Wednesday, March 25, 2020

TeleCall with Donna Roth, Dr. Cheryl. Dr. Teri and Carol March 23/20

Questions Addressed
The virus is not COVID 19 , the virus is fear. Lori and Grant.
How does corona virus get into us? Carol
How do we overcome fear in this time of corona virus?
How many of us have heard this; Its going to spread and you’re going to die! Dr Cheryl
Can hand sanitizers take the place of soap and water? Marilyn
What is the single thing I can do to boost my immune system? Marilyn
How much Silver should I take on a regular basis? How much should one take if sick? Katie
Can you use Rosehips and Cat’s Claw all the time or only when you are sick? Katie
What do you do when there is tightness and heaviness in the chest: Carol
What do you do instead of Hormone Replacement Therapy? Dr. Cheryl
What does a root canal have to do with cancer? Carol
Is Natures Sunshine Silver plant based? Katie
What could be done for chronic bronchitis? Every morning there is lots of mucous.
What can be done for head tremors? Bonnie
My daughter has hypercalcemia. She is scheduled to have her parathyroid removed. What could she do to avoid surgery? Bonnie
Can you take MC while taking blood thinners? Judy