Monday, December 7, 2020

Monday TeleConference Call with Donna Roth and Guest, Susan, Dec 7/2020


Monday TeleConference Call with Donna Roth and Guest, Susan, Dec 7/2020

TAFYH Team 58 completed TAFYH with Completion Ceremony tomorrow.

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What I learned from Dr Palevsky?

Parasite Cleanses

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This lesson, Your Gray Matter Matters, we have learned valuable information on ways to reduce inflammation to the brain as well as learning that the brain can be healed if the correct steps are taken.  Many physicians and specialists are beginning to see that sugar and foods that break down to sugar quickly in the blood, such as junk food, grains, gluten free foods, are the main culprit behind many brain diseases today.

We have to take action for our own health because there are too many diseases that are being left to progress cause we are told there is nothing to do for it.  Imagine where this man would be today if his wife had not pursued a different way. This is why it's so important to take that stand for your health. There is another way!

Here is a stat I would like to share with you.  Worldwide, the amount of people that take chemotherapy and radiation for cancer, there is only a success rate of 2-3%! That's it! A 2-3% success rate for cancer. How many more examples do we need before we think outside conventional medicine and try something with higher success rates?  What do these stats tell us?

I would like to share a statement from Peter, who had the courage to say "No" to his doctor's, followed the Paw Paw program and has been free of stage 4, rare bladder cancer for over 5 years, with his bladder intact! He said, " It is so frustrating to see people dropping like flies all around me from cancer because they are so scared to try anything different. I am a walking example, right in front of their eyes of what this program can do and yet they dont' try it! It's so frustrating!"

Through success stories and examples like these, we must keep the TAFYH principles going in our day to day lives because as Dr. Jay says, "May you never the know the disease you may have prevented."



Vaccine Choice Canada\

What I learned from Dr Palevsky?

He is a practicing medical doctor.

It is our body’s duty to externalize toxins by urination, bowel movements, coughing it up , blowing our noses.

This is what he has noticed about the CoVid issue.

It is a respiratory failure not a respiratory disease.

Airways are swollen and the lungs cant get rid of the oxygen.

The blood oxygen levels are low int eh 40’s and 50’s.

Therefore this is a blood disorder and not a lung disorder.

Symptoms are stuffy nose, clotting, strokes, lack of taste and smell which indicates a Zinc deficiency, Zinc ions convert CO2 into uric acid in the liver so the kidneys are eliminate it..

The oxygen is not binding to the blood. Why? There are three possible reasons.

Cyanide poisoning; agricultural chemicals are spewed into the air, the green leafy trees and plants can clean a lot of it out of the air but when there are no leaves or green plants that does not happen and the cyanide is in the air is high.

Electromagnetic pulsing can dislodge oxygen from the blood. We are looking at the 5 G technology. All cells including the blood cells are electrically charged and being exposed to these ELF and EMF fields can disrupt the blood/ oxygen binding capacity. This is where I say drink Chlorophyll which keeps the oxygen binding capacity in a healthy state. Green is copper and copper is electrical.  Be sure you have ELF and EMF protection.

Here is the big kicker. In 2017 Dr Fauci stated that there will be a surprise outbreak. Dr Palevsky stated that he was involved with the gain of function research of coronal virus to make it potent to create fatal infections. Take something benign and make it pathogenic. Such research was disallowed in the US and then moved to Wuhan, China. So this could possibly come from the flu shots.

Corona is just genetic material and cannot hurt you unless you give it a host,. The host is toxic material and corona lives in it. Noone has ever seen a virus move or has seen it alive. We are surrounded by viruses and bacteria, trillions of them. They are part of life as they destroy toxic and dead waste.

He questioned the swab test. Why would you want to swab to the base of the pituitary gland? This is a dangerous thing to do as it can possibly break the brain barrier.

A narrative has been created. There is only one thing. It is not a blood disorder, it is not a stroke, it can only be a CoVid virus and doctors are told to shut up and some are pushed out of their jobs.

Massive fear has been created. If we ask questions, we are heretics. There is  a 99% recovery rate. When people are afraid they give up their authority. People don’t want to believe that they have been lied to.

There is no more good science. It is all controlled. Something is not right here. Here is the shocking news regarding the vaccine. Testing is totally inadequate.  He called it a murder weapon. People in Europe are dying from the vaccine. No one is liable.

Humans have fallen into worshipping false gods. They have given their power to doctors, media, government and banks. This is a time to find our own inner power through intuition, gut instinct, experience, prayer. Find it and practice it. The more you do it the easier it is to overcome fear. Stand tall chin up, look people straight into their eyes, know who you are. Sometimes all that is necessary is to look them straight into their eyes in total silence and watch them back off. I have used this technique many times.

Then he said, Control your choices; your foods, where you shop, who are you supporting when you spend your money, be in your conscious mind when you make your choices.

Dr Palevsky asks that we divert contentions by asking questions such as: Are you opened to a different understanding?

We were born for this time to see the dawn of a huge transformation.

Interesting to note that it is this doctor specifically said that anti-parasite medicines have been very effective in clearing up the CoVid issue. So today I want to talk about parasite cleansing.

This comes from Tina, a TAFYH leader:

There was also a man suffering with Alzheimer's and his wife started him on therapeutic nutrition.  She gave him Para Pack as parasites can also cause debilitating brain injuries, then followed with Chi Tonic, MC, Gingko Biloba etc. In about 2 weeks’ time, she noticed his walk was better as he would shuffle his feet. After a few weeks more, he was interacting with people in the meeting room of their building, began reading a book and just became more "alive" each day.  Imagine her happiness when she stated, " I have my partner back!".

Para Pak is a parasite cleanse:

It is recommended that you do the one week Taio He Pak before the Para Pak. Para Pak has in it:

 Herbal Pumpkin

Caprylic Acid with black walnut

Elecampane with turmeric, garlic, clove

Take the contents of one packet 15 minutes before breakfast and 15 minutes before dinner for 10 days along with a full glass of water. Use LBS11 with this cleanse.

Now 10 days after doing the Para Pak do another 10 days of Para Pak. This allows time for any larvae to hatch and be destroyed during the second cleanse.

This cleanse destroys parasites, fights Candida, absorbs toxins from the bowels and improves digestion, shrinks inflamed tissues, enhances circulation of nutrients and removal of wastes from the cells.

After completing this cleanse take Probiotic 11 about 10 with your evening meal for about 1 bottle.

This was Dr Kathy Deane’s favorite Parasite Cleanse. She would come to our classes with bottles of formaldehyde filled with samples of parasites that people had passed.

Dr Hulda Clark’s Parasite Cleanse
This is the cleanse I would give my kids when they were growing up.

Take 7 Artemisia on an empty stomach before breakfast. An adult dose is  7 capsules 2 times a day.

Take Black Walnut 2 three times a day along with Black Walnut extract which goes into the blood.

Do this for 10 days.

Allana passed a worm the size of a ruler after doing TAFYH for 2 months. Now in TAFYH we eliminate all grains, starches, pop, alcohol, junk foods and we do a super food smoothie with Chi Minera. Collagen, Solstic Energy and we take Psyllium Hulls and LBS11 every day. Just doing the TAFYH program dislodges those parasites.

Today I have Susan on the call and I will let her tell you her experience.

Susan and her husband have travelled the world visiting over 30 different countries as they embarked in their missionary work. Susan has always had issues with her bowels; constipation followed by migraine headaches. Now back in their home Susan decided that she would resolve her bowel issues. She had previously tried other cleanses with some success but the results were minimal. That's when I came into the picture. Susan came to see me for some herbal education. This is when I designed a program for Susan and she was committed to following it with determination and focus. 

Susan's program was simple. All grains, sugars, legumes, were eliminated. Each day she had a super food smoothie with Ultimate Green Zone, Solstic Energy, a Protein Powder, raw egg and water. She took LBS11 twice a day . I recommended 4 a day but Susan decided to take 4 twice a day to loosen up her bowels. I just want to remind everyone that LBS11 is a herbal supplement that cannot hurt you. It is not a drug with side effects. Within the same month Susan also did the Three Day Liver Cleanse with LIV-C, Hydrangea, Lecithin. She also drank lots of water. He noticed that her bowels were moving quite comfortably. 

By the month's end there was a new experience. This morning the bowel movement was explosive with large coils of various shapes and strange looking critters.But if that was not bad enough the toilet water was filled with blood. Now for most people this would be a moment of fear and despair. For Susan it was a moment of excitement. She had expected to see something and she was prepared. There was no fear. She was in fact anticipating this great experience. 

No she did not call the doctor. She called Donna Roth to share her experience and her excitement. I was just as excited as Susan was. Something huge had just cleared out of her system. Susan was feeling great. As a side note all future bowel movements no longer had blood and are all normal movements. Susan is now taking LBS11 in smaller doses and continuing with her super food smoothies.