Monday, November 23, 2020

Newsletter Monday Nov 23/20


Newsletter  Monday Nov 23/20

Agenda for this Monday:

What are viruses? A mouse study

An explanation of contagious!

4 core issues that you need to remediate to sustain health.

What can happen if there is a collagen deficiency?

Emergency Protocol

Success stories: bladder pain, hip pain, parasites,

Words of Wisdom from Carol

Your Stomach is brand-new every 2-9 days.

Your LUNGS are brand-new every 2-3 weeks.

Your COLON is completely NEW every 2-3 days.

Your SKIN is brand-new in as little as 14 days.

Your RED BLOOD CELLS are ALL new every four months.

Your SKELETON and BONES renew themselves by 10% every year.

Your HEART MUSCLE cells are renewed 24/7.

Your BLOOD PLATELETS are replaced every 10 days.

Your LIVER is 100% new every five months.

Even your TASTEBUDS are all NEW every 10 days.

Your JOINT & CARTILAGE cells are constantly renewing.

What is it that can accomplish the brand new stomach, lung,s colon, skin, red blood cells, bones, liver, joints? It is super foods. Have them in stock for your health and for emergency in case we get hung up with a truck strike. Green Zone, Collagen, Chlorophyll capsules, Solstic Energy

What are viruses? A mouse study

Viruses are not invaders but toxin-gobbling messengers that our own body cells produce to clean up the environmental assaults such as acids from fear, stress, chemicals, lectins, drugs,  electro smog etc. The mouse study showed that if mice were exposed to Tylenol then their liver cells increase their production of protective exosomes also known as viruses. Scientists then took these exosomes and gave them to the second group of mice and guess what. These mice did not get sick as would be predicted by the virus theory. Instead they developed protective responses in their livers and secreted more exosomes.

An explanation of contagious!

The vast majority of illnesses that appear to be contagious is in reality just people exposed to similar toxins or suffering from the same nutritional deficiencies. We have all heard of sailors that got sick on the same ship. Its not that it was contagious it is that they were all vitamin C deficient. Young college students eating energetically dead foos, binging on alcohol, get sick not because of the virus but because of a nutritional deficiency and toxic overload and we blame it on the virus.

Chicken pox is a universal way for children to live a long life. Children who experience chicken pox have less disease, less cancer, than children who do not get chicken pox. The same holds true for measles, mumps and most other childhood diseaess.

4 core issues that you need to remediate to sustain health.

Quality of water you are drinking; water that is clean and not laden with birth control pills, drugs and vaccines that can get into the water system’

The quality of food you eat. Most grocery foods have GE ingredients in them and most are energetically dead foods. Resorting to super foods in this day and age is critical.

The level and types of toxins you are exposed to; stress, mental , emotional toxins, drugs, toxic teeth, air pollutants.

The level and type of electromagnetic fields you are exposed to.

What can happen if there is a collagen deficiency?

A collagen deficiency can contribute to genital irritations, to herpes and to sexually transmitted diseases. Dr Cowan

Emergency Protocol: Next Monday Michelle will be my guest speaker on how her husband used the Emergency protocol to overcome chest pains. He was diagnosed with cancer of her heart.

Everyone needs to have the following at home for emergency purposes




Chi Mineral Tonic

Cat’s Claw and Silver for infections.


4 Ways to Reduce Thyroid Antibodies

There are several ways you can reduce your thyroid antibodies and improve your thyroid function, using diet and lifestyle.


Improve Your Gut Health

Preliminary evidence suggests that gut health is closely linked to thyroid health, and that improving gut health can decrease thyroid antibodies and balance your  thyroid hormones. Here are several ways you can work on improving your gut health.


A low-carbohydrate diet was shown in one study to reduce thyroid antibodies by 44% in people with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, [6, 7] A Paleo diet template is low carb, diary free, and gluten free, and may be a good place to start.

Gut Infections: Gut infections, such as H.pylori, SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), and Blastocystis hominis are associated with elevated thyroid antibodies. Use ULC-R is excellent to alleviate H Pylori bacteria.

Probiotics: Probiotics have been shown in multiple studies to improve the gut infections that are associated with elevated thyroid problems of all kinds.

Digestive Support: Research shows that up to 40% of hypothyroid patients also have stomach autoimmunity, resulting in low stomach acid. [17, 18] Basic digestive supports such as digestive enzymes or Protein Digestive Aid with HCL support may help thyroid function

Selenium: Several studies, including a meta-analysis (the highest quality science) show selenium improves thyroid antibodies for hypothyroid patients. [20, 21, 22] However, not all research agrees, and more studies need to be done.

Vitamin D: Research suggests that vitamin D deficiency is associated with higher levels of thyroid antibodies, [23] and that supplementation may decrease thyroid antibodies. [24]

CoQ10 & Magnesium: Some evidence suggests CoQ10 and Magnesium supplementation may reduce thyroid antibodies. CoQ10 has been shown to “improve thyroid vascularity,” and magnesium supports iodine uptake. [25] One small study demonstrated supplementation with magnesium, CoQ10, and selenium along with additional supports reduced thyroid antibodies, [26] while one additional study showed an association between low serum magnesium and thyroid antibodies. [27] For more on supplements to support thyroid function, see How Should I Use Thyroid Supplements?

Optimize Iodine Levels

Iodine is an important nutrient for the thyroid gland, Kelp and Black Walnut are great sources of iodine. Optimizing your iodine levels may reduce thyroid antibodies.


Carol ; Words of Wisdom

Looking forward to your Monday night news!  Would you please be able to address? Night sweats. I have a young client (24years) who is taking anti-depressants. She has had a severe cold for a week now.  Feels better one day and not so good the next. Her biggest complaint is low energy and waking with severe sweats. She says she is cold and having cold sweats.

I would love it if you could help her.

Thank you kindly,


Leukemia ; Joan