Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Success Stories TAFYH team 61



BSQ dropped from 24 to 8

Body temperature increased from 36.2 to 36.5

Second time doing TAFYH

Intestinal stomach pain is gone

Urination, back to normal

Joint pain gone; tried everything in the past

Will continue to work on Candida by doing the Candida saliva test

Has become a Flax seed bread  wizard

Has a clear understanding of how my body works

Allowed me to do my running

Has developed a thirst for nutritious foods

The K Flush moved out a lot of emotions

Did the Gall Bladder cleanse and passed many dissolved gall stones

Now more intentional about body systems

Has inspired my wife and kids

Sleep has improved

Lost 7 pounds and is much more stronger

Love the accountability

Love your spark and I support you,.

Its been an honor to be a part of Team 61.

I really get Donna’s commitment and love for the well being of humanity and will forever by grateful to be a part of this.

It had a big impact on my life and others I will share with.

I also want to recognize Michael Donck for introducing me to this program in 2016.

His commitment and love for me will be forever remembered.

Also the work that Donna has done in setting his up is really something to be recognized as amazing.

She has put and incredible amount of work into this program and I am now another spokesperson for TAFYH.



BSQ dropped from 44 to 19

Nervous 7 to 4, Glandular 8 to 4, Structural 3 to 1

Body temperature increased from 35.9 to 36.3

Candida still positive and needs work

Brain fog 50% gone

Anxiety gone

Constipation gone

Expelled lots of parasites

Skin problems, itchiness  gone

Dropped 8 pounds

Biofeedback showed energy has increased from 5. 5 to 6.1 out of 10

Menstrual cycle is now normal

Cravings are gone

Sinuses have cleared

Medical side has totally got caught up in diagnosis and names

This course has a whole lot of gems and wisdom, empowering and easy to follow

Its repetition, putting it into action and structured and a bit rigid

The spokes of a wheel are all dealt with in this course

There is an emotional plan and a believing vision plan and a plan to raise vibrations with cheers and laughter

TAFYH is a wonderful, comprehensive program, packed with so many gems of wisdom.

 Donna is a wealth of knowledge and has put years into this course.

 The testimonials are invaluable motivation.

 They are just as important as the lessons are as they feed the emotional heeling part of the process.

 I could relate to them personally or to someone I know that could benefit.  

The information is presented in a strategic but easy to follow format. 

The accountability, team atmosphere and repetition are what make TAFYH a success.

 Having the knowledge is only the first step.  Putting it into action, staying positive and making it part of your lifestyle is where the magic happens. 



No more doctors practicing on me

Structural 10 to 8, Circulation 6 to 4, Urinary 6 to 2

Candida has less strings

Body temperature increased from 36.1 to 37.2

Clothes fit better,  lost 9 lbs.

No shortness of breath when I climb stairs.

Cleared up infection in teeth using Silver Guard

Cleared up skin rashes from the CoVid shot using Rejuvenaid and Pine Needle Oil

Sleep has now improved and no more 3 pm naps

No more waking up at night

Did the Kidney Flush

No shortness of breath

In walking muscle strength has increased

No obey the Laws of Nature

Was diagnosed with Lupus, arthritis, and was told I was just getting old.

My daily routine of ionic breathing, exercising, eating right foods and taking my supplements and drinking water with chlorophyl creates healing. 

I am blessed with the truth now FOREVER CHANGED.

I am eternally grateful for the divine appointment of meeting Donna in the Monday conference call

which has become a ongoing current updating source of truth.  😄

I am healed that I may help others choose to be healed.

There is power in numbers.  I rise daily at sunrise, rested and renewed for my purposeful life, with thanksgiving and joy and peace.



Digestive 11 to 8

Nervous 10 to 12

Glandular 14 to 15

Body temperature increased from 98.2 to 98.4

Improvement in digestion

Work needs to be done on circulation

Sores are not healing and will do the heavy metal cleanse with Ultra Biome DTX

Still lack of energy

Will do the Candida Clear program

No matter what disease you are diagnosed with if you follow the Laws of Nature your body will heal.

I have gained more confidence by reading all the success stories

Its about organ renewal not organ removal

Donna is a born teacher, on track, on time, and committed



BSQ dropped from 26 to 13

Intestinal 4 to 2, Circulation 7 to 4, Nerves 6 to 2, Glandular 2 to 1

Body temperature increased from 35.3 to 35.7 to 36.5

Blood Pressure -decreased

Candida Saliva Test- saliva sits on top of water. No candida. July 7/21.

More energetic throughout the day!

I feel I am more calm

Only up once at night (if at all on some nights)

Sleeping 7 hours

Easy to wake up and feel good for the day.

Morning stiffness and joint pain Gone!

Cravings for sugar are gone.

Increased will power to say NO to unhealthy food.

Gallbladder cleanse- completed today July 7/21. Successful- expelled about 80 or more pea size to marble size stones.

Kidney cleanse- no significant observations

Bloating gone

I have become more aware of how important it is the remove my toxic teeth

I have found that this course has changed my whole outlook on our health care system and what I can do differently to bring healing to myself and others.

I have gained more confidence and knowledge to share with others who ask for holistic health advice.

Understanding the 5 Pillars of health and the need to address them with nutrients and proper protocol was very enlightening.

Will work on extracting the root canals

Really great course, empowering

People suffer needlessly

There is a whole misconceptions about cholesterol; no such thing as a bad cholesterol

I have become a fearless leader

Loved Donna’s passion; teaches us true health

•             Donna asks the question.”Do we have a plan for our health?

•             "No plan=No Health,

•             "No health=NO life”

•             Thank you Donna for everything.

•             Blessings to my Team 61 for their pursuit of health and healing for their future!




BSQ dropped from 84 to 61

Body temperature increased from 35.7 to 36.6

Lost 20 pounds

More energy

Can cope with stress

Look forward to waking up every morning

Less pain

Cravings for sugar gone

Conscientious of food choices

Craves the smoothies

Will address my teeth

Give help to others

We have been chosen for this time.