Monday, October 5, 2020

Interview; Balance Well Being Spotlight

 Donna Roth is all about your taking action for your health. Donna has been on a mission of creating awareness and cultivating personal health empowerment for many years. For this herbal educator, holistic health coach, and author of the book Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury, one’s wellness is a profoundly personal journey of questioning conventional beliefs and being opened to unexpected discoveries.

 It started in 1993 when Donna was shaken by the cancer deaths of her beloved mother, aunt, and mother-in-law. In the emotional aftermath of these losses, she embarked on a long quest to turn over stones and uncover different perspectives on cancer. Influenced by the work of Bechamp, Ron Gdanski and Dr. Jerry McLaughlin (Paw Paw ) Donna came to reject many commonly accepted explanations regarding cancer. 

 Donna’s broader perspective on health developed and grew from there. Today she speaks to groups and consults clients on a variety of chronic health issues, offering solutions through addressing inflammation and  using  good foods, superfoods, and herbs, and sharing heartfelt success stories of those who have taken action for their own health to create their best lives.

 We were excited to learn more about Donna an her work.

 Let’s begin with a comment you made in a recent Balance Well-Being video. When asked what it means to create your best life, you replied, “The freedom in knowing how to take action for your health,” or TAFYH. What does it mean to take action for one’s health, and how do you help people do that?

In my world it is sad that this question is even asked. It is an indication of how far removed we have become from seeing the love Nature has for us and all the plants it provides for our beauty and our healing. We have lost the ability to apply simple Laws of Nature to our health. We have lost the freedom of being self-reliant in health. It is not freedom to live in a state of ignorance regarding how to be in health. It is not freedom to live in fear; fear of cancer, fear a virus. It is not freedom when we succumb to a belief system that is solely narrated by controlled mainstream media. It is not freedom when we find out we have been manipulated to accept a belief system that is all false. And it is not freedom to rely on an institution that dictates drug and vaccination protocols and they call it the Health Care System.

In my many years of working with people and witnessing them overcome cancer, arthritis, MS, diabetes infections and so on I decided that in order to move people into becoming self-reliant in health I would need to design a course. Most people desperately needed education. In January 2013 TAFHY, was released into the world. This  acronym stands for Taking Action For Your Health.

In this course you are taught certain lessons that empower you. You learn the laws of Nature and you apply this education to your health. You don’t take TAFYH, you do TAFYH and you experience health.


There is an equation on your website that captures a host of different health challenges: C = Injury, Inflammation, Elimination, Infection, Circulation. What does this mean? 

This is an equation I designed that follows the Laws of Nature. Anyone that decides to take on this Law of Nature equation can expect great results in raising the bar for health.

To overcome any illness no matter what the diagnosis is ,5 pillars need to be addressed.

In all diagnosed cases there is an injury. Cancer, for instance starts from an injury. You little stem cell carpenters simply cannot repair the injury for you without nutrient energy, oxygen and water. Today most nutrient energy does not come from a grocery store, so a reliable outside source is essential. My very favorite is Nature’s Sunshine products where you have access to top quality super foods such as Chi Mineral Toni, Ultimate Green Zone, Flax Hull Lignans, Collagen, all  tested to ensure there are no chemicals, vaccines, hormones, glyphosates or any other toxic waste matter.

Now in a case of a serious problem such as cancer, MS, Parkinson’s or infertility the nutrient energy may not be reaching the injured area because the pathways are blocked by inflammation.


Inflammation comes from poisons that perhaps unknowingly you are putting into your body either by eating it or injecting it. We live in a day and age where we are not able to discern what is good for our bodies and what is evil for our bodies.  Inflammation causes swelling and irritations that obstructs the nutrient energy and oxygen from reaching the injured area. All poisons must be identified, addressed and cleaned out. I love the herbal Cat’s Claw combination for opening up the lymphatic system to clean out the poisons. I also love Flax Hull Lignans that are scientifically known to bind toxic xenoestrogens.


All elimination channels must be functioning optimally so that these toxic poisons can drain out through our bowels and kidney functions. The One Day Kidney Flush I have designed has the most amazing ability to bring down creatinine levels and to raise the GFR kidney function from 10 to 20 points within a month!


Infection happens when the oxygen levels to the injured area drop to below 35% and oxidation for the purpose of healthy cell replication can no longer take place. In an inner environment of low oxygen levels, it is the law of Nature that germs, viruses, parasites, fungus become active to gobble up the toxic debris to allow life to continue. This is scientifically documented by great scientists such as Bechamp, Dr Otto Warburg and numerous others not recognized in today’s society. Yet our society has trained us to believe that viruses are deadly and dangerous!


Circulation of our inner fluids, the blood and lymphatic fluids is critical and is determined by our body temperature. A healthy body has a body temperature of 37 C or 98.6 F, the temperature at which blood circulation is at optimal levels. It is the blood that carries nutrient energy and oxygen to all cells of your body. It is the lymphatic fluids that clean out toxic waste debris. Cancer cannot grow in a body temperature of 37 C. Yet this simple law of Nature never crosses your mind when it comes to the healing process. The blood must be cleaned out of heavy metals and metabolic wastes. I love the Oral Chelation tablet, MC that was designed by Dr McCausland specifically for this purpose.


Tell us a health success story you were part of that moved you deeply or deepened your commitment to helping and empowering others.

There are so many health successes stories that moved me over the many years, so it is difficult to pick just one story. So, I decided that I would choose Sheena’s story. Sheena was born in the Okanagan Valley.


Sheena was my very first client diagnosed with cancer. She came to see me when she was 25 years old with her second bout of cancer and she was given 3 months to live. She suffered a sarcoma cancer in her leg when she was 20 years old. She  pursued the conventional medical treatments and here she was 5 years later diagnosed with  lung cancer and told she would have 3 months to live.

Sheena just decided that there must be another way. At the point of her decision a letter was given to her and this letter contained my name and information about "another way." She immediately took action and appeared in my office. That was in 1998.

Sheena listened as I explained what it is that I knew about the laws of Nature and nutrition One thing I want to be clear about is this; It’s not that I knew something about cancer .It’s that I understood that a  sick person has a toxic overload and a nutritional deficiency; 2 simple laws of Nature.

There was one thing evident about Sheena. It was a strong determination." How dare they give me a death sentence!" This determination was so strong she vowed to prove her doctors wrong. Sheena's mind was made up. She did not know where her money would come from to pay for this therapeutic nutritional program. But she believed that when there is a strong faithful desire then the universe would provide. Sheena pursued the therapeutic nutritional program and within 6 months she woke up one morning to know absolutely that her cancer was gone!

 Sheena’s story was astounding! It confirmed to me that our bodies are created to heal.

It is now 2020, 22 years later. Sheena is alive and well and continues to have good health. She continues to listen to her body and to nourish her body faithfully. Because of good health Sheena was able to get a high paying job that earned her more money than she would have ever expected.

 On another note I watched Terry Fox with his determination; a young man with a good heart wanting the world to find a cure for cancer. However, he chose the medical pathway and sadly as a young man he passed away. Sheena chose the pathway of natural laws She has the answer and wants the world to know that there is a different way! But the world is turning a blind eye to a different way. This is when I decided to step up my game! I could see the evident obstacles that prevented Sheena’s story from reaching the general public. I was more determined than ever to deepen my commitment and work with those who were looking for the answer.

 Let’s go back to the year 1993, a tough one for you. I remember your moving talk at Storytelling Tuesday. If you’re comfortable talking about it, tell us a bit about that time you were in the dark, looking for answers, and how it felt when you began finding light to guide yourself.

My Mom was diagnosed with cancer in 1993 and I brought her to my home so I could look after her in my own way. I was giving her good foods and  herbs and she was very willing to take them. But I could see that she was fading away. She passed away in May 1993 in my arms. Here is the beauty of her passing. It was so peaceful and there was absolutely no pain. So, I knew that the herbs made somewhat of a difference for her. I then began searching to find answers as to what caused cancer for my Mom who was not a smoker, a drinker or a drug user. After years of research and reading I found the answer.

A banned book, Health Century by Dr Edward Shorter fell into my hands! In that book I learned how Dr Bernice Eddy was vaccinating hamsters and they all got tumors and cancers of various kinds. My Mom was a cook in a Senior’s Home. The government health authorites mandated flu shots for all workers in that home. My Mom had a flu shot every year. And she had been working there for many years so she had been injected with flu shots many times! This discovery led to a dark time for me. From this point on I decided I would find the answer to cancer. I knew the answer to cancer would never come from the medical intuition. They had an agenda that I could never support.  I couldn’t save my Mom’s life but perhaps I could help someone else overcome cancer. My determination led to the discovery of my 5-pillar formula: injury, inflammation, elimination, infection, circulation. Countless numbers of people have now overcome cancer by abiding by that formula.

 A potential elephant in every room right now is vaccination. I’ve read many of the comments on your website. As most of us know, this is a controversial subject. What do you want people to know about this topic? 

Vaccination is a belief system that was started by Pasteur based on a Germ Theory that has many times been proven to be false. I echo the words of Dr Judy Mikovits; The germ theory is false. Viruses and germs are all part of us and of Nature. They are naturally occurring in Nature to gobble up toxic waste debris to allow life to continue. Imagine the cesspool of debris we would be living in without germs and bacteria and viruses!

The next thing I want everyone to know is the ingredients present in a vaccination shot. Read the insert. Read the risks! Would you feed mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, sick animal pus, human diploid cells to your child? Would you eat it yourself? This totally goes against the laws of Nature These are poisons created by the hand of man in some secret  lab that neither you nor I have access to and it is simple common sense that these poisons don’t belong in our bodies.

 No, polio shots did not save children from getting polio. Polio was caused by the DDT sprays and the polio cases increased after polio shots were instituted. To remedy the situation of increased polio cases after polio shots the name polio was simply changed to aseptic meningitis to make the statistics appear that the rates of polio were decreasing as a result of vaccinations.

Very recently Robert Kennedy Jr, a lawyer, won a significant court case when he proved that there have been no safety studies on any vaccines for the last 32 years! And to top this list all vaccine manufacturers are immune from any lawsuits. Why is this information hidden from the general public?

Now what about science. From my reading 90% of the published medical information that doctors rely on is flawed. One physicist said, there’s nothing that is scientifically proven. All science is based on prejudices, on certain mind sets, maybe even on money.

 Bottom line: all vaccination shots are genetically engineered in a lab and they are dangerous. They are the cause of a whole host of diseases such as cancer, MS, diabetes and so on. Vaccines contain dangerous poisons that bypass your first line of immune defense when they are injected straight into your blood system. Vaccinations go against all-natural laws. And today we are being warned of a mandated vaccine for the CoVid virus. To force those of us that understand the Laws of Nature to have a dangerous vaccine against our will is cruel and callous. What your immune system needs is not a vaccine but nutrient energy and vitamins and minerals!

 Share something about yourself — a fun fact, interesting perspective, or engaging story — that many wouldn’t know.

When my grandson was 5 years old, he came home from his day care school one day to inform me that his teacher told him that germs were bad. I saw this as a great teaching opportunity. So, I asked him.” Remember that dead crow on the lawn? Well, it is germs that break that crow down into the dust of the earth. Germs do really good work for us! And we should always be thankful to germs.” I could see the wheels turning in his head. Then a smile appeared on his face. At that moment I knew that he got it!

It is up to each of you to get it!