Saturday, August 7, 2021

Health Statement


Anita K

I love this life that I've been blessed with!

I am healthy and fearless.

I rise every morning refreshed and excited about the brand-new day.

My body is warm and full of life.

I desire fitness and fresh air, as my body craves only nourishing wholesome food.

My strong immune system functions like protective armour guarding every cell.

My cell membranes perfectly regenerate, so nutrients are easily absorbed.

I have great posture, toned muscles with a strong healthy core and spine.

My metabolism is fired up, thanks to my well-balanced microbiome, which also provides me a clear mind and clear skin.

I have the ability to prioritize, make quick decisions, and complete tasks efficiently.

I have healthy bouncy red blood cells and my endocrine system is on track.

ALL my organs and systems function perfectly.

I am playful and happy, with a full and content heart.

I have a great connection and camaraderie with my husband and children.

My home reflects the pristine body I'm in.

I have more time and space in my life and prioritize spiritual growth and reflection.

Time management is a breeze!

I have a positive light to shine, humble but confident, to share this wisdom of health with everyone. This path I'm on is like the rising of the dawn that gets brighter and brighter.

I am God's girl and glorify Him wholeheartedly with a body that radiates health.

I am extremely blessed and grateful.