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Success Stories from TAFYH Team 57 October 3 /2020


Success Stories  from TAFYH Team 57 October 3 /2020


Body Systems Questionnaire scores dropped from 77 to 12

Digestive 8 to 0

Hepatic 10 to 1

Intestinal 13 to 1

Circulation 9 to 2

Respiratory 4 to 0

Urinary 3 to 0

Nerves 9 to 1

Glandular 11 to 4

Structural 3 to 1

Immune 7 to 2

Reproductive 1 to 0

Bloating is gone

Feeling much warmer; Hands and feet are warmer

Body temperature increased from 34.5 to 36.6

Bowel movements are regular

No more craving for sugar

Dry skin is gone

Emotional eating is gone

Clear mind

Sleeping better

Energy is great

Living my best life at 100%



Body Systems Questionnaire scores dropped from 51 to 15

Digestive 3 to 3

Hepatic 3 to 1

Intestinal 5 to 3

Circulation 4 to 0

Respiratory 10 to 4


Nerves 8 to 0

Glandular 9 to 0


Immune 6  to 2


Sugar cravings gone

Lost 9 pounds

Asthma has improved

Appetite is lower

Sleeping better and not waking up as often

Absented mindedness gone

Anxiety gone

Cold hands and feet gone

Not fatigued any more

Body temperature increased from 36.1 to 37



Body Systems Questionnaire scores dropped from 86 to 36

Digestive 8 to 5

Hepatic 9 to 2

Intestinal 10 to 3

Circulation 6 to 2

Respiratory 8 to 2

Urinary 7 to 3

Nerves 8 to 4

Glandular 12 to 4

Structural 9 to 4

Immune 3 to 2

Reproductive 6 to 5

Anxiety is almost gone Learned to stop and take a breath

Depression black hole experiences are gone

Decreased medications by 50%, weaning off slowly and will be off in a week.

Pain in the joints and muscles have decreased

Sleep has improved

Blood pressure has increased from 107/53 to 122/69

Body temperature 35.8 to 35.9



Body Systems Questionnaire scores dropped from  57 to 12

Digestive 3 to 0

Hepatic 3 to 0

Intestinal 4 to 0

Circulation 12 to 4

Respiratory 3 to 1

Urinary 5 to 3

Nerves 9 to 0

Glandular 7 to 1

Structural 3 to 1

Immune 3 to 0

Reproductive 4 to 0

Body temperature increased from 35.4 to 36.4

Nerves are so much better, and I am more relaxed

Sugar cravings are gone

Carb addiction is gone, and I don’t miss it

Off cholesterol and blood pressure medications

Off thyroid medications

Blood pressure is now 120/74 and that’s great

Lost 6 pounds



TAFYH Evaluation Claudia


When a cell receives only 35% of its required O2 it becomes cancerous by fermenting

rather than oxidizing.

Cancer is a candida problem.

In cancer the reason for continuous cell replication is the lack of nutrients for healthy

cell repair.

Lectins cause leaky gut and are found in all grains and legumes.

The brain is85% water..even a slight decrease in hydration can cause problems with

memory, focus,and mood problems.

To slim down, 1 scoop of collagen at bedtime on an empty stomach.

37*C is the temperature at which all body chemicals reactions occur –as body temp

decreases the blood thickens and is unable to carry O2.


2 months is a good length of time for the course. It allows for time to get in the swing

of new health habits, long enough for them to become the new normal, and it is a long

enough time to start to to see, feel and measure the resulting benefits which in turn

reinforces maintaining those new habits.


The education touched on all aspects of health to some extent and has encouraged me

to research various topics of the course in greater depth depending on particular

relevance to me or to ones that l love.


Every lesson wass informative and enlightening . I have photocopied them all and

made a binder that l can repeatedly refer to for review or as reminders on cleanse

protocols and such.


The day commitment affirmations in this course , l believe are crucial to its success at

the individual and the group level. Having a group all reaffirming their commitments

every morning first thing launches the day on a positive aware path of mindfulness as

to everything I put in mybody the rest of the day and because I voice these

commitments out loud to peers, I’m bound to keep them as though I’ve made these

promises to others and they’re counting on me to keep them.


The implications of this course is the ever present awareness that everything I do, be it

good or bad will have an according effect on my health and well being and makes me

me mindful that whatever I feel at any given moment is a direct result of things that I

have done, thought, ingested or exposed my self to. It is very empowering and

humbling at the same time. There is no excuse for bad choices when i have been

shown what the good ones are.

Reaching Others

I tell people about this course as I am doing it and the benefits I have realized . If they

are interested, I feel confident in telling them more and how they can also take this

path to health if they so choose.


Very enlightening! By learning where my weaknesses are, and through the

information in the course and the availability the nutritional products for whatever

affected body system, I’m able to specifically address my weak areas with appropriate

nutrients. By doing the BSQ before and after I can see the positive change from my

new habits and the proper nutrients in my body.


I am grateful, Donna, for all the years of insight and fine tuning and innovation that

must have gone into the creation of this TAFYH model and I’m grateful to be able to

consult with you moving forward for additional counselling and advice. Thank you so

much for everything !!! And thank you Ross Andersen for putting me on this path !!!


Evaluation by Bob

Wow! I had no idea what we were launching into when I signed up for TAFYH. Kelly and Dawn just said it was great.

I ate a pretty healthy diet, only Silver Hills Bread and usually ”Squirrely”. Oh and I did have a slight weakness for ice cream and semi sweet chocolate.

I had a great many AHHA moments is TAFYH such as;

Only I can change my life; no one can do it for me. Carol Burnett.

High concentrations of negative ions are essential for high energy and positive mood

Did you know that there is growing scientific evidence that gratitude is one of the most healing emotional states for our mind and body

Lectins in grains cause inflammation.

So many causes of anxiety and depression can be overcome with proper nutrition and exercise.

And so many more.

The 20 min.  time frame of checking in, quick lesson and gone was great. I learned a lot in those sessions and then had the materials to review. For me it just happened to be the busiest time of day in the busiest time of year in my business but it worked.

I found having my TAG team to report to was very beneficial, they were really supportive and encouraging through the whole course. As for the participation by my fellow course members it was great.

The education I have received in the TAFYH course has changed my life. It has changed my diet, and it has changed my future. I now know that I don’t have to take prescription drugs to be healthy, I have to use some God given common sense and follow “The Laws Of Nature” I can now have an answer for people who discuss health problems with me and tell them there is hope and a better way.

I found that having the course structure to follow every day made it simple for me. I knew what I needed to do and could easily be prepared.

I really appreciated the fact that Donna read the lesson every day but then sent it to us so that we could review it at our own pace. I really learned a lot but not only what to do but also why, which really helps me to stay with the plan.

Having to make the commitment to participate actively in the class made a huge difference in what I learned from the course as I had to make sure I reviewed the material each day and was prepared to share insights in the morning call.

I have been applying the principals that I have learned in the course to my life with good results. We have stopped using any grains and sugars and have been taking the smoothies and other supplements. I have noticed a big improvement in my energy level and overall feel healthier. I have been able to reduce my prescription use by 50% and will continue to reduce it completely. Just eliminating the pharma drugs with their side effects is making a big difference.

I am very thankful that I took the TAFYH course and will certainly recommend it to others. I find that I am now confident to tell myself and others that there is HOPE and a better way to be and stay healthy naturally.