Friday, November 27, 2020

TAFYH Evaluation by Lillian January 2020


  • TAFYH Evaluation by Lillian  January 2020
  •  My Ahaa lessons: I have learned a lot.  There will never be a cure for the common cold, it is the cure!!  The 4 main causes of diseases, the many wonderful ways our body works and heals, explanations of the interconnection of our body systems, meridians, how to give the body the opportunity to clean out itself, the importance of water, the contents for our home First Aid kit, emergency procedures, PawPaw’s power with cancer, Silver’s amazing capabilities and many more herbal remedies. IF our body is given the chance, it will heal itself physically and emotionally. Proper body temperature to avoid cancer, foods to avoid, proper foods and nutrition, Nature’s Sunshine supplements, body cleanses, are all important. It was overwhelming at times, but it all made complete sense.
  • Time: It was a good time of year for me. Winter time gives me more free time. Morning teleconference calls for 15 minutes were well spent.
  • Participation: was very motivating and kept one accountable. I enjoyed everyone’s perspectives and successes. The common goals gave me inspiration to do everything possible to participate fully. Shared successes are motivating.
  • Education: When I took TAFYH 5 years ago, I felt like the 5 minute lesson was the equivalent of reading a whole book. This time it was a University course in taking care of one’s own health according to the Laws of Nature. I feel well prepared to care for myself and to coach others who are willing to learn as well.
  • Structure: Well set out. I knew what was expected and enjoyed listening to others views as well.
  • Information: Overwhelming at times, but the lessons sent to us enabled one to study and study to gain more insight. It is also wonderful to be able to review whenever desired.
  • Commitment: I agreed to take the course so I was ready, willing and able to be on the call every morning wherever I was, and to be able to finish the lessons as required.
  • Application: Regarding staying well - to be able to now know what to do and how to do it is invaluable!!! I can continue to help myself on the natural road to health, and to assist others who want to be helped. The problem is to stifle oneself, and to learn when is the right moment to introduce the BSQ, (which is such an introduction to learning and healing) at the correct moment.
  • Implication: For myself, it means that I will know what to do when I get sick and everyone does at some point. But I can do all I know to prevent it and it is working well right now. Thus being the example, it will hopefully be easier to teach others how to stay well. The dream is to have the whole family, neighbourhood, city, province, country, world be able to look after their own health instead of giving our power over to those who are not interested in good health. What a world that will be!!
  • Money: the price was right, and I got most of my supplies on time. Priorities have to be considered and once I was committed to the program, there was no question.
  • Comments: Thank you once again. I now have the “equipment” to stay healthy and to help others to become healthy again, if they are open to that. The years of research you gave to make this course happen is so appreciated. I also appreciate having received the “roadblocks, repairs, recipes and the ingredients” for health. This is priceless.  The paradigm shift happened in spite of my own doubt. I, alone, am in charge of my body and my health!! You still are an excellent teacher and inspiration Donna. Thank you so much!