and others overcome any health problems that we may face.
Whatever the result of this prize competition, you will always be the winner that we look up too.

I hope the Dr. Rogers people recognize the value in what you have tirelessly done over the years.
Warmest regards,

I look forward to hearing that you have won the Dr. Rogers Prize, you deserve it!!
Love & Gratitude
Kim xx

Was literally JUST thinking of you, Donna!!
Sending you ever vibration of embracing & being embraced with this money energy, recognition and open channel for continuing the amazingly profound works of service in the world...
I'm with you!!
big hugs & talk soon, 
I hope they recognize all your hard work and the difference you are making in the health of others.I'm rooting for you.
Equanimity and loving life

Congratulations Donna Best of Luck for Sept!

Thank you Donna for this great follow up!
I cross my fingers :)

Congratulations Donna.  You have helped so many and achieved so much.  You have incredible energy and vitality and passion.  I am so blessed to have been divinely introduced to you.

I am happy to hear this, Donna, good luck.
 Pat Knight

So proud of you! 

What a lovely letter Donna, outlining how this whole thing has evolved.
I shall be praying about this on an ongoing basis.  Nobody would use these funds to benefit others more than you would.  --  Carole

Congratulations are required to acknowledge your efforts and past work for us all.
Thank you  Roy

Congratulations; I am so happy for you and hope to see you again! Helga

That is so awesome Donna.  I hope you win this year.  What a fantastic legacy.  
 Love & hugs  Susan

My very best wishes and prayers for you as well

14000 WORDS!    More akin to a book rather than an application.   
Congratulations are required to acknowledge your efforts and past work for us all.
Thank you

Thanks,sending you tons of positive energy

What an amazing honor!! I will be sending love and light your way!  Best of luck to you! I know the work you have done and you are very much deserving of this recognition and award!
 Wonderful, wonderful work!!!
 Love and Light,