Saturday, August 7, 2021

Health Statements Team 63



 I am emotionally uplifted every evening and my body is in a state of exuberance and vibrancy.

 I develop a good, healthy routine every evening, preparing for a good night sleep, ending my day

with a gratitude and meditation.

 My blood cells are full of vitality, magnetism, power and beauty.

 My intestinal system is working at the optimal level, bowels moving twice a day.

 My liver is healthy, fully functional and efficient in cleaning.

 My tummy is flat, muscular, my waist is slim, and my weight is perfect at 130 pounds.

 I am flexible, my muscles are strong and toned, my body is lean and sexy.

 My wrists and hands are flexible, strong, fully functional and I can play the most difficult piano

pieces with flair and ease.

 My feet are flexible, fully functional and all the joints move fully.

 I love my beautiful posture and a straight back.

 I am a vibrant, powerful woman in a loving relationship with a perfect partner.

 I feel vibrant, attractive, empowered, energetic, strong, motivated, passionate, loving and joyful.

 I love the positive impact I have on others.

 I’m out of the box thinker.

 My life is full of love, friendship, adventure, purpose, abundance and amazing health.


Health Statement by Gerry

I follow a daily morning routine with reading and exercise.

I love doing my exercises. It makes me feel excellent.

My health is in excellent shape.’

My joints have freedom to move.

My blood and my heart is full of vitality.

My intestinal system is working at optimal levels and my bowels move twice a day.

My belly is flat, muscular, and my weight is slim.

My heart is in perfect health and I am breathing freely.

I enjoy conversing with others in a positive fun atmosphere.

I love taking Nature Sunshine products that give me energy throughout the day.

My meals are tasty.

My body temperature is at a perfect 37 Celsius.

I end my day with gratitude and prayers.

I wake up feeling restored and rested, full of vitality, vigour  and energy.

All in all I feel energetic and look forward to each day.


I see clearly and sharp as an eagle.

My kidneys are healthy and strong and able to work at full capacity.

My liver is healthy, fully functional and efficient in cleaning. It is is clean and free of any stones and is providing maximum support to my healthy body.

My prostate is ultra-healthy and my urinary tract fully functional.

My blood is in perfect balance.

My blood circulates freely with no obstructions and I feel it. I feel like a marathon runner with that special feeling after a long healthy run.

My lymphatic glands and adrenal glands are healthy and vibrant.

I wake up every morning full of energy, gratitude, happiness and motivation.

I start my day with my exercise, ionic breathing and drinking my magic potion and I am ready for a productive day ahead.

My body is flexible and strong and I have no pain.

I am focused and productive every day.

I am emotionally balanced and able to give freely.

I am happy and peaceful, patient and accepting.

I am calm and I fall asleep easily and sleep deeply.

I am very happy with my life.