Saturday, January 27, 2018

Chronic Pain Is Resolved by doing TAFYH.

Just yesterday I had an eye-opening chat with Pauline, a TAFYH grad who wants to do
TAFYH Leader training. So today I want to share her story with you.
Pauline knew Natures Sunshine products and had used them sporadically from time to time.
But what she did not know was the power of the products when they are organized into a
In 2015 Pauline ended up with a severe pain in the hip. She was unable to walk to the beach.
She could not play with her grandchildren. She could not ski. She could not dress or tie her
shoes. There was pain during the day and there was pain at night. Sleep was terrible. Did
Pauline think that the Natures Sunshine products would help her. NOT! This was PAIN way beyond
simple herbs in her mind. So she went for physiotherapy treatments until the physiotherapist stated
that there was no more he could do for her. And she used tubes upon tubes of Voltarin muscle rub.
That made little difference. She then went to the pain clinic for Prolotherapy not for 1 treatment but for8 treatments that cost $250 each. No success! Then to the naturopathic doctor for more Prolotherapy with little success. In between times she did hotpads, then cold pads, then the TENS machine; more money!Next came the IMS accupuncture needles with cost $500. Now time has gone by. 
It is now 16 months later.Pauline is able to get dressed on her own and tie her shoes. But the pain continued. " My whole life was consumed by pain." Pain! Pain! Pain! Money! Money! Money! Pauline then enrolled in Blood Plasma treatments.

Thousands of dollars later in May 2017 Pauline looked at the TAFYH program , a course which teaches you health , how to take responsibility, discovering your own sources of inflammation, how to detoxify your bowels , your kidneys, your liver, using quality trusted products for smoothies. This was a course that guided you how to take daily
actions using Nature Sunshine super foods and herbals. Pauline was on board! Here are her words," Within3 weeks there was a huge difference!  The pain level was minimal. "Pauline was ecstatic to the point of tears!
For 18 months she lived in pain and now 3 weeks into TAFYH and her pain is almost all gone! This was a miracle!

Pauline then enrolled in TAFYH the second time, November 2017  to keep her health on track. As I write this story Pauline has now decided to train to become a TAFYH leader. TAFYH is so very impactful and she just wants the world to do TAFYH.

I want to share my thoughts about regarding Pauline's story. Picture this scenario.Your car stops running.What would you immediately do? I would say you would check your fuel tank. Oops! It is empty. That car needs fuel to run. Not any old fuel will do either. It must be the right kind of fuel. You wouldn't put diesel in a gas powered vehicle. Apply this analogy to Pauline's body. She never even thought about putting the right kind of fuel into her body.Her body needed high dense quality controlled fuel.  Now that car also needs an oil change. Pauline never thought about a detoxification for her body. Picture your car totally breaking down!
You would not even think twice about spending $900 on car repairs. But what do you do when it comes to your body breakdown! All of a sudden money becomes the variable that stops you from fixing your body. In your mind, it should be free. And to this thought I say this; Groceries from a grocery store are not free! Therefore Super Foods that can fix your body cannot be free either. As a matter of fact TAFYH can save your money. Think of the money Pauline spent on fixing her body. Think of the time she was not able to play with her grandchildren or ski!
Picture a world without pain or cancer or fear! TAFYH fulfills that picture!

Today I ask that you wait no longer. TAFYH starts in about 10 days. This is your opportunity to look after your own personal vehicle, your body that carries you in this life. If you don't look after your body where will you live? Go to for more information on TAFYH.