Sunday, November 15, 2020

Kelly’s TAFYH Evaluation

 Kelly’s TAFYH Evaluation

 Ahha's We were called to read an ahha each day from the last lesson. Sometimes it felt like I could have read the whole lesson. Such as; "When we create new uplifting thoughts each day we are replacing dark energies where disease thrives with a higher energy frequency where no disease can exist" Or; "Health is something we do for ourselves, not something that is done to us; a journey rather than a destination; a dynamic, holistic, and purposeful way of living." - Dr. Elliott Dacher Time We did the conference call at 8:00 am originally and Donna was very accommodating to allow us to 7:30, which worked better for everyone in the group 

We were allowed to ask questions before the lesson which pushed us over the 15 minutes many times but it created an interactive cohesiveness in the group The lessons didn't seem very long but left me with so much to digest that it would carry me through the day as I thought about it Education The program was only 2 months, however it will take years to digest it all! 

There was no 'useless' information and was brilliantly put together so that it flowed so that one lesson built upon another Structure I do not generally embrace structure to easily but it didn't take long before I began to see what Donna was trying to accomplish in and with us and I said to myself many times, "that was brilliant the way she did that" I could see the benefit of the 'why' and I knew that it couldn't be done another way to achieve those results. 

Commitment Commitment to something you don't yet understand will always be difficult. The first 2 weeks are probably the hardest. I guess that's why it's called commitment. I had never been on a conference call before and found the fist few sessions a bit awkward but after I found my 'groove' I began to look forward to the call. I think being committed to my health journey makes it a lot easier to be committed to the program. 

Implications Through TAFYH I now have an understanding that people can heal from almost anything and that it is possible to live in health, given the right environment. I also see many people who could use this knowledge in their health situations and that while some are open to explore the possibilities, most are not. 

Reaching others I feel a new passion rising inside me to advocate for those who need a hand up in this journey. Armed with solutions I can offer hope to others. 

Comments I am extremely grateful to Donna for fantastic work that she does for the sake of benefiting others. I will be recommending this program to others often I feel that I have gained an amazing resource from all the lessons and will be pouring over them again and again until the concepts become second nature to me I feel empowered to take this message of hope wherever I go Thank you Donna for following your destiny so that I in turn can follow mine Kelly