Monday, May 3, 2021

TAFYH by Joss April /21

 Evaluation by Joss

Body Systems Questionnaire:

Before: BSQ 32 Immune 6 Hepatic 5, Structural 4

After: BSQ 10 Circulation 3 Respiratory 2 Immune 2



No longer have heartburn

My energy level is much higher and no longer have consistent fatigue/low energy (now only if I miss a meal).

We are at the beginning of my Hayfever year, so the largest test is yet to come.  So far it has been without any allergy symptoms and I am hopeful that I will have the best allergy year of my adult life!

My acne has nearly been reduced to 0 and my stiff/aching body feels young and able.

In retaking my candida saliva test yesterday, I no longer have candida (as I did when I first took the test 6 weeks ago).

My body temperature has raised to an average of 36.0 from an average of 35.6 in the 6 weeks since I started testing my body temperature regularly.

I have lost 5 lbs during the course. I was a healthy weight to begin with.

 My Health Statement:

My body is strong, fit and healthy.  My mind is clear, focused and loving.  I am an energetic force that is connected to my place on/and contribution to our planet. My liver, structural and immune systems are working are operating to their maximum potential with ease. My family/community are aligned in our shared healthy, harmonious, loving lifestyles.  I love what I eat, how I live, and what I am choosing to do with my life on our planet.


My Health Plan for the year (scheduled re-assess in beginning of August)

A – Activate: With exercise, ionic breathing and Cat’s Claw for the lymphatic system

B - Build: Eat the right foods. Daily Super Food Smoothie with all the energy colors to rebuild cells

• Red: Fire; Nervous System Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic,

• Yellow: Earth; Lymphatic System; Solstic Energy

• White: Metal Vascular System; Collagen

• Blue: Water; Cerebral Spinal System; Water, Berries

• Green: Electrical System; Chlorophyll, Ultimate Green Zone

C – Cleanse: Psyllium Hulls and LBS11, I will be doing a bowel cleanse, kidney flush, liver & gallbladder flush prior to the beginning of August.

D – Direct herbals to your specific body system:

• Digestive: Protein Digestive Aid (which supports a lack of HCL in my stomach – and subsequently my allergies)

• Intestinal: LBS 11, Psyllium Hulls Combination

• Circulatory: MC

• Immune: Cat’s Claw. Histablock – For allergies.

• Respiratory: AL-J.

• Glandular: Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic. HS-C for Adrenals

• Structural: Collagen.


For Emotions:

Air Element: AD-C relieves depression and circulates the lymph energies

Fire Element: HS-C for regret, broken heart; pacifying the spirit and nerves.

Earth Element; UC-C for worry, extreme sympathy, stomach/lymphatic formula.

Metal Element; LH-C for grief, lung formula; white foods

Water Element: KB-C for fear kidney/ spinal fluid formula.

Wood Element; LIV-C for anger, frustration, liver meridian formula


I choose to do these cleanses this year:

Clean Start; bowel cleanse with Psyllium Hulls, Bentonite, LBS11 and Body Detox

Detox Basics; a liver cleanse

One Day Kidney Flush; kidney, bladder, prostate, brain cleanse

Gall Bladder Cleanse


TAFYH Evaluation


·       There are only 4 root causes of all diseased conditions; nutritional deficiency, toxicity, stress and trauma.

·       Cancer cannot grow in a body temperature of 37C.

·       The disease of the brain happens when the probiotic bacteria is overrun by the candida yeast so there is no circulation of O2 and nutrients to feed the brain.

·       Vaccines are harmful to the brain since they contain solvents which break down the fat matter and in addition poisonous mercury and aluminum particles are damaging the brain cells, causing disease.

·       Our organs have the ability to heal themselves from 5 days (stomach lining) to 4 months (blood) with the entire body rebuilding itself in 365 days! Remarkable!

·         Dr. McDougall 2011: studied the cancer of Steve Jobs, “Cells have rules, they don’t divide at their own free will. Cells only divide when there is a wound and they divide to repair the wound. In cancer cells get injured and they start dividing.”

·       Dr. Linus Pauling – 1970’s Father of Vitamin C .” You can trace every disease ailment to a mineral deficiency

·       medical researcher Sayer Ji stated, “What is unique about WGA is that it can do direct damage to the majority of tissues in the human body without requiring a specific set of genetic susceptibilities and/or immune-mediated articulations

·       Cancer is not a death sentence and the Paw Paw program can overcome cancer.

·       Gall stones can be dissolved without surgery.

·       Ginseng, Licorice, and Schisandra as found in Chi Mineral Tonic have saponins that emulsify harmful fats, bind to sugar molecules, and accelerate the body ‘s natural ability to absorb nutrients.

·       When oxygen levels drop to below 35% to an injured area of the body then fungus and yeast start to proliferate in that low oxygen environment

·       Candida also affects the function of the thyroid, resulting in hypothyroid difficulties thereby slowing down metabolism and decreasing body temperature.

·       Our foods today have a fraction of the nutrients they historically had.

·       abnormal gut micro biomes known as dysbiosis concluded that abnormal gut bacteria can result in depression, anxiety, cardiovascular disease, fungal overload, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, cancer, obesity, insulin resistance, leaky gut, and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

·       80% of your immune system is found in your gastrointestinal tract, with about 100 trillion bacteria (about 3 pounds).

·       Leaky guy - The yeast grows hyphae roots or tendrils and these tendrils literally poke holes in the lining of the intestinal wall thereby causing a condition known as leaky gut syndrome.

·       Toxic lectins, thereby, enter through the gut membrane into the blood stream and bind to the exposed glucosamine triggering the symptoms of inflamed joints often diagnosed as rheumatoid arthritis

·       It is also important to get some natural salt with your water, especially if you suffer from allergies, asthma or digestive problems

·       Just knowing that if your body temperature drops by a mere .5 degrees Celsius and correspondingly your immune system drops by 35% should move you to increase your body temperature.

·       Your physician can name your disease; he can call it cancer, he can draw your blood and show you everything that is wrong with it, but he is simply describing the process of low body temperature

·       Your physician can name your disease; he can call it cancer, he can draw your blood and show you everything that is wrong with it, but he is simply describing the process of low body temperature

·       Given the proper nutrition the brain can repair itself and heal. We are told however that once brain cells are damaged, they can never be repaired.

·       Cat’s Claw and Silver can heal infections without antibiotics.


For the vast content and detail covered in this course, the time commitment was extremely minimal.  I will be using it as an example of efficient, impactful, instruction in my work.


The daily participation and accountability is a great format and is essential for the high success rate the course achieves.  I would have found it much more difficult to keep this as a priority without this structure.


The material covered and amount I’ve learned is vast.  This is not a subject that can be fully learned in a course.  It takes many lifetimes, just like the referenced information. It is a lifestyle/way of life.

Structure:  The structure was simple and very impactful in the success of each participant in our course.

Information: The information was vast and informative. Organizing the information for my personal uses is a significant project. Making it usable for myself and my life. The information in this course is a huge resource and a gift that I plan to refer to often in the months and years to come.

Commitment: It takes something to hold onto a commitment for the duration of this course. The time commitment is minimal and the structure is a great support.  It is amazing the impact you can make on your health with a small time commitment per day.

Application:  The application is for any experience you or those around you are experiencing.  It is applicable to the human population...


Reaching others:  I have a beginner’s skillset and a expert’s toolkit.  I can support others, where they are willing; with the impacts I have experienced for myself, the differences I have seen in others lives, and the information I have learned as I understand it.

BSQs as a form of measurement:

The BSQ is a great personal check in.  Provides you with an insight into where your body is struggling, which I was blind to as it had become normal to me.  Even over the span of the course, I was surprised to re-visit it and find that many of the things I had been experiencing had stopped during the course without my noticing.  A very useful tool.  I have input it in my calendar every 3 months to do a check in and adjust accordingly.


I was consistently blown away by the research of so many committed researchers and Donna’s commitment to compiling them and assessing their credibility and merit.

I would recommend this course to anyone that was willing to look at their habits and take on their health.  

I was raised without a high level of trust in the pharmacy based medical systems of North America. I am excited to have this compiled information that blocks out a lot of the noise in the alternative medicine world, while also holistically looking at ancient and recent learnings.