Wednesday, May 5, 2021

TAFYH Evaluation TAFYH team 60 April 2021

 TAFYH Evaluation 

I was involved in a TAFYH from February to April 2021. The program was fun. It was educational and provocative. It expanded my health horizons. It resulted in a 15 pound weight loss that needed me to my ideal body weight. It supported me throughout a very difficult and challenging time in my life. The optimism combined with historic and scientific information was supportive of the positive change.

Health education was offered that was comprehensive and extensive. There were lots of old ideas reformulated and made accessible with lots of new ideas to. The structure was predictable and very palatable  reinforcing the intention with commitments and accountability. The accountability piece was one of the most powerful parts of the program. It emphasized the need to take firm restorative action to navigate and manage challenges to our well-being.

This is a life's work of Donna Roth to enable committed folks to find a way to navigate  through the confusing and conflicting landscape of health and wellness information. This has been an immense work and contribution. Donna has left no stone unturned in finding out the best possible information and pathways to offer. She is highly committed, eager and enthusiastic and has developed a system that is simple enough to do but reaches deep into one's being for benefit. Benefits are seen. I personally experienced considerable physical emotional and psychological improvements and will continue on with what I have learned.