Monday, November 16, 2020

TAFYH Evaluation







There are several key takeaways from this course.

-       Commitment and taking action: Just knowing the right information will not change anything. Only by acting on what you know and continue doing it will make a difference.

-       Gratitude: I’m very grateful that Donna focused a lot on ingraining a habit of thankfulness in us. Our body is not purely physical. To achieve the ultimate healthy and happy life, it takes far more than getting the physical side right. Gratitude is a key to true success.

-       Vision board: Unfortunately, we are inclined to put off, forget, or even quit. Having the mindset set right at all times is vital. Vision board helps me focus on the right direction and why.

-       Right information: Even if you have everything above right, if you follow the wrong stuff, it’s meaningless after all. So knowing the right stuff backed up with scientific evidence, facts and statistics is absolutely crucial.



It’s not only doable but it’s efficient.

It helps me focus on a few fundamentals that matter most, so it can make a difference in my life without interrupting my daily routines.



As I said, the education is invaluable.

It didn’t disrupt my wrong beliefs just for the sake of disrupting, but helped me see the blind spots in the health industry.

It helped me shift my perspective, and start taking the small steps for myself and others close by.



Repetition is a key to learning anything new.

She did it wonderfully by repeating what is important, e.g. “What makes you grateful?”

It leads to my next point…



I was constantly reminded of my initial commitment, by answering the same question everyday: “What are you creating for your health?”

I have to admit I didn’t understand why I had to do it, but eventually I realized that it helped me build the right attitude through those micro commitments everyday.



Except for health-specific knowledge, everything else I learned above can also be applied to whatever I do in life and my career.


Reaching Others

I have not just evidence from my own list of symptoms that changed, but also facts and data to back up what TAFYH teaches. So it’s easier to talk to people who are absolutely foreign to and even hesitant about this teaching.


BSQ’s as form of measurement:

Very detailed.

I believe it is a great way to face squarely your current state of health.

Especially for those who are not in a great shape, just by answering the questions will make them realize how much they’re in need of help and guidance.



I already said it many times during the program, but I cannot say enough how great a teacher and coach Donna is. She is preaching the truth about health that’s against the popular belief and along the way she must have faced a lot of opposing forces. But she doesn’t respond to the adversity with bitterness but with grace and smile. I believe there are a lot of good teachings out there, but it’s rare to meet a good teacher with the right knowledge. And that’s why TAFYH is worth paying attention to.