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Monday Telecall with Donna Roth and Guests


Monday Telecall with Donna Roth and Guests

At 5:45 pm PST

Dial 604 227 1018

Become self-reliant in health and learn how to use herbs!

Please invite many others to attend as they need to know there is a different way!



TAFYH update TAFYH team 65 is full with 8 members to launch on Tuesday.

Herbs: But I read the instructions on the bottle??

Why didn’t Cats Claw work for my virus?

Guest Elva: What can happen after the shot and what you can do for the problem!

The virus is my friend not my enemy

Herbs to have for Emergency.

Words of Interest from Carol


Extreme Stress and Anxiety Attack.

One person was experiencing extreme stress to the point of anxiety attack. This is the protocol she followed:

STR-C 4 all at one time

Zerenity 3 all at one time. She was desperate and wanted immediate relief without using drugs. To her absolute delight it worked. Within 15 minutes she was feeling a whole lot better.


Hi Donna, I wanted to reach out to you and tell you that I am doing well and that I am still following all your protocols and continue to order my Nature Sunshine products.  I have been following what is going on in the world regarding the Vaccines.  I am not vaccinated and will not be getting vaccinated.  I do listen to your calls after the fact due to work commitments.  I am so grateful to have met you and I still talk to people and refer people to you.  You have truly changed my world and for this I will always be thankful.  Thank you, Donna and god bless. Dave

Thanks so much for allowing me to take the TAFYH course in May. I loved your leadership and your knowledge is amazing in healing our bodies naturally. Your kindness and generosity was very much appreciated. May God Bless You. Love Susan

Hi Donna, My last appointment with the Oncologist says I'm doing well and he doesn't want to see me for a year!  Yeah !.  Thank you for the health that I enjoy.  Love, Phyll

6 weeks ago I started your journey to health and I have had nothing but great results; Back pain is gone, leg pain is gone, I am bounding with energy, and I am empowered to improve health dramatically to set the stage for my health for the rest of my life and to help others to do the same. They, too, can take control. I are no longer taking shots in the dark! Elva

Elva guest:  What can happen after the shot and what you can do for the problem!

I know it is easy to go to another company that sells natural products. Here is what I would like to say. Very few people and very few companies out there really understand the concept of the  pillars that follow the Laws of Nature; that you must address injury, inflammation, elimination, infection, circulation, body temperature. I want to express my gratitude to those who support my work by purchasing my product line. Nature Sunshine products. It is the way I make my income so that I can research, support others in need, support Action4Canada, VCC, and have money for all the expenses revolving around this freedom movement. For example, a week ago a team of 10 of us met and we sent out 60 Notices of Liability to all the Superintendents of Schools. This was sent by registration mail. Each letter cost 11.69. Take note that in total this cost $701.40. This money came out of the pockets of all who participated in this project. I rely on the money I receive from your purchases to be able to help fund these projects. So thank you for your loyalty, your loyal support.

9.            2010: AstraZeneca settled for $520 million for trying to persuade doctors to prescribe its psychotropic drug Seroquel for unapproved uses ranging from Alzheimer's disease and ADHD to sleeplessness and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Using Seroquel for improper use has been linked to an increased risk of death.

2.            2009: Pfizer pays $2.3 billion for marketing fraud related to Bextra, Lyrica and other drugs. Charges included marketing drugs to doctors for uses for which they had not been approved and giving kickbacks to doctors and other health care professionals for prescribing their drugs. This was Pfizer's fourth settlement numbering in the multimillions in less than a decade.

If you drive down your cholesterol inappropriately, you will totally throw your overall health in the toilet! Cholesterol is not the enemy! Dr Jernigan Keep your cholesterol in tip top shape by taking MC and a herbal combination Cholesterol Reg.

Your body makes many of it's hormones out of cholesterol, including Vitamin D, which is not really a vitamin, but is a pro-hormone.  There are not many good naturally occurring sources of Vitamin D in the food chain. This should be our first clue that we shouldn't need to take oral Vitamin D. Our body should make it easily, so why isn't our body making it? Answer There are antinutrients in our grains called phytates that pull out vital minerals and vitamins especially Vitamin D. To make matters worse there are poisons in your grains called glyphosates from Roundup. To increase Vit D stop eating cereals, grains, breads. You can take Vit D 3 which Nature’s Sunshine has, and it comes from sheep’s lanolin.

Living healthy does not require a PhD. It is actually the reverse to a PhD. It is simply living a basic life as close to unprocessed in any way as possible, from the foods you eat, to the soaps and personal care products you use, to the products you use and substances you bring into your home. Natures Sunshine has some really great personal care products: Aloe Vera Gel, Natures Fresh Enzyme Spray, Crystal Clear deodorant, Hand and Body Lotion that can be used with Essential Oils, Pau D’Arco lotion, my favourite, Silver Gel,

About 90% of the food consumed in the United States is processed food. Processed food is devoid of any true nutritional value and is in fact the dead skeleton of foods that were likely mass grown in soil that is now devoid of vital microbes, minerals, and nutrients. Any supposed nutrients or vitamins in processed food are most often synthetic vitamins, as opposed to food-form vitamins.

In TAFYH we follow the Laws of Nature.

All vaccines have poisonous ingredients in them with huge side effects.

The Law of Nature states that it is against Nature to inject poisons and foreign proteins into the blood stream.

Such poisons stimulate the last line of the immune system to activate thereby bypassing the first and second line of immune defense.

This last line of immune defense is constantly called to action because of the foreign poisons in the blood stream.

And the first and second line of immune defense cannot assist the last line of defense.

Consequently the immune system is weakened!

Under no circumstances can a poison act as protection against a virus.

A virus is part of Nature. It is there to clean up toxins and poisons. It is part of the immune system so it is my friend.

There is no such thing as “ catching a virus” or “ getting it from someone else!!

Nature creates a virus when your own body is overloaded from the toxins you have unknowingly subjected your body to: alcohol, antibiotics, drugs, smoking, vaccines,

The virus is my friend and not my enemy. You do not die from a virus! You die from toxic overloads!

The virus is not contagious, the junk people put into their bodies makes it appear that it is contagious.

I think of the nursing home my Dad was in when he was still alive.

All they gave them 4 times a day was drugs and drugs and drugs then vaccines, vaccines, vaccines!

I had strict orders that my Dad would not get vaccines of any kind.

Think of how much these poor people in nursing homes were subjected to toxins!

Now you can see why the people in nursing home die.

They die from the toxic overload not from a virus.

The Germ Theory is the big lie! It was never proven and will never be proven as it does not follow the Laws of Nature. There is no germ or virus that just randomly happens in Nature and jumps out at you to get you and kill you. Germs happen for a reason. Viruses happen for a reason. Germs and viruses are created by Nature when there is toxic debris that needs to be cleaned up, Now it is your responsivity to keep your immune system in tip top shape by not eating foods with toxic stuff in it, by not taking drugs that are toxic and they are all toxic which is why they all have side effects meaning they are poisoning your body and by not injecting poisonous substances into your body.


The Laws of Nature states your immune system can only be strengthened with nutrition and vitamins and minerals and herbs. Now you can start to see why I strongly ask that you get to know herbs, use them so that you can see the results you can get from them. Get to know them so you become confident in the power they have for strengthening your immune system, for moving poisons and toxic debris out of your body. Get to know them as your friends. Herbs have been given to us to use. They were created by a higher intelligence well beyond any scientist. They have healing medicinal properties beyond our knowledge and understanding. We just need to get to know them and trust them.


Recently I talked to a client who was suffering from CoVid for a long time and she told me that she was using Cat’s Claw. Here is the significant question I asked her. How many did you take? The answer was 2 a day. It takes more than 2 Cat’s Claw  a day if you are suffering from an illness. It takes 4 three times a day. That is how much energy you need to move out that poison that caused CoVid to happen in your body. The analogy I like to use is the jet that is taking off the ground. At one time my son was taking flying lessons, so he taught me a lot about flying. It takes a lot of energy, a lot of fuel to get that jet into the air. Once it is in the air a whole less fuel is needed. The same applies to your body. When you are sick you need a whole lot more energy to get that poison moving out! Once that poison is moved out the virus subsides and your health and energy is restored then you can reduce the amount of Cat’s Claw you are taking. I also recommend Silver Shield for infections.


I one got a call from a man whose mother was very sick in the hospital dying from cancer. He asked if there was anything he could do to help her. Now when someone is that sick where they are no longer eating or drinking or eliminating then I had to think of something that would work So this is when Dr Pederson and his lectures on Silver came to mind. All I could of was Silver, a large bottle of Silver to be sipped through a straw all day long. This man went to work He ordered the Silver immediately and started to give his Mother Silver which she sipped through a straw. Day 1 : one bottle of Silver , nothing happened, Day 2 one bottle of Silver nothing happened, Day 3 one bottle of Silver and it happened. This woman’s bowels started to move, the kidneys started to work, and about a day later she was sent home from the hospital. Get to know the power of Silver and Cat’s Claw and learn to use them in high doses. Stay away from the belief that they can harm you. Note I would never be able to sell these products if they caused any harm to anyone. No one has ever died using an herb! But your prescription drugs tell quite a different story. People have died from the side effects of drugs. People today are dying from vaccinations. Always ask yourself this question: Is what I am taking a nutrition or is it a poison, Is a drug a nutrition or a poison ? Is a vaccine a nutrition or is it a poison? It amazes me how many people cannot answer that question or perhaps they refuse to answer it.


What I say here is also documented by numerous doctors and scientists that have written books about this since Pasteur tried to say that germs are harmful! He never proved germs to be harmful! But a few scientists saw dollar signs in their eyes and could see there was a big market for vaccines!! Just use fear, use science to provide fake evidence, say it often enough and people will buy into it. And they did!

Some books you can read or research.

Pasteur vs Bechamp: A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology; E Douglas Hume, a one-time banned book

Contagion Myth Dr Thomas S Cowan

Your Health Has Been Hijacked by Dr Tom Reed

You can also join Vaccine Choice Canada. You will hear these doctors speak to you in person.

Dr Tenpenny, Dr Cowan, Dr Hoffe, Dr Chris Shaw, Dr Lee Merritt, Dr Horowitz, Dr Wakefield, Dr Kaufman are just a few all who speak the language of the Laws of Nature.


Herbs you need to know

Capsicum is one of the main foods of the Hunzas in Asian Minor who live in a high isolated mountainous areas.

regulates the flow of the blood from the head to the feet and produces warmth

regulates the heart beat

stops profuse bleeding within seconds



High in vitamin A, C, bioflavonoids, chromium, niacin, riboflavin, selenium

10 to 100 times more vitamin C than any other food

strengthens the immune system

combats infection and inflammation

great for colds flus, fevers, general debility

helps fight stress

alleviates bruising, capillary fragility

relieves diahrea



The best Kelp in the world comes from Nova Scotia

Absorbs toxic radiation as it is high in iodine

Purifies the blood

Nourishes and supports the glandular system

 Reduces calorie intake

Absorbs toxins from the intestinal tract

Is a source of vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals

Stimulates metabolism


Spirulina from Lake Texcoco in Mexico

When the Spanish conquered the Aztec Empire they found the natives ate green algae from Lake Texcoco. A complete protein high in vitamin B12, beta carotene, calcium,

slows the loss of white blood cells

chlorophyll, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, selimium

inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungus, yeast,

encourages hormonal and mental development

helps overcome obesity

stabalized sugar levels

builds and enriches the blood


Una Da Gato

This is the one herbal I never leave home without.

is known as the “opener of the way” as it opens the lymphatics to drain the toxins

is known as the best immune herb in South America

in Peru it is Amazon’s most impressive health promoting gifts.

traditionally used to alleviate all infections

ulcers, colon disorder, Candida, gastrointestinal disorders,

reduces pain and inflammation as in arthritis

cleanses and strengthens the immune system



Aloe Vera

Ancient Egyptian medical writings indicate Aloe Vera was used for healing infections, wounds and skin.

Promotes healing of burns and wounds

For abrasions, cuts, diaper rash, eczema, insect bites, stings, skin rashes, sunburns, scratches

SilverGuard has been tested for many purposes:

Silver Shield destroys bacteria, viruses and molds.

Anti-aging   and wound healing

Burns and bites

Parasites and Malaria

MRSA , Strep, Staph, Pseudomonas , Candida, Aspergillus, HIV,

Camphor Laurel Tree  grows in China , Japan and India. It must be at least 50 years old before the camphor oil from the bark is useful .

Tei Fu Oil( with camphor)  is used topically to:

relieve pain and reduce itching,

heal cuts and insect bites

relieve sinus congestion

relieve toothaches

relieve headaches and sore throats

relieve motion sickness

fungal infections of the toenail,


cold soreshemorrhoids, and osteoarthritis.
increases local blood flow and reduces pain and swelling.

Soothes aching muscles and stiff joints if mixed in a cream
as an eardrop for earaches

for minor burns.
inhaling Tei Fu oil reduces the urge to cough.
great for respiratory tract infections, and for intestinal gas.


The legend of the transformation of the eagle

An eagle can live up to 70 years - provided it makes a difficult decision at age 40.

At age 40 eagle’s claws are already so long, soft and blunt that he can no longer grasp their prey. By age 40 the  7000 feathers of the eagles have become heavy and broken over the years, which makes it very difficult for the king of the air to fly.

So to survive the eagle has to undergo a very painful procedure. The eagle makes a very difficult decision. This is a life-or-death decision. What does the eagle do?

He retreats high up into a protective rock wall, where he rips out his feathers and tears out his claws then proceeds to cut off his beak. You can imagine how exceedingly painful this procedure is.

However, a huge transformation takes place. New feathers grow back, new claws grow back and a new beak grows back.

As soon as everything has grown back, this king of the sky rises into the air again - into a new life.

We, too, are currently going through a painful process of transformation. However, a new birth is waiting for us that will allow us to use our full potential for the first time. Let us therefore rise together!

Prepare for this transformation:

Let go of fear. It is temporary and you will be shown a way be it your livelihood or your health

Have food storage, herbs like Cat’s Claw, Silver, Teifu, Capsicum, Rosehips . Solstic Energy , MC in stock. When you are prepared fear dissipates,

Have a Gratitude journal and write all things you are grateful for, thereby you are focusing on creating a world of love and gratefulness as opposed to fea

Source: Schoepferinsel

Carol: words of interest.