Thursday, January 9, 2020

KB-C TCM Chinese Herbal Formula 

The link to the KB-C TCM Chinese Herbal Formula for a weakened Water Element.

My presentation for Lunch and Learn on KB-C formula.
Combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) ingredients.
In TCM this formula is related to the Water Element.
The Chinese call this formula jian gu,
which can be translated to mean “strengthen
the bones.” In TCM water is believed to carry
nourishment for the bones and regulate
metabolism through the urinary system and carry fluids to the cerebral spine and brain.
This formula contains the following which are mostly tree barks:

Cistanche; a yang formula, used for impotence, weakness of the back and knees, constipation, strengthens reproductive organs,
Achyranthes; strengthens the blood, and the lower body; used for backache, weak knees, pain, tumors,
Dipsacus yang tonic, vitalizes the blood, used for pain in the back and knees,
Drynaria; used for traumatic bone injury, bone cancer, rheumatism, tinnitus,
Morinda strengthens bones and sinews, increases mental powers, for impotence, pain, bone regeneration, ligament problems, joint pain.
Astragalus; Chi Tonic, weakness, weak blood, creates stem cells in the blood, strengthens the adrenals, excessive sweating,
Epimedium; yang tonic, strengthen the bones and ligaments, repairing bone fractures,
Ligustrum; yin tonic, nourishes the blood, weakness of back and knees, deafness and blurring of vision, premature greying of hair,
Liquidambar; vitalize the blood, pain, numbness, edema, spasms, decreased urinary output
Lycium; blood tonic, poor vision, photosensitivity, blurry vision, diabetes,
Panax ginseng; Chi Tonic, vitality, shortness of breath, anemia, nervousness, insomnia, memory, impotence, digestion,
Atractylodes; Chi Tonic, used for fatigue, digestive weakness, weak organ functions,

This formula strengthens the entire Water Element.
We are often made to believe that KB-C is only a kidney and bladder formula.
But let’s take a look at the deeper meaning of the Water Element.

The Water Element has its greatest impact on moisture. Since the moisture carries minerals, the Water Element carries minerals to the bones, to the heart, brain and the endocrine glands.

The Water Element encompasses the fluids for the entire body including the cerebral spinal fluids that run along the spine and into the brain. You can come to relate to this when you think of people who have an inherent weak kidney and do not grow as tall as most other people do.

The kidneys within the Water Element provides fluids to rehydrate all the cells and tissues in our bodies, The Water Element is responsible for the health of the bones and teeth. When the tissues become too acidic the Water Element will steal calcium from the bones to bring the pH back into balance. The kidneys are responsible for a healthy pH by moving out all the acid debris that collects as a result of the by- product of the metabolism of all foods and stress and environmental toxins.

Dehydration or a weakened water element also affects the hearing. KB-C can be used to improve hearing.

KB-C strengthens your will and drive. When your will and drive are weak you may experience fear, dread, poor memory. You may feel inefficient, timid, unable to make decisions. KB-C alleviates fear and strengthens trust and courage.

The Water Element is responsible for the health of your legs, your knees and your lower back. KB-C strengthens the bones, normalizes the functions of the kidneys and bladder and improves your hearing.

If you are showing signs of diabetes, arthritis, spinal pain, neck pain, lumbago disorders, prostatitis then the TCM formula KB-C is for you.
If you have a backache, neck pain, osteoporosis, weakens of limbs and joints, spinal disorders then use KB-C.
Chinese TCM doctors note that problems with hearing, visual acuity, metal focus, teeth, brain tissues, are related to the Water Element.

To increase bone density, know that the healthier the kidneys, the healthier the bones.
Use KB-C and Herbal Ca for about 3 months.

For arthritis:
Eliminate all sugars, grains, legumes
Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 1 oz twice a day
Super Oil
Collatrim Plus 1 scoop a day to heal the joints
ART-A 3 three times a day to cleanse the joints
KB-C  1 capsule  three times a day to help the kidneys to flush out the acid deposits from the joints
Drink Chlorophyll and water throughout the day.
Do the One Day Kidney Flush once a week for about 10 times.
Commit to this program until the joints have been healed.
It may take about 3 months or more and then I would stick to the foods program,

One lady with neck pain, discomfort in the upper back took 3 KB-C twice a day and the pain totally subsided.
One lady when through a car accident which affected her entire structural system. She discovered that by taking 3 KB-C twice a day made a big difference to her skeletal system and the pain subsided.