Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Christmas News from Kelowna Golf and Country Club Dec 2019

BSQ 117 to 41
 Application I definitely know more about what herbs to use with what symptom now, Before the course I would not have offered any advice to my friends or relatives. and it is great to know that Donna is only a phone call away if you need her help. And also her website and book is a lot of information,
I am feeling so much better mentally and healthier since TAFYH.
My Ahha moment; inflammation caused my cousin’s medical problem and it is causing my own problem.
Realizing cancer grows in low body temperature ; the blood has to be cleaned and not with chemo and radiation.
I am grateful to the lesson on BT as I am sure it has contributed to my health problems.
Acceptance and appreciation for the wonderful life.
3 tetanus shots
BSQ 102 to 48
 I could not take a full breath a year ago. This morning I am breathing fully and freely.
I am feeling better and having more energy.
I am grateful for the TAFYH course ; super valuable lessons and all the information I am learning.
Grateful for the success stories you share with us.
Great information on cancer teeth and root canals.
Found out we can rebuild our brain.
I learned not to believe the doctor. I now understand how the body works.  I have more energy
I now have a drive for life and can go for long walks without being exhausted.
Did TAFYH Quit, Started again, Didn’t believe it, wasn’t sure; started again. Before TAFYH Donna was on blood pressure medication, Cholesterol meds and anti depression medications. After TAFYH Donna was off the blood pressure pills, off the cholesterol pills, and off the antidepressants. Then she ended up concerned because her kidney function dropped to  52. She did the One Day Kidney Flush for 4 times and in one month the kidney function went up to 73. Then she ended up with a very swollen leg, very painful, and the doctor said she has a blood clot. She called Donna Roth. She did the Emergency program: 8 MC. 2 CoQ10 2 capsicum once that night, 3 times the next day and once the next day. The swelling came down, the pain went away and the doctor confirmed there was no blood clot. “Then she was off on a 3 week cruise and had a great time. She went prepared with her travel kit: Cat’s Claw, MC,. CoQ10 , Capsicum, Chlorophyll capsules, Natures Harvest. She faithfully took her supplements every day and came home with a spark of life. No health issues.

7 infected root canals, mental breakdown, took on the program to clean all the infections that were affecting his brain. Cat’s Claw in high doses, Silver , Smoothies with Mineral Chi Tonic,
Felt he had a heart attack at one point; Did the Emergency MC program. 8 MC, 2 CoQ10, 2 Capsicum three times a day for 5 days.
 TAFYH grad continued to search for 3 years even after completing TAFYH. She says this: I studied for 3 years and I really didn’t need to. Watching all these videos  The Truth About Cancer…. Chris beat cancer….all this stuff really actually leaves you hanging. It just ended up making me exhausted and you really get no answers.
I think searching must be fear based. Because I was doing the searching even after I started my program with you. Its like we are driven by something probably anxiety and a lot of fear. Always thinking there might be something we are missing. We feel like we need to leave no stone unturned.
I realized I don’t need to keep searching.