Monday, December 7, 2020

Parasites by Susan

 Parasites by Susan

Susan and her husband have travelled the world visiting over 30 different countries as they embarked in their missionary work. Susan has always had issues with her bowels; constipation followed by migraine headaches. Now back in their home Susan decided that she would resolve her bowel issues. She had previously tried other cleanses with some success but the results were minimal. That's when I came into the picture. Susan came to see me for some herbal education. This is when I designed a program for Susan and she was committed to following it with determination and focus.


Susan's program was simple. All grains, sugars, legumes, were eliminated. Each day she had a super food smoothie with Ultimate Green Zone, Solstic Energy, a Protein Powder, raw egg and water. She took LBS11 twice a day . I recommended 4 a day but Susan decided to take 4 twice a day to loosen up her bowels. I just want to remind everyone that LBS11 is a herbal supplement that cannot hurt you. It is not a drug with side effects. Within the same month Susan also did the Three Day Liver Cleanse with LIV-C, Hydrangea, Lecithin. She also drank lots of water. He noticed that her bowels were moving quite comfortably.


By the month's end there was a new experience. This morning the bowel movement was explosive with large coils of various shapes and strange looking critters.But if that was not bad enough the toilet water was filled with blood. Now for most people this would be a moment of fear and despair. For Susan it was a moment of excitement. She had expected to see something and she was prepared. There was no fear. She was in fact anticipating this great experience.


No she did not call the doctor. She called Donna Roth to share her experience and her excitement. I was just as excited as Susan was. Something huge had just cleared out of her system. Susan was feeling great. As a side note all future bowel movements no longer had blood and are all normal movements. Susan is now taking LBS11 in smaller doses and continuing with her super food smoothies.