Monday, October 5, 2020

Monday Oct.5/2020 Donna Roth Teleconference Call

Monday Oct.5/2020 Donna Roth Teleconference Call

Agenda for this Monday:

My presentation regarding a recent interview with BWB.

Guest: Tara, a new TAFYH grad, her experiences.

Words of Wisdom from Carol

Q and A

What are the reasons for the huge numbers of the viral cases? Jacquelyn

Supplements for the liver; Louise

How to prepare for a disaster? Donna

An answer to SIBO and H Pylori bacteria; Patti

What to do for leaky gut? Jaqueline 

Fatty liver disease by Judy

Simple solution for gout: Shirley

Recently it has been reported by Health Canada that 1 in 2 people are diagnosed with cancer.

Note how nutrition never comes up as the solution to cancer in the medical world. Yet it is a simple Law

of Nature that states that when quality super nutrition is taken long enough and in large enough

doses then nutrition becomes therapeutic and the body heals itself!