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Evaluations TAFYH team 61

Evaluations Team 61 July 8/21


Susan :The information that we have received over the 2 months of this course has been invaluable. 


There are so many AHHA moments for me over the course of the 2 months.

  There are 4 ROOT causes of disease: 

  1. Nutritional deficiency 
  2. Toxicity
  3. Mental and Emotional Stress 
  4. Trauma. 

  Healing comes when we identify the 5 causes of disease:

  1. Injury
  2. Inflammation 
  3. Infection 
  4. Elimination 
  5. Circulation.


  • Dr. Herring”s Law of Cures states that disease reverses itself.
  • Alzheimers disease and dementia happens when there is deficient probiotic bacteria in the brain therefore it become overloaded with CANDIDA yeast. Ahha: Alzheimer’s and dementia happens when the probiotic bacteria of the brain is deficient and the brain becomes overloaded with Candida yeast. The circulation to the brain is impaired by Candida yeast and heavy metals with the consequence of a lack of O2, minerals and nutrients reaching the brain area.This stops the flow  of oxygen to the brain and impairs the minerals and and proper nutrients from reaching the brain area. We need Omega 3, water and cholesterol to allow our brains to function well.
  • Candida makes the blood sticky and slows down circulation of oxygen nutrients to the various glands and organs.
  • “70% of medical illness is related to human intervention in the dental structures (teeth and jawbones”). Dental amalgam fillings leak mercury, tin, copper, and sometimes nickel.
  • Every nerve ending of every organ and gland in the body meets     in the teeth.
  • Toxins from root canals have been shown to be related to liver damage and inflammation in the joints, muscles and blood vessels. Such toxins have also been found in the tumours of women who have breast cancer.
  • Vaccines are poisons to our body as they break down the fat matter and the poisonous mercury and aluminium particles are damaging the brain cells causing disease.
  • The liver is the biochemical mastermind of the body. 
  • The liver builds the blood.
  • Gallstones can be dissolved or softened and passed out of the body without surgery.
  • Cholesterol is crucial for the synthesis of all of our endocrine hormones and our brain. We need cholesterol for our brains and body to function well.
  • Low cholesterol results in increased rates for lung cancer, increased rates of other cancers, higher risk of cardiac death, erectile dysfunction, infertility, loss of memory, mental focus
  • Cancer can only be overcome if the steps of injury ,inflammation, elimination infection and circulation are addressed. You need to remove the toxins within our bodies that have caused cell injury.
  • Injured cells cannot replicate because oxygen is hindered so the healthy cells have difficulty replicating due to toxins.
  • Leaky gut can be healed by avoiding all toxic lectins found in cereals, glutens, sugar, dairy and legumes. Our microbiome of the gut is very important to our health of our bodies.
  • Our body temperatures is very important. Diseases can grow in low body temp.The lower the body temperature the increased chances of cancer cells can grow in our bodies. Cancer cells cannot grow in 37c.
  • Understanding the power of the Chinese Elements and how they can be used to bring healing to our bodies is powerful. You are wanting to get the different colours of the foods and water into your system to restore your health.
  • Aluminum is the ingredient in antiperspirants that actually clogs your pores and prevents sweating. Aluminum exposure has been linked with the development of Alzheimer’s disease and interferes with your estrogen levels.
  • “Too much alkalinity in our stomachs is not so good as reduced acid quantity can not break down protein properly into much needed amino acids.”



  • Our daily TAFYH class started at 7:59am each morning for 20-25min.
  • Donna was very aware of the need to be on time and begin and end class at the set time. Starting my day with TAFYH allows me to fulfill the requirements for each day.
  • Donna would read the lesson each morning and then we were given small assignments to do from each lesson. 
  • We needed to communicate with our TAG team and share with them new information the AHHA moments and new concepts that we had learned from that lesson.
  • Our morning time allowed for questions to be asked. She was very helpful.



  • I have always loved learning about health/wellness and nutrition. Knowing that with the increased knowledge and protocols of implementing herbs and plants into your daily routine that this would bring healing to a persons body.This was so interesting!
  • Every lesson came with testimonies of the struggles and protocols used by people. With the proper mindset and determination to trust in the healing process of our bodies and by using the herbs this brought “healing” and Victory into peoples lives! This encourages and strengthens my belief system as well.
  • I feel blessed to have been taught under Donna who has spent 35 or so years experience researching disease. She uses references from doctors, scientists and researchers. I enjoyed checking out the websites she would send us for more information.
  • Donna is passionate about health and getting the word out to others that there is HOPE for healing when we use  the Laws of Natures! There are alternatives!



  • The  lesson structure was very good. Short and sweet. Each team is small in numbers.
  • Our team comprised of 6 people. This allowed for camaraderie that grew each week.
  • I enjoyed hearing others voices as we would read our AHHAs and Concepts from each lesson taught on that day.
  • Allowing us to print lessons and testimonies was important to me  as this has allowed me to create a holistic health binder to refer to for myself and bring information to others.



  • This course was designed knowing that humans needs to be accountable to one another to help bring success to our commitments and the furthering of our healing needs.
  • Reading our lessons, being questioned each morning to the protocol of completing our tasks for that day was necessary. 
  • These tasks included: ionic breathing; exercising; eating the right foods; taking our supplements and drinking water with chlorophyll. 
  • This commitment to being accountable kept me in check each day.



  • This course has made me become more aware of the reasons why and how we need to take care of our health and what we can do to bring healing to our bodies and to others who may ask me for help.
  • What is really encouraging for me is that I do not have to fear of diseases such as cancer other medical diagnosis’ and virus’. 
  • I have become more aware and self-confident because of this course.
  • I have already shared my TAFYH information with friends and family who have asked me about certain medical concerns. 
  • Learning how I can heal my body and to help others heal their bodies holistically has brought peace and confidence. 
  • Understanding that the quality of herbs and cleanses are utmost importance for the success that one wishes to attain.
  • We are all in control of our own health by the choices we make each day, week and year!



  • I like this quote: “Our health care system is failing us the doctors want to overmedicate us, cut out and cut off body parts, radiate us, chemically treat us instead of offering advise about how to prevent getting sick.”
  • Dr Terry Wahl said:  “The power of healing is with you. All you need to do is give your body what it needs and remove what is poisoning it. You can restore your own health by what you do and by how you chose to live”
  • By taking this TAFYH course I am so thankful for the knowledge that Donna has passed on to us all to know that there is safe and effective treatment for each health concern. 
  • Donna asks the question.”Do we have a plan for our health?
  • "No plan=No Health,
  • "No health=NO life”
  • Thank you Donna for everything.
  • Blessings to my Team 61 for their pursuit of health and healing for their future!


 BSQ-Dropped from 25-13, Digestive 1-0,hepatic 2-0,Intestinal 4-2,Urinary 2-2,Circulation 7-4,

Nerves 6-4,Glandular 2-1,Structural 1-0

(I must have add my May scores up wrong-

 Body Temperature Increased 35.3-36.5

 Blood Pressure -decreased

Candida Saliva Test- saliva sits on top of water. No candida. July 7/21.

More energetic throughout the day!

I feel I am more calm

Only up once at night (if at all on some nights)

Sleeping 7 hours

Easy to wake up and feel good for the day.

Morning stiffness and joint pain Gone!

Cravings for sugar are gone.

Increased will power to say NO to unhealthy food.

Gallbladder cleanse- completed today July 7/21. Successful- expelled about 80 or more pea size to marble size stones.

Kidney cleanse- no significant observations

Bloating gone

I have become more aware of how important it is the remove my toxic teeth

I have found that this course has changed my whole outlook on our health care system and what I can do differently to bring healing to myself and others.

I have gained more confidence and knowledge to share with others who ask for holistic health advice.

Understanding the 5 Pillars of health and the need to address them with nutrients and proper protocol was very enlightening.

Very informative and interesting Lessons each day.



Lisa – TAFYH Team 61

BSQ : dropped from 44 to 19, Nerves 7 to 4, Glandular 8 to 4, Structural 3 to 1

Body temp. 35.9 to 36.3

Candida test is still positive but I know that I can beat this! Cravings have stopped.

I have eliminated the following symptoms:

Anxiety or nervous tension, constipation or dry stools, dizziness or light headedness, fatigue in the afternoons, food sits heavy on the stomach after eating, itchy nose and ears, skin problems, wheezing or shortness of breath.  expelled at least 2 parasites that I didn’t know I had, dropped 8 pounds, skin feels better, tighter abdomen, mind is clearing, lungs & sinuses are clearer, more energy. Periods are more normal.

Bio-pulsar reflexograph (biofeedback) readings:

Start average energy 5.51/10 with 9/46 low energy organ readings, Average Chakras 51%

Ending average energy reading 6.10/10 that’s an 11% increase with only 3 low energy organ readings. Average Chakra 57%


•             The Disease Tree Model.  It is simple yet so profound. It nicely sums up all the of wisdom from the other lessons.  We Simply need to focus on the 4 rood causes: Nutritional Deficiencies, Toxic Overload, Physical Trauma and Mental/Emotional Stress.  There is no need to get all caught up in the hype of the naming of symptoms and medical terminology and the fear.  Keep it simple and positive - see the BSQ starting score as having “room for improvement” and go from there.

•             Think of the body in systems rather than separate organs: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water & Wood

•             Hering’s Law of Cure.  We heal from the Head down.   We heal from within out.  We heal in reverse order as the symptoms have appeared or been suppressed.

•             Emergency First Aid Kit – love this lesson

•             The importance of Dental care/connection to organs and the danger of root canals which are linked to so many diseases

TAFYH is a wonderful, comprehensive program, packed with so many gems of wisdom.  Donna is a wealth of knowledge and has put years into this course.  The testimonials are invaluable motivation.  They are just as important as the lessons are as they feed the emotional heeling part of the process.  I could relate to them personally or to someone I know that could benefit.   The information is presented in a strategic but easy to follow format.  The accountability, team atmosphere and repetition are what make TAFYH a success.  Having the knowledge is only the first step.  Putting it into action, staying positive and making it part of your lifestyle is where the magic happens. 

Some other health plans lay out a regiment of supplements and exercise but miss the key emotional & energetic parts of the equation.  Donna has done a fabulous job of checking all the boxes!!  I think the energetic parts are of TAFYH are critical.  We must get into the feeling of that which we are trying to manifest. Healing is a mind, body & spiritual journey.

Everyone on our team has achieved positive results and is leaving with more vitality than when they started.  This program has an amazing ripple effect on families and friends.  When we raise our vibrations, it raises the vibration of those around us.

The morning calls were a great way to start the day.  The calls were structured.  We got right to the point and still had time for cheers and laughter along the way.

This might be the last official week of TAFHY team 61 but in many ways this is just the beginning.  My personal health vision is looking bright and I plan to share this with family, friends and clients for years to come😊 My heartfelt thanks to you Donna Roth.  I would definitely recommend this program to anyone in need of healing. 


 AHHA by Maggie

MY 3 ring binder grew weekly from lessons and  recorded responses for me and my team 61.

Reminds me, when I the student wanted to learn, the teacher appears. 43 TAFYH lessons was directed at knowing the truth of the laws of nature and Nature Sunshines body system application to my needs to my BSQ numbers.  I adopted daily ionic breathing

when I understood the benefits.  Example: For every inhalation of the left nostril, a negative element current flows down the left side of the spine. The left nostril functions as a chamber for NEGATIVE IONS.

A note my genes are not in control of me but I am in control of my genes.  My commintmemt to Tafyh had me  focus on my Four root causes of my disease

Tree: nutritional deficiencies, toxic overload, physical trauma and mental emotional stress.

Everything found inTafyh is not only scientifically documented healing by eliminating wrong foods, eating the right foods and taking super foods.

My shopping list was easily created with many more choices for my best health. Lesson 8 brought me the info of the properties of all Nature's sunshine products. Plants have been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years.  The oral ingestion

of herbs play a significant part of my optimal health.

The consequences of insufficient oxidation due to foreign toxins in the blood, lack of minerals and lack of oxygen are the REAL cause of disease.

The four elimination channels are skin, kidneys and bowels.  I know my skin is the largest organ and to prove skin's absorbtion levels I placed a clove of garlic between my toes and found very quickly garlic oder on my breath. They rid the body of food waistes and metabolic waistes that would otherwise support the growth and multiplication of harmful germs and viruses. The 43 lessons are for me and mine and old friends and new to share the truth of the laws of nature found in TAFYH course and Natures Sunshine




I am on a continual learning curve found in my TAFYH commitment. Trading bad habits and adopting good ones started with my first class 61at 7:59 am Monday to Friday. Return on my investments inTAFYH is life changing and perpetual. I am eternally grateful to Donna and Nature Sunshine's commitment to the highest standard of products.



I have  learnt so much from the classes , the Monday teleconference and the team 61 testimonies and the  on going research to educate and know the truth.

Detoxing my bladder, colon, kidneys, Candida, blood and using toxic free cleaning products and having a first aid kit is what every living person needs.



Team 61 we are strangers only once: we can reconnect to hear more chapters of our continual healing and sharing.



My daily routine of ionic breathing, exercising, eating right foods and taking my supplements and drinking water with chlorophyl creates healing.  Practicing accountability, reading the lessons, completing the chart and reporting to my tag team builds leadership skills and is duplicatable.



Being aware of the condition of my food supply and water and ALL the harmful ingredients and elements to my health, I can make better choices for food and supplements and share the truth.



I am blessed with the truth now FOREVER CHANGED.

I am eternally grateful for the divine appointment of meeting Donna in the Monday conference call which has become a ongoing current updating source of truth.  😄 I am healed that I may help others choose to be healed. There is power in numbers.  I rise daily at sunrise, rested and renewed for my purposeful life,

with thanksgiving and joy and peace. I welcome sleep when the sun goes down, remembering my new saragot family from TAFYH class.  You are the begining of my healing, thank-you.




Throughout the Tafyh class I wrote on cards my incoming Nature Sunshine Products + dosage info.


I made a food card for shoping from lesson 6 & 7.

(No grains, dairy, sugar, legumes or lectons or yeast foods or processed food or microwave)


I find delicious variety in salades + raw snacks, grass fed beef, free range chicken + eggs, + Pacific wild salmon. I bake, poach, steam + stir fry with coconut oil, + love TAFYH recipes.


Following TAFYH lessons + I check off  my list:


I sleep well when the sun sets to when the sun rises.

 I am refreshed, renewed + no naps at 3pm.

I have more energy to accomplish more.

 I drink Chlorophyll + water all day to oxygenate my blood.

Colostrum binds any lectons in my blood.

At bedtime I cleans with Psyllium Hulls + LBS II.

Eliminate after each meal.

Clothes fit better,  lost 9 lbs.

No shortness of breath when I climb stairs.

Ionic breathing outdoors and walking every day has increased my energy to build muscle because if I do Not use my muscles, I will loose my muscle strength.

Morning temperture started at 36.1 now 37.2


For 79 years when I had any pain my Drs. cut out my  tonsils, appendices and gallblader. I went to school with no hair because when I got  wring worm on my scalp Dr. shaved my head put cream and bandaids and pulled the bandages off.  At 52 I was diagnosed with Basil cancer on my scalp,  more cuting  spots on my head.  Wigs where my cover up for thin hair.

.Diagnosed Lupus, Arthritis, malabsorption, prescribed antibiotics, vacines + prescription drugs that gave me more declining health + no other choice because Drs. say my health declines because I am aging at 39, 45, 57, 63, 68, 74, 77, now 79.


Now I am in control of my genes.  I inherited  good  genes. My mom + grand father grew up on a farm + lived to 90 + 94. I am addressing the four main causes of any declining health. I IDENTIFIED MY NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCIES, MY TOXIC OVERLOADS, MY PHYSICAL TRAUMA, + MY MENTAL EMOTIONAL STRESS.  My health insurance is following TAFYH prodicals that obey the Laws of Nature + I use Nature Sunshine Products to DO NO HARM + to help my body heal itself.  My vision board has my brain focused to believe to become my best health.


I carry with me a written card of MY THERAPEUTIC HEALTH PLAN


A-ACTIVE: I DAILY exercise, ionic breathing + 4 Cat's

                   for my lymphatic system.

B-Build I daily eat right foods. No grains, sugar, dairy, legumes, yeast. 

I have Super Food with all the energy colours to build cells.

Red: Fire; Nervous System: Rejuvenaid, Solstic          Energy, Chinese Mineral Tonic

Yellow: Earth; Lymphatic System-Flax Hull Lignans

White: Metal Vascular System; Collagen in daily


Blue: Water, Cerebral Spinal System, Water + just ordered Zambia for bioflavinoids from 14 fruits to increase antioxidants + oxygen absorbance.

GREEN: Electrical System; I use chlorophyll in water +

4 Ultimate Green Zone

C-Cleanse; At bedtime, take Psyllium Hulls + LBS II,

Done bowel cleanse, kidney flush, liver flush

D-Direct herbals for my specific body system,

Digestive; Probiotic II

Intestinal: LBS 11, Psyllium Hulls Combination,

UltraBiome Dtx intestinal + heavy metal cleanse


Circulatory: CoQ10 (Heart Murmur) ordered Mego Chefor in place MC

Nervous: Stress Pack, adding Focus ATM for MEMORY + Immune: Cat's Claw 

Respiratory:  Rejuvenaid for covid protein spikes + Pine Needle Extract on hands for vacine shedding

Urinary: done K + Hydrangea flush + LBS II @ bedtime

Glandular: Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic from US

Structural: Collagen, Bones KB-C, Ordered Zambia

For Emotions:

Wood Element; LIV-C for frustration, liver meridian formula

Water Element: KB-C for fear kidney/spinal fluid formula


Inflamation Identification;

mercury fillings, made a dentist appointment, secured

Tafyh prodical, use Silver guard 6 minutes mouth flush till mercury removal is done.  No gum bleeding or teeth pain.

I take no prescriptions, grains, sugar, pop, alcohol, microwaved food,

Take Rejuvenaid to combat covid vacine protein spikes + pine needles extract on hands for vacine shedding

I journal my expressed gratitude daily.


Cleanses done:

First cleanse UltraBiome DTX for intestinal + heavy metals cleanse

Liver 3 day cleanse

One day kidneys flush

Bowel cleans daily with psyllium Hulls + Lbs II


Cleanses TO DO:

CANDIDA CLEAR for positive yeast test

TAIO HE PACK for bowel cleanse

Para packfor parasites cleanse

Clean Start bowel cleanses with psyllium Hulls, bentonite.  LBS 11 + Body Detox

Detox basics: a liver cleanse

Oral chelation; heavy metal, triglyceride, metabolic waste cleanes


I am changing my bad habit for healthy habits.


My first BSQ 43, structural 10, circulation 6, urine 6

Now BSQ 3, structural 8 circulation 4 urine 4

All going in the right direction.😄


My 2nd Disease Tree has changed from the first.


Chinese herbal formulas definitely have a part in my body healing itself.


My roomate of over 10 years wants to start doing what I have learnt.  My church family and my tag team have  doubts, except one shared his shingle challenges and I shared yesterday Donna's Shingles testimonies and prodicals to help his body to heal itself. Results forth coming. As a prayer partner for 35 years, I have witnessed answered prayers and now I can lead by example using Tafyh protocol  with Nature's Sunshine Products for the blessing that they are. Amen