Sunday, June 3, 2018

Successes from TAFYH team 41

Successes from TAFYH team 41

 The brain can be healed
 The common cold is doing us a favor by removing mucus and toxins
 There are four root causes of disease.
 There are natural laws that can regenerate our bodies
 The body wants to heal itself given the right supplements, oxygen levels and mindset
 The kidney plays a huge role in our health
 Oxidation is key to healthy cells
  Anger and the liver can be associated
 Candida can go to any organ even your DNA line

I had many Ahha moments in this course which I did not know.  Here are a few that stick out for me.
 Dr Otto Warburg noted that lack of oxygen is not the prime cause of cancer – toxins are the prime cause of cancer and sugar feeds cancer. 
Ionic Breathing helps with the flow of positive and negative ions in the body.
 I learned certain foods to avoid which contains grains, sugar, starches and legumes.
 I was fascinated to learn that your body can rebuild itself in less than 365 days and that foods are depleted with nutrients and minerals that feed the body and using Nature Sunshine products helps to regain what we are lacking in our foods of today.

When your body temperature stays at 37c cancer cannot grow within the body.
Dr. Hering’s Law of cure states that disease reverses itself.
Cancer is not s death sentence and the PAW PAW program can overcome cancer.
There are six Chinese Constitutional Elements that effect our bodies health.

There are 4 root causes of disease in your body.  Identify them and they will become your road map to becoming healthy.
Leave the wrong foods behind.  By eliminating the wrong foods, the body has an opportunity to heal.
Grains contain anti-nutrients called lectins which cause leaky gut
80% if our immune system is found in our gastrointestinal tract.
Elevated cholesterol levels are there to protect you from serious heart disease, from injury and from cancer.
Potassium is a critical mineral for every cell in your body
The liver is the biochemical mastermind of the body
Cancer can only be overcome if the 5 pillars of health are addressed -injury , inflammation, elimination, infection, and circulation.

Donna Success
Weight loss 133 to 124 pounds
Lowered blood pressure and continuing to reduce medications
Increased energy throughout the day
Faster supermarket shopping as I pass the dairy and bakery isles
New knowledge about the body and nutritional health

Success Story by Crystal
 • BSQ dropped from 58 to 22
 • Body temperature is moving up
 • Energy levels have increased
 • Sugar cravings have decreased
 • BP is good
• I am inspired to consistent commitment regarding my Health
TAFYH has affected me both physically and mentally.  I experienced myself cross over to a much more serious stance to committing to a consistent health plan and holding myself accountable.  My husband has also crossed over to a full commitment through my journey ( he followed along daily with us) ..and it is so nice to make this a lifestyle together.
I am grateful for your work Donna and your forerunner spirit as well as your joy filled laugh.  I am grateful for your keen interest and care for your students. Now on to the NATIONS!!!

My BSQ numbers dropped from 91 to 22
 Urinary -10 to 4 Circulation -7 to 4
Nerves -14 to 2
Glandular -13 to 0
Structural -10 to 6
No more cravings
No more constipation
Chronic pain has subsided significantly. 
My blood pressure has dropped to the 120’S.
My last liver blood test indicated that my ALP -protein found in the body tissues ( liver, bile and bones) dropped to 106.  Normal is 105.
My ALT ( amt of enzymes in the blood) dropped to 34, normal is 30. When the ALT is up it means that there could be liver damage.  No Hep C found I have more energy than I know what to do with. To date have lost 14 lbs.
The program is not a guarantee.  You are the guarantee

My success story is not about me in the begging but about other’s in their quest to perfect healthy life and the person I would like to acknowledge is my wife Linda.
I have watch her transformation for the past few month’s and notices a lot of changes in her life style from the way she walk’s and weight loss over pasted few
For me I have number of changes since the last time taking part in TAFYH and some of my changes has been in the slowing down of my headaches in the past few months since I have been taken Probiotic 11 and just lately having gone threw a liver biopsy.
The surgeon who performed the biopsy told me from the samples from my liver looked very health and does not expect any problems. During time before the biopsy I was using LIV-A in the healing process of my liver. I still have many more challenges to be removed from me, by knowing this I am on the right track to perfect health once again.

My BSQ scores at the begging of TAFYH was 71 and my new score is 49 a drop of 22 points so by doing TAFYH for the second time I have seen new improvements in my health once again.

It shows just a little bit of work each day does make a difference in ones own health and for that I say thank you Donna