Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Monday Teleconference Call

May 4/2020
Herbs : Dandelion, Oregon Grape, Herbal Pumpkin,
Fay tells her story in overcoming myelodysplasia,a blood disorder;
Nicole: overcoming serious skin condition.
Question and Answer:
Would like to hear about solving skin allergies and causes, products to take etc. to get rid of the hives, itching .
I have a sore on my ankle which may have been a bite, not sure but does not want to heal. Have tried many avenues with the products. Bernice
Poison Ivy treatment? Also, why would one be very susceptible to this every year? Cindy
Fibromyalgia: Louise
Botox was used for migraine headaches, but it is no longer available. The headaches have come back. What can one do for migraine headaches? Donna