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From the Desk of Donna Roth September 6/21


From the Desk of Donna Roth September 6/21   

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TAFYH registrations for TAFYH team 64

Duncan; guest speaker; his experience in TAFYH

Mineral tidbits;  Donna Roth

Adrenal Fatigue Resolved

My Son, Joe; From school grades of C’s and D’s to A’s.

Anita; guest speaker; beyond the shots, beyond the passports

Words of Wisdom from Carol


Dr. Steven Horne,” There is no magic bullet here, but we have answers outside the box. Its all in nutrition if you know how to do it!”

More than 100 Ontario youth sent to hospital for vaccine-related heart problems: Report

There were 54 persons aged 25-39 included in the tally and 44 persons aged 40 and over

Recently I had a call from a man who is doing my program. The conversation went something like this. I have been doing your program for 6 weeks taking the Smoothies with Chi Mineral Tonic, Natures Harvest, Collagen, Solstic Energy and MC about 6 twice a day. All of a sudden I got these severs heart palpitations, my heart was pounding. I think it was the MC that caused the problem. When I stopped taking the MC the problem went away.”

Here is my question to this man. Did you have the CoVid shot? The answer was no. Was there someone in your household that got the CoVid shot? The answer is yes. So now I can see the picture. In my world this man was exposed to someone who was shedding the spike proteins and his heart was affected by the spike proteins. So when I read that 100 youth in Ontario were sent to the hospital with heart problems and 44 people over 44 got heart related problems I came to the conclusion that this is also a vaccine related problem from the spike protein shedding.

No product that Natures Sunshine has causes health problems. Every single product undergoes vigorous testing; 600 tests to be accurate to ensure there are no poisons or toxins in it. Every product has a NPN# on it. MC does not cause heart pounding or any other problem. As a matter of fact it solves the heart pounding. You will never convince me that MC or any other product is causing the problem. MC is not the poison but the vaccine is or the drug you are taking it. In this day and age we have a hard time discerning what is good for our health and what is bad for our health. Just a reminder nutrition is good for your health and poisons are bad for your health.

All vaccines, all shots, all drugs are poisons weather you want to believe it or not. Recently I had a conversation with a lady who has a decision to make; take the shot or not. My question to her was you will never make up your mind until you can answer this question; is the shot a poison or is it a nutrition?

Are vaccines poisons or are they nutrition? She could not answer this question. She still believes that vaccines or shots can prevent you from getting sick. NOT!

Once again this evening I want to reiterate the importance of taking on your health cause no one else will do it for you. This is where I want to emphasize the importance of doing the TAFYH course. If what I say speaks for you then I urge you to part with $377 and do TAFYH and follow TAFYH principles based on the laws of Nature. It is more critical than ever that you become totally self reliant in health. You may not be able to go to the Health Food Store as the trucks may not be running. Your pharmacist may be sick from the CoVid shot, the doctor will not see you without a PCR test, a mask and a shot. This is time you need to know how to use nutrition , the herbs for your healing purposes.

There are 2 more TAFYH spots left so if what I say to you this evening speaks to your heart then register for TAFYH where you will be guided for the next 2 months and where you will learn how to take on your own health.

Expect to see more and more workers from all industries to walk off their jobs.  Similar to Doctors and Nurses, many of them are trying to save their own Neck from Nuremberg Trials


Mineral Tidbits

Magnesium is a necessary electrolyte for the entire electrical system. Your heart is electrical and needs magnesium. It is essential for the effectiveness of enzymes which are necessary for food break down. Muscle contractions need magnesium. Kidney stones can be prevented with adequate amount of magnesium.

Insomnia is a B 5 deficiency. Vitmain B5 is also known as pantothenic acid. I recall Rhea, an incredible practitioner in Montreal talk about the success of Pantothenic Acid for sleep disorders. She said to use about 4 three times a day until you are sleeping well.

Oral zinc has been used for dramatic results in Crohn’s Disease. Natures Sunshine Zinc is 25 mg tablet in with Thyme, Alfalfa and Kelp for optimum absorption. . I would add UC3J which was formulated by Jeanne Burgess for all colon problems; colitis, Crohn’s, IBS and nervous stomach.

What caused fatigue and weakness and aging? It is a potassium deficiency. That’s why I love Chi Mineral Tonic. It is presently not available in the Canadian warehouse. You can order it form the US side by calling customer service 1 800 265 9163. You can only order 3 per account per month and there is a shipping charge of about $20 US. Your other option is to take the product called Potas ; Kelp, Dulse, Alfalfa, horseradish, white cabbage, thyme with 42 mg of potassium.. Potas is essential for energy production, muscle contraction, nerve conduction, normal heartbeat, building blocks of life.

If you have any of these symptoms you are most likely iron deficient; anemia, poor absorption of foods, constipation, cold hands and feet, longitudinal ridges in the finger nails, tiredness, shortness of breath, tangling or numbness of hands and feet.  Use I-X combination by Dr Christopher along with Liquid Methyl B12 and Iron with Vitamin C.

The one mineral that is essential to bind with insulin to allow glucose to move across the membranes is Chromium.

There are a few theories about why chromium might help relieve depression. One, based on early-stage animal studies, has to do with the way chromium causes cells to be more sensitive to insulin. This increased sensitivity is thought to help transport an amino acid called tryptophan across the blood-brain barrier into the central nervous system. Tryptophan is converted into a neurotransmitter called serotonin—low levels of which are associated with depression. Therefore, the more tryptophan that's transported by insulin, the more serotonin that's available in the brain.

Chromium might also help depression by inducing and enhancing the release of norepinephrine, another mood-regulating neurotransmitter. As you can see Chromium Picolinate is needed if you are doing a weight loss program.

According to research, the best tolerated and most easily absorbed form of chromium is chromium picolinate. We find Chromium Picolinate in the product called Sixated. It tastes like berries.

Mineral deficiency is the challenge of the this century. We are eating dead foods, deficient of minerals, plants that are sprayed with round up, glyphosates that cause poor mineral and protein absorption and we are programmed to believe that antibiotics and prescription drugs will fix the problem Using those drugs just lead to more mineral deficiencies. So I want to share this story.

Adrenal Fatigue and Dizziness 2019

Four years ago, Sue had a tooth extracted that ended up being very swollen and sore. She was prescribed with antibiotics but that left her with nerve damage, extreme adrenal fatigue and exhausted. To make things worse anxiety became a huge factor in her life, she could not sleep and spent most of her day feeling dizzy. This is when Sue decided to try try a different pathway, a pathway that is not acknowledged in the medical world. Sue was so sick she could not go to work . As a matter of fact she took 2 months off work. This is when Sue looked at other options and  she decided to  choose a therapeutic nutritional approach to healing. She stopped eating all grains, starches and sugars. Each day she took time to have a smoothies with Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, Green Zone, Collatrim Plus,. Chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds, and coconut milk. She also drank water with lots of Chlorophyll, took Cat’s Claw 4 capsules three times a day and MC 5 twice a day. At bedtime she took 2 capsules of Zerenity to help with anxiety and to help her to sleep. Sue stayed on this program for a year and a half. In January of 2019 Sue reported that “ big things were happening “ Her dizziness was gone, her breathing capacity improved , the energy is back and the fatigue is gone. Whenever she feels dizziness coming on she just takes 5 MC twice a day and doing so alleviates the problem. Sue still has to deal with her tooth and her next stop is to address the periodontal ligament that may have been left from the extraction procedure.

From Lucy A Success Story : My Son Joe:. I attended a NSP workshop in Calgary in spring 2009 where I listened first hand to the results of the 3 month study; with usage of Nature’s Sunshine Supplements and Dr. Amen protocol. My youngest son has a significant learning disorder; and was assessed in May 2009 via a Provincial Ministry Educational Psych test that spanned one week, determined with a DSM IV designation, was reading 5 grades below his grade level, (entering  Grade 11 in Sept 2009) and functioning at a 0.4 percentile in math.   I had already had him complete Grade 3 twice as he was so far behind. His grades throughout school were typically C’s and C-, occasional D, & B, and one A (from Grade 1-10).…and I did a lot of homework support. He was a candidate for drop-out, and I was often in the school consulting counsellors, VP’s and the Principal.


As well as doing deep work on his emotional state of being through counselling, and workshops (which we started in 2010), I upped his supplements in alignment with his questionnaire results by Dr. Amen’s assessment. He took NSP’s Super Trio, Focus Atn, Magnesium Complex, Digestive Enzymes, Zambroza and Liquid Chlorophyll in high doses.(To have a SPECT scan costs approx. $3000.00.  The 98 questions is said by Dr. Amen to be about 85-90% accurate). End result: he graduated in June 2011 finishing Grade 12 with 3 B’s and 5A’s. He went on to take a 14 month Carpentry program (all Math), (of which I did no homework).  He graduated with 83.4%.

Every cancer client I have worked with needs minerals and lots of them in an absorbable form That’s why I love Chi Mineral Tonic.