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From the Desk of Donna Roth June 20/21


From the Desk of Donna Roth June 20/21

With Love and Gratitude:

To all who have opened their minds to see outside the box.

To the greatness we have been given that perhaps is not yet discovered.

To all God given herbs and plants with miraculous healing properties.

To those who have discovered through TAFYH how to use the herbs and plants for healing.

To those who know that therapeutic food is our medicine.

To those who have discovered that our amazing bodies are created to heal.

To those who know that germs and viruses are our friends!


This Monday on my teleconference call I have an extraordinary agenda and I urge you to attend.

On June 20/21 at 5:45 pm PST

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TAFYH team 63 is now opened for registrations to start in about 10 days.

Guest speaker, Jude, talks about her experience with HIV vaccine.

The toxin aluminum how it gets into your body.

How to clean out aluminum

Why at least 70% of you are on at least on one drug?

So you think you don’t need cholesterol???

Guest speaker Mary; success story in overcoming knee pain

Words of Wisdom from Carol.

This week has been an emotional week for me. I attended the rally in Kelowna to hear Tanya Gaw, Action4Canada speak with tearful eyes as she explained that now children were in the front-line firing squad of the CoVid jabs without their parents consent. Imagine a 12-year-old making that kind of decision! During the march of the rally Lillian and I met 2 young people who joined our march only for me to find out that the young man’s brother being 12 years old was trying hard to make the decision as to weather he should have the vaccine. Mom said NO and Dad said Yes. This young man was working hard to convince his 12-year-old brother not to have the shot. Of course you know that Bonnie Henry is trying hard to drive her influence by telling these teenagers that there I no need to have their parents’ consent and that could be their little secret. What a horrible preposterous statement. And MSM publishes such messages? So my contribution to these young people  was this. Ask him if the vaccine is a poison or is it a nutrition. Of course, it’s a poison and no poison should ever be injected into anybody’s blood stream. My heart falls apart sometimes. It is really hard for me to believe that we do not recognize the simplicity of discerning a poison from a nutrition.

I then wrote a letter to my MP Tracey Gray to tell her that in Kelowna one person had died form this vaccine and another young 20 year old is now suffering from serious health problems as a result of the CoVid shot. I asked the MP to disclose the ingredients to this vaccine and that we as constituents in her area need to know what is in it. That this information needs to be revealed to all the MP’s in Canada. I also said that if this information is not disclosed she could be held liable! I asked a cease and desist on these CoVid vaccines until we receive this information. I ask that you do the same.

I also sent emails to all of my MP’s MLA’s and Senators. I did this through Vaccine Choice Canada. It is really slick and all set up for your to do this. We need every single person on this call to do a letter this week. We must stop the death of our children.

I have done this work for 35 years. I have brought in some really big speakers into Kelowna. Dr Lanctot who wrote the book Medical Mafia and Dr Vera Scheibner who proved vaccines cause sudden death syndrome. I supported Dr Horowitz when he was in Kelowna.
Each presentation we had about 350 people in attendance and I am still fighting the cause now with me zeal than ever. Please join me and make a commitment to take action this week.

Jude is my guest today to tell you about her experience with a vaccine.

One toxin I want to talk about today is aluminum. It is found in every vaccination shot. It is found in most public tap water as it is used as a flocculant to clarify the water. It is discharged from fertilizers. Jet engines spew aluminum ions into the air. Aluminum is found in toothpaste, mouth wash, soaps, skin care products, suntan lotion, shampoos, deodorants, perfumes, food packaging, antacids, aspirin, . Get this one; aluminum is high in infant formula and in soy products. Aluminum leaches into foods from aluminum foil and cookware.

Here is one more eye opener. Aluminum is found in marijuana joints. Users can absorb as much as 3,700 micrograms of aluminum per joint which is significant factor in causing neurodegenerative disease. It destroys the brain and nervous system. You may not be aware but I have studied Iridology. It is a study of the eyes which points out areas of toxicity that may be present in your body. I once had a client that came into my office because his brain just did not work right and he did not know why. So when I used my Iridology magnifying glass to do an Iridology reading I was shocked as to what I saw. The top part of his eye which represents the brain area was totally foggy. We call it arcus senilus and I think the name speaks the meaning. This was a young man and his brain was really compromised. So I began to ask him where he thought the problem might be coming from. He proceeded to tell me that he was a marijuana user and could it be from marijuana. I concluded that it was, but I really did not know why. Today I now understand that commercial marijuana may be loaded with aluminum.

We also know that aluminum levels are high in the brains of Alzheimer’s and autism.

Now here is the big IF. If the aluminum is swallowed or put onto the skin the body has a certain tolerance for aluminum. If your body has a healthy amount of gut beneficial flora then absorption of  aluminum into your blood stream is limited or may not even happen. Your good gut bacteria prevents absorption of aluminum as it does mercury or other heavy metals. So this argument that comes from the Health institution that there is more mercury in fish than there is in a vaccine shot does not hold water. There is a huge difference in ingesting fish with mercury in it where your gut looks after it to be sure you are not absorbing it to the mercury or aluminum being injected straight into your blood stream thereby bypassing your first line of immune defense called the gut! I learned this many years ago from Dr Moskovits.

I often get asked the question: doesn’t the vaccine help your body to produce antibodies such as antibodies for polio so we don’t get polio or an antibody for tetanus so we don’t get tetanus. So here is what I want to say about antibodies and vaccines. Vaccines are poisons. All of them. There is not one single vaccine that has any health benefit for your body.

First of all this you must know.  Your body is created to use nutrition for fuel as your driving energy, for your immune system, for cell repair by the stem cells, for waste elimination and for the operation of every aspect of your human body. This is really black and white stuff. Does your body drive on poisons or does it drive on nutrition? Is a vaccine a poison or is it a nutrition? Recently one of my new clients was asked this question: Is the CoVid  vaccine a poison or is it a nutrition? She skirted around this question with every reason, excuse she could think of. But she had a hard time answering the question. Her big thing was this :well vaccines produce antibodies. And yes that is correct. Think about it poisons in your body produce antibodies to clean it up and to fight it off and to eliminate it before it destroys you.  But once again the question remained unanswered. Is a vaccine a poison or is it a nutrition? Of course, we who are on this call and use common sense know the vaccine is a poison.

IF you inject poisons as in vaccinations into your body then your body will automatically produce antibodies to protect you. The more poisons you have the more antibodies are produced. This simple fact explains why all PCR tests and antibody tests such as HIV or corona virus tests show high viral loads. It does not mean that you are sick with a virus. There is nothing in these tests that prove viral causations. In other words where did the poisons come from.

Here is an interesting tidbit as documented by Dr Cowan. The test for AIDS was the PCR test. When the test finds a high level of genetic particles in the blood it simply means that the person’s condition is causing a lot of genetic deterioration and the question is from what? The answer is from toxins, EMF, stress, root canals, vaccine shots, malnutrition.

So then we get sick and go to the doctor who prescribes a drug. Note to all your great people out there. A drug is prescribed because it is a poison! 70% of all Americans take at least one drug! That’s us as well.20% of the Americans are at least on 5 or more drugs. What don’t you get about all of this? You don’t need a drug you need nutrition and you need herbs.

I find it interesting that Health Canada has recently decided to remove Chi Tonic off the market. And it is not available on the US side either. I really had to think what the alternative would be. So I decided that the alternative would be Rejuvenaid, the famous product that is the nitric oxide generator and builds red blood cells and has electrolytes in it as does Chi Mineral Tonic. Rejunvenaid also binds the spike proteins that disrupt the RAAS system responsible for blood flow and heart electricity. That is why we hear of the 4 pilots who died after taking the shot. They probably got a heart attack or a stroke or blood clots. To the Rejuvenaid   I would also add the Potas capsules because Chi Toni is high in potassium. And of course you need Probiotic 11 to be sure your gut is in tip top shape. And I always tell everyone to avoid all grains that are loaded with the poison glyphosate and lectins. These things bind your good mineral and Vitamin D.