Monday, August 7, 2017

Detox Solution: Dr. Matt Tripp on IN.FORM PURIFY

Detox Solution: Dr. Matt Tripp on IN.FORM PURIFY, our Newest Product Sensation
PURIFY Healthy Microbiome and Detoxification supplement features a patent-pending formula that supports purification of the gut and helps restore balance to the microbiome.
We asked NSP Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Matthew Tripp to share his insights on Purify, and explain why it’s an integral part of the most effective healthy lifestyle program in the industry.
“We live in a toxic environment. We’re constantly exposed to persistent organic pollutants and toxins of all kinds. Unfortunately, the majority of us also has a sedentary lifestyle and consumes a terrible diet. We’ve got dysfunction—a global pandemic of cardio metabolic syndrome which leads to things like high cholesterol, type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity and the list goes on.

The concept of Purify came about as a support for toxic living. It was created to be used on its own, or in conjunction with a great weight management program to help create a healthy lifestyle long-term.”

Q. Tell me about Purify. What is it and why do we need it?
A. We live in a toxic environment. We’re constantly exposed to persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and toxins of all kinds. Unfortunately, the majority of us also have a sedentary lifestyle and consume a terrible diet.

The concept of Purify came about as a support for cardio-metabolic function. It was designed to be used either on its own or in conjunction with a great weight management program to help create a long-term healthy lifestyle.
Here’s what’s great about Purify…
All the toxins we consume—from organic pollutants in the air, from plastic water bottles and even the foods we eat—are stored in our fat. And for years and years, as we’ve gained weight and changed our microbiome, we’ve put on fat and therefore accumulated all these poisons. Things like DDT, heavy metals and persistent organic pollutants (POPs) are trapped and concentrated in our fat, and oddly enough, they’re safe—as long as we keep the weight on. But once we start to lose fat, those toxins are released into our bloodstream.
Often when people first start a weight-loss program they have success and lose weight, but they feel horrible. They’re sick because they’re suddenly releasing concentrated toxins that have accumulated in their fat for years.
Our goal was to develop a product to help offset those issues and to support the body in processing and then detoxifying us from the toxins we’re exposed to.
Q. How does it work?
A. The product helps to support the body’s natural ability to detoxify. The ingredients work synergistically to support detoxification in multiple ways. Purify:
  • provides good food for our intestinal cells
  • works to help balance the microbiome by changing the gut microflora
  • helps upregulate the enzymes that drive detoxification
  • encourages elimination
  • helps make toxic compounds more soluble so they’re more easily eliminated
Q. Can you define “upregulation”? What does that mean exactly?
A. We don’t transcribe all our genes all the time. Some lay dormant. Our detoxification systems are energy intense, so they tend to stay at a very base level of performance most of the time. But knowing that people who are starting our IN.FORM program will need them, and will need them working overtime as they begin to release toxins from stored fat, we developed a formulation that gives those genes a kick-start. Purify helps to wake things up and to increase performance beyond the base level transcription the body is used to from day to day.
Q. What are the benefits of helping my body with detoxification and elimination?
A. Purify helps to support colon health, which is a major factor in our well-being. Everyone over the age of 50 is encouraged to have his/her colon checked regularly, and for good reason…colon health is a big concern. Studies have shown that the ingredients in Purify can help support colon health.
Q. What are some of Purify’s key ingredients?
A. One of the key components in the formula is chlorophyll. It has a deodorizing property that has been used for many years, but more recently it’s been shown to upregulate a transcription factor called Nrf2. There’s an inhibitor, or barrier system, outside the nucleus of our cells that protects everything inside. Chlorophyll and other natural substances like broccoli can actually bind to the inhibitor and break it apart. This allows Nrf2 to get inside the cell nucleus and activate its antioxidant response element.
Zinc is also present to help upregulate another transcription tool called the metal transcription element (MTE). There are two “switches” of sorts next to each other on the gene. One is Nrf2 and the other is MTE. When they are both activated results are greater. The antioxidant response element and metal transcription factor activate a number of proteins, including metallothioneins (heavy metal detoxifiers) and xenobiotic enzymes (like heme oxygenase, glutathione S-transferase and NADPH quinone reductase) that can help process the toxins in our bodies. Glutathione S-transferases (GSTs) for example catalyze the conjugation of reduced glutathione to a variety of potentially carcinogenic electrophilic and hydrophobic compounds. This detoxification reaction inactivates the compounds and renders them water-soluble so they can be readily excreted through urine or bile. People who have mutations in GSTs have been reported to have a higher risk and earlier onset of colorectal cancer.
In short, the ingredients in Purify work to upregulate Nrf2 and MTE, which then upregulate (or activate) the genes involved in detoxification. This process occurs naturally in the body but is dormant most of the time.
Q. Inulin is also a key ingredient. What does it do?
A. The key features of Purify are to enhance fecal elimination (hence the additional fibers to help tie up the toxins and encourage us to go to the bathroom more often), and also to introduce fermentable fibers as healthy food for the microbiome. Inulin, found in vegetables like Jerusalem artichoke and onions, is a key ingredient for that.
Think of trying to eat cotton or a piece of paper. If we were to chew it and then swallow it, our bodies wouldn’t know what to do with it. Our body can’t metabolize it. But some bacteria present in our intestines can break it down. If they have the right fuel, the bacteria can metabolize paper and convert it to short-chain fatty acids that the body can use. (Short-chain fatty acids are used by the epithelial cells in the intestines to slow stomach emptying so we feel fuller longer and therefore eat less.)
Purify helps to provide that healthy fuel. It contains inulin, psyllium and other fermentable fibers, and can therefore power the cells to create a more optimal gut environment.
Q. Can you explain the role of L-glutamine?
A. L-glutamine is important for NH4 detoxification. When we metabolize proteins, ammonia is released and needs to be detoxified in the liver. (Otherwise it can enter our neurological system and cause issues in the brain.) L-glutamine supports the urea cycle, where ammonia is converted to water-soluble urea, which can then be excreted.
In essence, Purify helps to make ammonia and other toxic compounds more soluble, so they’re eliminated more easily either in the urine or in feces. It was formulated to help increase elimination by upregulating our natural detoxification system.
Q. Tell me more about Purify’s patent-pending phytonutrient blend.
A. PC4 is a special ingredient blend that is synergistic as a potent antioxidant. Our goal in development was to activate the antioxidant response element in our cells. So we looked at ways we could reduce oxidative products so that they’re more easily eliminated.
Why is that important? Take heart health for example. It’s the leading cause of heart failure today, and it’s caused by oxidized LDL cholesterol. Where people have high levels of oxidized LDL or are concerned about elevated levels, a potent antioxidant could really help to reduce the oxidation of LDL cholesterol and, by the process of elimination, help rid the body of the oxidized LDL already present.
Q. How does Purify help support cellular integrity and why is that important?
A. This benefit is tied to supporting the epithelial cells in the intestines. The ingredients we’ve selected, paired with the environment of a healthy microbiome, can help gut metabolism. Our goal was to help make the cells stronger and to tighten the junctions between them.
Q. Who should take Purify? Is it just for those on the IN.FORM program, or is it also for everyday use?
A. This product is good for everyone concerned about their health. It’s an excellent bookend to the IN.FORM program, but it is also recommended as part of a daily regimen for those who aren’t on the program as well.
Q. Why should I use Purify before and after the 13-week IN.FORM program and not during? It seems that it would be most beneficial as the body is actively losing excess weight.
A. Purify is a great product to help prepare your body for IN.FORM. It helps nourish the microbiome and digestive system so that they’re already active and more efficient for a boosted start. It also helps prepare the body to detox everything that will be released early on in the program. (This will really benefit anyone who feels a bit sick due to toxin release. This makes transitioning to the program much easier.)
The high vegetable content in the dietary recommendations of the IN.FORM program will continue to support detoxification during the 13 weeks, keeping the enzymes active. Closely following the IN.FORM diet will help continue the experience of detoxification benefits Purify helped to ignite.
Q. Is there an optimal time to take Purify?
A. People who will start the IN.FORM program should take it at least one week prior to starting. They should take it again for at least one week after they complete the program. Anyone not participating in IN.FORM will find this a great maintenance product they should take on a regular basis.
Q. Should I use it at a certain time each day?
A. It really depends on the person and how regular their bowel habits are. This product will add more fiber to your system and will most likely have its effect after a few hours. For example, if you take it in the evening, you will most likely experience its effect the following morning.
There’s really no right or wrong time to take it. Lots of people will choose to use it in the morning, others during a morning break or an hour before bed. Some people might benefit from using it when they feel hungry— especially at night when we tend to reach for unhealthful snacks.
Q. What products would you recommend to use in conjunction with Purify?
A. Purify helps to maximize the benefits of the IN.FORM program, so that system is certainly recommended. For those on a maintenance program or who are looking to start a healthy regimen, I would also recommend Eleven ElevatedTM to help balance the microbiome. Protein shakes are also a great addition. Having a protein shake every day is a really good way to maintain weight and improve metabolic function. Protein also makes us less hungry for carbohydrates, and anything we can do to reduce our carbohydrate load is an advantage.
And, of course, diet. Think of your diet as a “product” too. It provides nutritional prevention. This is so important. The better we eat, the more supported all of these systems will be.
Using a probiotic, having protein and a consuming a healthy diet will enhance Purify’s overall effect.
Q. For people looking to do a seasonal or more substantive cleanse, is this product a good option?
A. Yes. We recommend that those interested in a more thorough or seasonal cleanse take the product between meals twice a day to double the fiber intake and amount of support ingredients in the formulation. We also recommend this for people looking to start the IN.FORM program. They should take it twice a day for one week prior to getting started.
Note: Because the two products work similarly, Purify is not recommended with CleanStart®.
Q. How long should I take Purify?
A. Feeling healthy is a lifelong pursuit. Our goal with IN.FORM and its supporting products is to supplement and support our natural physiology in such a way that we can maintain a healthy weight and our core health over time. Being on the IN.FORM program will help to restore the balance of the microbiome and re-set the body’s metabolism and insulin levels so that its “normal” state is better than it was before. Following the program with a solid maintenance regimen will support those positive changes even further and help to prolong the positive effects. Studies show that the effects of some lifestyle programs can last from 6 to 8 months. We hope that by learning the right way to eat and using a good maintenance program, our effects will last a lifetime.
People in their 40s who start to lose weight and improve their biomarkers can add up to 7 years to their lifespan.* Who wouldn’t choose to do that? We should work to maintain our good health by changing the way we eat and supplementing with products like Purify, for as long as we can.
*For Years of life expectancy lost after age 40 in relation to joint categories of physical activity level and body mass index.
The bars indicate the number of years of life lost for each category, and the vertical lines are the 95% CIs. The reference category is normal weight and 7.5+ MET-h/wk of physical activity (i.e., meeting US recommended physical activity levels). Normal weight is a BMI of 18.5–24.9 kg/m2, overweight is a BMI of 25.0–29.9 kg/m2, obese class I is a BMI of 30.0–34.9 kg/m2, and obese class II+ is a BMI of 35.0 kg/m2 or greater. Years of life expectancy lost after age 40 were derived using direct adjusted survival curves [31],[32] for participants who were 40+ y of age at baseline and not underweight (96.5% of participants). Life expectancy models used age as the underlying time scale and were adjusted for gender, alcohol consumption (0, 0.1–14.9, 15.0–29.9, 30.0+ g/d), education (did not complete high school, completed high school, post-high-school training, some college, completed college), marital status (married, divorced, widowed, unmarried), history of heart disease, history of cancer, and smoking status (never, former, current).