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From the Desk of Donna Roth January 22/2018 My Thoughts on Scientific Studies

From the Desk of Donna Roth January 22/2018  My Thoughts on Scientific Studies

Often the question is asked of me, “Is this scientifically proven?” So today I take the opportunity to address science and how I feel about present-day scientific studies.

Sheena was given 3 months to live in 1998 and she overcame her cancer in 1998. It is 2018. Sheena is still alive and well. Can we scientifically prove that Sheena overcame cancer with therapeutic nutrition?
Juanita overcame uterine cancer using therapeutic nutrition. She has been cancer-free for at least 7 years. Can we scientifically prove that Juanita overcame cancer using therapeutic nutrition?
We all eat broccoli and cauliflower and meat. Is it scientifically proven that we should eat these foods?
Do we need to scientifically prove all herbs that have been used for generations of time for healing purposes? These are plants familiar to all of us:
Broccoli contains the active ingredient known as indole carbinols which are known to be antifungal and anticancer. Black Walnut is a powerful antiparasitic plant.
Black Walnut     Helps valves contract, anti-parasite, high nutritive herb, skin cond. & psoriasis
Capsicum   Simulates circulation, a catalyst that strengthens herbs used with it.
Cranberry & Buchu   Cleans the urinary tract, lowers bacterial count in bladder infections
Dandelion   Best source natural sodium, liver, digestion, cleansing to cells.
Echinacea Known to combat colds and flu strengthens the lymphatic system.
Horsetail   Silica supplement, arthritis, diabetes, connective tissue, broken or chipped nails
Milk Thistle   Helps rebuild the liver and protect it against viral attack, hepatitis
Oregon Grape  Enhances bile flow, liver, and lymphatic stagnation.
Parsley  Used successfully to dry up breasts at the end of lactation. Heals cysts, high nutrient value. High in chlorophyll, freshens breath, diuretic action, kidney stones, anti-cancer
Peppermint oil   Digestion, dispel gas, stomach ache, combats nausea
Red Clover   Blood Purifier, anti-cancer
Red Raspberry   Strengthens uterus, combats menstrual problems, childbirth, combats diarrhea
Rosehips  strengthens  immune system, high  vitamin A, C, selenium, bioflavonoids, chromium

 Dr. McLaughlin did scientific studies using Paw Paw for the cancer of laboratory animals. Paw Paw was very effective in arresting these cancers of laboratory animals. Dr. McLaughlin stated that Paw Paw was almost a million times stronger than adriamycin for cancer. He stayed in my home when we brought him out on tour and so I got to know him personally.  A clinical study was then done by Dr. Forsythe, an oncologist in Reno , Nevada which involved more than 130 patients.
Patient #3 reduced his tumor size from to the point that it was no longer detectable.
Patient #8 After 7 months of using Paw Paw 14 tumorsrs on the lymph nodes were no longer detectable and the patient was considered cancer free.
Patient #12 had stage 4 breast cancer. After using Paw Paw for 6 weeks the tumour markers reduced from 160 to 80.
Patient #52 ; non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma . After 35 days of sue the high white blood cell count dropped from 34,000 to 12,000. The lymphocyte count dropped from 67% to 30% well within the normal range.
Anna , a  patient with stage 4 breast cancer, saw a tumour marker reduction of 50%
Ed with stage 4 lung cancer used Paw Paw for 2 months and the tumour marker decreased and he was able to walk again.
Byron with stage 4 prostate cancer reduced his tumour size by 25% within 6 weeks.
Note there were 130 patients and the report I received only accounted for 8 patients. Eight patients got marvelous results. What about the other 122 patients?
Why is it that  clinical studies using Paw Paw for these 122 cancer patients not get the same results as that demonstrated by the animal studies where the results were 100% effective ?  The answer lies in extraneous variables. The variables in the clinical studies were not all controlled! What are extraneous variables? “ They are those factors in the research environment which may have an effect on the dependent variable ( in this case Paw Paw) but which are not controlled. Extraneous variables are dangerous. They may damage a study's validity, making it impossible to know whether the effects were caused by the independent and moderator variables or some extraneous factor. If they cannot be controlled, extraneous variables must at least be taken into consideration when interpreting results.”  So think about little lab mice and the variables I am referring to. Do they eat the amount of sugar that we as humans consume? Here is a shocking stat for you. “ Today the average American consumes 176 pounds of sugar per year!” That’s 1000% more sugar than 100 years ago. Do those little animals take all those antibiotics that humans do? Do they drink mounds of pop that humans do? How about 57 gallons of soda pop per person per year on the average! Do those little critters  have root canals as humans do? Have they had all those vaccination shots containing foreign proteins, sick animal pus , formaldehyde, all those toxic heavy metals  injected into their bodies as we inject into our bodies? You start to see that those extraneous variables are all part of our human makeup that are not controlled in a clinical study:
Sugar consumption
Pop consumption
Root canals and mercury fillings.
Now let’s see what happens when one of my clients decides to take on the Paw Paw program.
What do I do when I work with clients that are working to overcome cancer? I identify the sources of their inflammation. In other words I identify the extraneous variables and bring this to the attention of my clients so that they can work on eradicating as many poisons from the body as possible. In other words I try to control as many extraneous variables that I can. Now many times I do not always get the cooperation of the client. One cancer client with cancer had root canals and when I asked him to address his root canals, which was by the way many times, his response was, “This is not going to happen.” He then decided that my program was not effective and that my work was not worthy so off he went to a very expensive cancer retreat center. The end result of that story is that he died. Of course that ultimate experience for his family was that he tried the Paw Paw program and it did not work. What the family failed to realize is that part of the Paw Paw program is to address the inflammation, those toxic root canals, and in science these are called extraneous variable. So you guessed it the rumour is now that the Paw Paw program does not work!
That same year one lady with cancer of the throat was told to address her toxic root canals. She went to 3 dentists who refused to extract them because with their diagnosis there was nothing wrong with the root canals. They all failed to realize that a root canal is a dead tooth. It is the law of Nature that tells us when once something is alive that has oxygen flowing through it and then it dies Nature automatically activates microbes in that dead thing to break it down. That is the job of those microbes is to break dead matter up. Sometimes this process is called decaying. Well if it is a dead crow on the lawn than the decaying matter simply goes back into the Earth. But where does the decaying matter of a dead root canal go? It goes right into the flow systems of your body ; the blood stream and the lymphatic system. The consequence of this action means the energy of the immune system must constantly clean up the decaying matter of this root canal. Eventually the immune system is overloaded and microbial infestation is constantly happening in your body. The blood becomes a cesspool of waste debris. This lady in her very vulnerable state was not able to be strong enough to tell the dentist to extract her root canals and she died. The two people I am referring to did not do TAFYH where the course teaches you to discover your own sources of inflammation and to take action.
So let me tell you about another critical variable. And it is our own personal preconceived ideas, our programmed belief system often based on dogma. When a false idea is presented to us enough times we eventually start to believe it. So I am going to quote a physicist
“The very expression “scientifically proven” is a contradiction in terms. There’s nothing that is scientifically proven. The core of science is the deep awareness that we have wrong ideas, we have prejudices. We have ingrained prejudices. In our conceptual structure for grasping reality, there might be something not appropriate, something we may have to revise to understand better.
"[Science] has nothing to do with the assembling of data and the ways of organizing the assembly of data. It has everything to do with the way we think, and with our mental vision of the world." A Physicist
We have all experienced the changes in scientific data. I recall the scientific studies that were presented to the world in the 1950’s that Thalidomide was a great drug for settling nausea in expectant Mothers. This drug was proven to be safe and effective. The outcome of this drug was that babies were born without limbs and many mothers miscarried their babies as a result of this drug. Then suddenly this so called very safe and effective drug was removed from the market.
From the Globe and Mail: Vioxx,,a drug, was prescribed by physicians for arthritis and chronic or acute pain. FDA originally approved Vioxx in May 1999. Scientific  safety studies included approximately 5000 patients on Vioxx which showed no increased risk of heart attack or stroke.Vioxx was tested and proven safe but then it was pulled off the market! Why? Because of Increased Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke. In 2004 VIOXX was pulled off the market world-wide. “David Graham, associate director of science for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Office of Drug Safety has estimated that Vioxx killed some 60,000 patients--as many people, he points out, as died in the Vietnam War.”

Once again I ask how accurate is science? You can now clearly see why I question science.