Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Evaluation of TAFYH by Dr David MD


Here is my evaluation of the program:

This is my second TAFYH program this year. I started this second program with some enthusiasm including a seven-day combined bowel, kidney, liver cleanse followed by gallbladder cleanse. My goal was to do a very thorough job on outcome and components of the program including elaborating on my health vision statement, my health vision board and particularly my personal health plan. I wanted to try to deal with ongoing issues of anxiety, depression and poor sleep as well as brain fog, tinnitus, and fatigue. I also wanted to see my weight come down so that I could eliminate remaining really fat. My weight was actually quite reasonable at 144 pounds for BMI 22.4 to start with the weight loss achieved in the first program earlier in the year. I wanted to see if I could get my weight down to 135 pounds and my activity level up so my muscle mass would increase and say good bye to more belly and omental fat. I also wanted to get my temperature up from a reading of 36.2 more towards 37° C.

I was able to get my weight down to low of 137.2 pounds briefly after the cleanse series. It did rise toward the end of the program  and stabilized at 143 lbs (with some added muscle mass in legs). My temperature did rise in the mid-part of the program to 36.4 to 36.7 but dropped a bit towards the end of the program. I did increase my activity level significantly as a part of the program such that I was doing a 2-hour steep mountain hike almost every day and some other activities as well including addition of hill climbing bike ride. My weight went up and my temperature went down after a trip to the city and my brother’s birthday party and some lapse in the diet discipline in the later part of the program. This was good learning about the importance of consistent resolve, fortitude and planning to avoid pro-inflammatory influences. During the program I encountered some faint blood in my urine likely due to a kidney stone and I became aware that I had elevated oxalate secretion in my urine and that my dietary intake of oxylate was too high and had to be curtailed. I did quite a lot of research on this and have made adjustments including eliminating almonds, rhubarb, spinach, chard, beets, and black tea and raising my fluid intake to 3 to 4 L per day and to reduce sodium and high dose of vitamin C intake.

I had a very large TAG team of 40 supporters. Many of them were quite actively engaged in support.

During the duration of this program I was exposed to significant psychosocial stressors. This did certainly impact my results. Nevertheless I saw my BSQ (body systems questionnaire) dropped from 43 to 32. Digestive 2 down to 1, hepatic 3 down to 1, intestinal 4 down to 2, circulation 7 down to 2, glandular 7 down to 10, immune 2 down to 0.

TIME:  I enjoyed the time which was from 9 until 9:30 each weekday morning which worked out very well for me and my schedule. I believe I was able to attend all the calls with the exception of one or two.

EDUCATION: I enjoyed the second round through the lessons and the extra learning that occurred. Because it was my second time through, and I had greater clarity on the program I was able to carry out a coaching and support role for one of the other participants.

STRUCTURE: the structure of this program is excellent. The daily check-in and commitments. The sense of joy and positive thinking that was consistently delivered is very helpful as is the expectation of our best effort. The length of the calls was appropriate. Donna was very clear on her instructions, and she was very considerate of everybody's individual needs while at the same time addressing the needs of the group and time constraints etc.

COMMITMENT: the design of the course expecting accountability for commitments is its strength. The expectation of following the diet, exercise, the TAG team reporting, showing up and being on time, supplements, the water with chlorophyll and the ionic breathing, created a democratic circumstance of reasonable expectation that if delivered would produce optimal results. It was very helpful to hold us to account.

IMPLICATIONS: the focus on committing oneself was reinforced and this has a ripple effect that spreads to other individuals in one's family and community to direct one to strive for optimal health. Creating this vision in our minds and belief in our soul’s possibility is another of the strengths of this program.

COMMENTS: Donna Roth has put together an exceptional program over 30+ years and has brought hundreds of people and certainly thousands indirectly to health improvement efforts and commitment to themselves to be the best they can be. This is an incredible lifework achievement by an individual with a background in education, who clearly was born to be a healer. She has combined her knowledge of education and simple processes of learning and of personal progress to the realm of health. We are the beneficiaries. I have immense gratitude for Donna, her knowledge and commitment, a consistently positive attitude and cheerful can-do approach to the betterment of our health and of our lives.

Thank you, Donna, and may God bless,