Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Teleconference Call June 20/21


From the Desk of Donna Roth June 20/21

With Love and Gratitude:

To all who have opened their minds to see outside the box.

To the greatness we have been given that perhaps is not yet discovered.

To all God given herbs and plants with miraculous healing properties.

To those who have discovered through TAFYH how to use the herbs and plants for healing.

To those who know that therapeutic food is our medicine.

To those who have discovered that our amazing bodies are created to heal.

To those who know that germs and viruses are our friends!


This Monday on my teleconference call I have an extraordinary agenda and I urge you to attend.

On June 20/21 at 5:45 pm PST

Dial 1 604 227 1018



TAFYH team 63 is now opened for registrations to start in about 10 days.

Guest speaker, Jude, talks about her experience with HIV vaccine.

The toxin aluminum how it gets into your body.

How to clean out aluminum

Why at least 70% of you are on at least on one drug?

So you think you don’t need cholesterol???

Guest speaker Mary; success story in overcoming knee pain

Words of Wisdom from Carol.