Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Searching for Answers to Health Problems Stop When You Do TAFYH ( Taking Action For Your Health)

People are spending hours on the computer  searching for answers to solve our health problems.

What people are searching for is that exceptional product be it drug, a herb, a treatment that will magically cure their disease.
I am here to say there is there is no exceptional product, there is no magic,  there is no cure!
There is only the Laws of Nature that need to be followed in order to resolve your health problems.
Stop putting poisons into your blood stream.
Clean the poisons out of your blood.
Put clean fuel known as nutrition into your body.
No amount of time spent on the computer will ever give you that information.
That is exactly what the following people did to resolve their health problems. They did the TAFYH course; a course that gives you the way to solve all health problems no matter what you are diagnosed with.

Nicole: severe skin rash gone in 10 days; years of going to many doctors
Carol had neck pain: KB-C 3 twice a day resolved it.
Terry: car accident injuries; 3 KB-C twice a day helped her with pain
Roman: 8 root canals all infected, teeth were extracted and used Silver and Cat’s Claw in high doses
Russ: Dog bite severe, very scary; Cat’s Claw, Silver, Chlorophyll in high doses; in 3 days gone!
Roman: Dog bite; Did the same protocol and poisons cleared up.
Phyllis: Rheumatoid Arthritis did 24 One Day Kidney Flushes in 6 months
Donna: Swelling in the leg, suspicious blood clot; 8 MC, 2 CoQ10, Capsicum; resolved
Roman: suspicious heart attack; did the 8 MC, Capsicum, CoQ10 protocol
Donna: Kidney function dropped to 52; K flushes once a week. Kidney function up to 72 in 1month.
Sharon; suspicious lump in her breast, cleared it up using the Paw Paw program.
Linda: Grant’s kidney function went up from 20 to 50
Anita: Anorexia at 13 years old, hospitals, anxiety, depression. Resolved after a 1-month program
Tricia: Pneumonia cleared it up in 4 days using 8 MC, Licorice three times a day; no antibiotics
Myles: thyroid cancer; Navarro test dropped from 52 to 51, feels great and energy is back.
Bee: breast cancer gone confirmed; Navarro test dropped from 52 to 50; 1 year on the Paw Paw program.
Donna: eye infection cleared up in 2 days using the 8 Echinacea/Golden Seal & 8 MC 3 times a day
Gloria: Serious heart weakness is back to normal after following 2 months of TAFYH.