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From the Desk of Donna Roth Jan 2/22


From the Desk of Donna Roth Jan 2/22

Happy New Year

My heartfelt gratitude to the many gifts you have sent me, to your many words of kindness and your diligent support for this work. Taking responsible action for your own health is critical in 2022!!

Teleconference Call with Donna Roth

Monday, January 3/22

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Comments from teleconference call attendees.

TAFYH team 67 registrations


Review of 2021

Successes as reported by TAFYH grads

Review of profound education from doctors and scientists who follow the Laws of Nature

Review of success stories.

My New Year resolutions

Prepare Prepare Prepare


I have committed to my health many years ago.

I have come to understand the workings of our God given herbs and the energy they give my body.

This energy can be described as the energy of light with its many colors.

It is an energy that makes the cells of your body sparkle!

Herbs are not man made,

They are not made in a lab by a scientist.

Herbs do not have side effects and they can never hurt you.

How to use unadulterated God given herbs is the mission for 2022.


Thanks Donna,

I truly appreciate all the hard work you do. Your course really helps people to regain their health and realize that good health is not in a pill, or an injection.

It has really helped me to confirm many things that I new were true. But it also helps me to refocus and fine tune my path to maintaining good health.

I am so glad your course recognizes God’s creative design and that He has provided  everything that our body needs for good health and immunity.



 Martha: Beautiful teleconference > your gifts and talents have reached all of our lives.

 I am learning to be my own physician, my own lawyer and my own teacher. I choose to be proactive and vibrant and to be the Centurion. You are amazing Darlene

 I valued every lesson. Incredible information. Donna has done years of research Iga

 January 2021 started with TAFYH team 58 and by the end of December 2021 TAFYH team 65;  A total of 7 TAFYH teams completed the course in 2021.

There were 14 guest speakers on my Monday night calls:

I wish to acknowledge them and commend them for doing TAFYH, following the Laws of Nature in health and willingly sharing their TAFYH experiences in 2021. My heartfelt gratitude goes out to the following: Amanda, Anita, Duncan, Deanna, Dr David, Ewa, Fran, Laura, Susan, Anita, Bonnie, Maggie, Mary.


Registrations for TAFYH team 67 are coming in. The plan is to kick off January 14/21. Please register by contacting me at 250 764 2852 or send me an email.

An advanced course is now being offered. The qualifications for TAFYH Advanced is as follows:

 You must be a TAFYH grad in order to participate.

You are committed to following the Laws of Nature and TAFYH principles.

You are committed to attending the weekly Zoom calls.

You are interested in building a business and helping clients overcome health problems.

We will meet once a week on Thursday morning at 9:30 am PST to 10:30 am PST This is a Zoom call.

This an opportunity for you to bring forward your clients with health problems and together we will do a case study and formulate a herbal program for the client.

I will also offer lessons which will include sound business practices and a deeper study of my favorite herbal formulas and success stories. You may also have an opportunity to witness my consultations if the client gives me that permission.

I hope to bring some incredible guests to speak as well.

Please register by contacting me asap. I hope to start in about 3 weeks.

Natures Sunshine does have a business plan if you are sponsoring other people. As a customer the best plan for your purchases is Subscribe and Thrive where you get 25% discount and free shipping once a month. If you sponsor other people, you would then get 15% paid to you from their purchases.

Or you can become a consultant, the fee is $52 and you can get 30% discount off retail and if your purchases are more than $650 you get an extra 10% discount so that is 40% discount. You are also eligible for the 15% payment from your customer’s purchases. You are also eligible to receive bonus payments on the PV of your customer purchases.

 I don’t like the website because there are too many issues with the ordering. So I ask that you order via customer service 1 800 265 9163. Be sure to ask that your shopping cart is cleared so that your order does not become an auto ship order.


Stand with Children’s Health Defense in showing the pharma-captured governments that we will not go quietly into medical tyranny and we will not step aside and allow children, who have virtually no serious risks from COVID, to be sacrificed for big-industry profits.  Robert Kennedy Jr

Another cache of emails obtained via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) now reveals Fauci and his boss, National Institutes of Health director Francis Collins, colluded behind the scenes to quash dissenting views on the lockdowns.1

Rebel News Ezra Levant

Because the Royal Bank loans officer who reviewed my application told me my mortgage was only cancelled because Rebel News has the wrong opinions.

I recorded that phone call, because it's too incredible to believe without proof (click here to listen for yourself).

It's an absolute scandal: the Royal Bank has a blacklist of Canadians it considers political enemies.


VAERS, our vaccine adverse effect reporting system, showed at the beginning of this week 16,000 deaths, 23,000 disabilities, 10,000 MI/myocarditis, 87,000 urgent care visits, 75,000 hospital stays, and 775,000 total adverse events. The VAERS system is widely known to under-report events, with an estimated 90 to 99% of events going unreported there.

New trucking regulations will require truck drivers crossing the US-Canadian border to be vaccinated.

Vancouver Chief Medical Officer: "We introduced vaccine passport not because of virus, but because no one wants the vaccine “Dr Patty Daly

Your Health Has Been Hijacked by Dr Tom Reed

You are not drug deficient. You are not Ritalin deficient, antibiotic deficient, Synthroid deficient, Lipitor deficient. You are none of those things. You are low in body temperature from taking all those drugs, you are deficient in energy and you have a toxic overload from all those drugs, antibiotics, statin drugs, you have taken for many years. You have suppressed your immune system with flu shots, tetanus shots, coVid shots and all those shots. It never even crossed your mind that those shots were robbing your natural immune system, that those shots are loaded with poisons

Dr “Samuelson’s article The Science of Healing Revealed

There are human tissue cultures in laboratories that are still alive that have been taken from people who have died 50 years ago . If a cell is given the necessary raw materials (nutrients, minerals, O2) it can manufacture its own fuel and the micro machines that use this fuel to keep it alive. Just with a handful of different varieties of amino acids it can create complex proteins, duplicate itself and maintain its form and function indefinitely or until it eventually becomes broken or damaged for some reasons.

When you reach 65, the stem cell production rate is down by a stunning 90 percent.

Dr. Weston Price, It’s a story of how a cast of millions of bacteria become entrenched in side the structure of teeth and end up causing the largest number of diseases ever traced to a single source. “Chronic degenerative disease are caused by root canals.                    1.       Heart and circulatory disease 2.       Joint, arthritis, rheumatism 3.       Diseases of the brain and nervous system

Maria, breast cancer :Donna also recommended Cat’s Claw in high doses and 2 shakes a day with lots of Mineral Chi Tonic, Collatrim Plus, Green Zone, Flax Hull Lignans.  This all made me stronger and able to deal with these extractions. However, the swelling unfortunately was not disappearing after 7 days, so in a panic I called Donna.  We spoke which alleviated all my fears.  Here I was putting all my faith in herbs and homeopathic and not using antibiotics.  Donna was great support.  And sure, enough two days later, my pain had finally subsided. I have also now weaned myself off my Synthroid medication

I have lost a lot this year; my breast, my teeth, and my faith in the medical profession.   But I have also lost 40 lobs which will help me recoup and be better than ever.

Donna Roth :Caring for you own body has been given up to an institution whose interest lies not in your health or your bodily autonomy but in following a protocol dictated by a College dictated by a corporation dictated by the WHO out there in Lala land!! And you still believe they will save you??

 If you don’t take care or your body where will you live?

 A lady who had a CoVid shot and from that point on she experienced nerve pain all over her body but particularly her feet, the pain was unbearable. She also noticed a lump had developed under her arm Take Cat’s Claw, Rejuvenaid, Arginine Plus and drink lots of Chlorophyll and water Here is the great news. In 4 days all the pain was gone.

Hi Donna, My last appointment with the Oncologist says I'm doing well and he doesn't want to see me for a year!  Yeah !.  Thank you for the health that I enjoy.  Love, Phyll

First Covid autopsy findings in Europe: Blood clots were in every organ of the body. The solution to overcoming blood clots is MC taking 8 tablets all at once with a glass of water and a stick of Rejuvenaid and 2  opened capsules of Capsicum. This should be repeated about 3 times a day for about 3 to 5 days.

In 1918 a disastrous number of 50 - 100 million people supposedly died of what was called the 'Spanish flu'. Eleanor McBean, PhD, N.D. who wrote a book with her firsthand experiences of what was truly going on. She explains there wasn't really a flu, but mass vaccinations had been imposed on the population, causing flu-like symptoms, a host of different illnesses, and massive deaths. She knew of not a single unvaccinated person who died of this alleged 'Spanish flu', while most vaccinated lost their lives. We today are witnessing history repeat itself. Many times over the course of the last year many doctors reported that elderly in seniors homes who were administered the flu shots and that started in Italy then progressed to New York were the people who were then diagnosed with CoVid 19 and many of them died, I believe not from the virus but from the flu shot.

A lump or a so called tumor appears for a very good reason if you trust that the body has an amazing intelligence well beyond scientific knowledge. A tumor is your body’s way of walling off invasive toxic debris that is present in your blood stream. Your body creatively found a very safe avenue to create a wall around these poisons so that they do not harm the rest of your body. How miraculous!

Now listen to this craziness. The latest and greatest “preventative” strategy for women genetically predisposed to breast cancer is amputation, cut off your healthy breast. It prevents you from getting breast cancer. Of course, it does. If there are no breasts, then there can be no breast cancers. So now the words prevention of breast cancer becomes synonymous with surgical removal of breasts. Its called and listen to these words “preventive surgery” and its all covered by health insurance.

Dr. Kim Balas states that people that are on cholesterol lowering statins have their CoQ10 levels depleted by 49% in 2 weeks!!! To have the CoQ10 levels depleted so quickly and to realize the health consequences that come with low CoQ10 levels, one can see how statins and the side effects of them can cause much more damage than they are repairing in the body.  If you know anyone on cholesterol lowering statins, you would do them a huge favor by educating them and getting them to replenish their CoQ1o levels.  You would do them an even bigger favor by educating them about the oral chelation program taking MC 5  tablets twice a day along with Essential Liquid Minerals and CoQ10 so they could throw their statin drugs in the garbage! Dr Judy did multiple years of research on the Natures Sunshine CoQ10. Its in a lipid base and it is crystal free.


Usually caused by Candida yeast infections that appear after using antibiotics. The friendly bacteria has been destroyed. Stop all grains, sugars, starches, legumes, Take Caprylic Acid 4 twice a day Take Pau D ’Arco capsules about 3 with each meal. With the evening meal take 10 Probiotic 11 and do that for about 2 bottles. Insert a Probiotic 11 into the vaginal area.

All vaccines, all shots, all drugs are poisons weather you want to believe it or not. Recently I had a conversation with a lady who has a decision to make; take the shot or not. My question to her was you will never make up your mind until you can answer this question; is the shot a poison or is it a nutrition?

A dog with a very bad and deep wound; Russ cleaned the wound with water and packed it with Silver Gel twice a day. He gave the dog Cat’s Claw capsules . No infection showed up and the wound totally healed up within 3 months.

Blood pressure is the symptom of a blockage in the blood. Laurence Smith: I got 80% of my results at the end of the program, 5 months later, after taking the MC, Minerals, Hawthorn and 6 Super Omega a day.

Recently a naturopathic doctor with certificates on his wall tried to coerce a client into taking the CoVid shot. The client walked away. Did his credentials and his certificate give this naturopathic doctor wisdom? A certificate on the wall means you have taken the required courses; you have been given knowledge and knowledge is always questionable depending on who is funding the universities. A certificate gives you knowledge, but it does not give you wisdom. It does not give you common sense.

Dr Cowan talks about vaccine damaged COVID toes caused by niacin deficiency. My recommendation is to use Liquid Methyl B12 , 20 drops three times a day and take Methyl B 12 capsules.

Natures Sunshine has an excellent herbal formula called ULC-R. It has been formulated specifically for H pylori bacteria. So it clears up intestinal disorder, ulcers, bloating, pain, rosacea  migraine headaches

The proteins called lectins in all present day grains are all different with a gene added called GIOA9 and these can induce mutations and are the cause of all kinds of intestinal disorders such as celiac , ulcerative colitis, diarrhea, joint pain, heart palpitations, paranoia, schizophrenia, hallucinations, ADD, violent behaviors, depression . Dr Davis

Dr. Wadia-Ells says “One simple mammogram can really take you down a bad path. First of all, you’re compressing your breast tissue, which in itself can cause tissue damage, and if you do have a tumor, that tumor could potentially be broken apart, resulting in metastatic breast cancer. Stop going to the doctor for a mammogram.

I am just following up to let you know what helped. I took 12 Cat's Claw and 12 Cellular Detox ( In Canada it is called Body Detox) daily for 7 days and the issue has cleared up. I did not have Paw Paw on hand till the very end and I only took that once. It was definitely swollen lymph nodes and not a cyst. Thanks again. Rosalyn

Shingles. She faithfully took HRP-C about 4 capsules 4 times a day. HRP-C is an excellent Chinese TCM herbal combination for infections and viruses. Then she took RE-X combination to heal the nerves. Within about 10 days or so the Shingles healed up. This again is a therapeutic program. Now it is important to know that you need to take enough of the herbs and take them long enough for them to be therapeutic.

Methylation is important for metabolizing and detoxifying estrogen, and so if it is a little slow, it can lead to the symptoms above. Also, if your periods are excessively heavy, you may need more iron, folate and B12 to build new blood. Methyl Liquid B12

 Nk :On another note, I would like to give you some feedback after taking the nutrients shake for over 1 year now. It simply amazing, all my body pains are completely gone, I have not been sick once in the past 14 months compare to at least 3 times sick each year prior I start drinking them. My recommended smoothie

Smoothie: twice a day minimum

Red: Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 1 oz each time

Yellow: Solstic Energy ½ stick

White: Collagen 1 scoop

Blue: Water

Green: Ultimate Green Zone 1 T each time

Water and ice or frozen berries


Todd was excited to tell me that he had now been attending meetings where he could sit through the meeting for 2 hours without the urge to pee and without having to leave the meeting to use the bathroom. These are his words,” I am now having a satisfying pee! “ I am sharing his program with you.

Smoothie: twice a day minimum

Red: Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 1 oz each time

Yellow: Solstic Energy ½ stick

White: Collagen 1 scoop

Blue: Water

Green: Ultimate Green Zone 1 T each time

Water and ice or frozen berries

No sugars, no grains, no cereals, no legumes, no tomatoes, potatoes, green peppers, eggplant, no milk, no peanuts, no alcohol, no pop, no junk food, no alcohol no fruit juice, no fruit except for berries and apple

Smoothie: twice a day minimum

Red: Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 1 oz each time

Yellow: Solstic Energy ½ stick

White: Collagen 1 scoop

Blue: Water

Green: Ultimate Green Zone 1 T each time

Water and ice or frozen berries

 With meals:

Super Omega 3

Zinc 100 mg a day

MC 4 twice a day to clean up the blood of metabolic wastes, chemicals and heavy metals

 UltraBiome DTX 2 sticks along with a glass of water and a Stress Pak at bedtime


One Day Kidney Flush

1 glass water with lemon

2 K and 2 Hydrangea,

2 hour later

1 glass of water and Chlorophyll 1 T

2 K and 2 Hydrangea, 1 Men’s Formula

Have a glass of water every 2 hours with 2 K and 2 Hydrangea.


One lady completed my TAFYH course with great results. Yep! She was able to go off her anti-depressant drugs. But slowly over time grains crept back into her diet. Just think of that word; Die It! And once again she did not feel good. The energy was low, she felt depressed. Off to the doctor she went only to find out that her kidney function was low and there was a high creatinine count. That did it! She was not going to take any drugs!  She was determined to feel better. That’s when I got the phone call. The answer was simple, “Go back to what has worked for you in the past when you took TAFYH.” Little did she know that what Dr. Davis said was true,” Grain is an opiate! “Off the grains and on with a herbal program! Back to following TAFYH principles! She did this for one month. Then I got the phone call. She was ecstatic. Here is why:

Creatinine levels dropped from a high of 105 to 72 and normal is 52 to 84.

GFR kidney filtration rate increased from 47 to 71; excellent kidney functions.


Wendy was suffering from stomach cramps and IBS. The bowels were not working right. This is when she went to see Dr Cheryl ND, TAFYH grad who recommended the Para Pak and Clean Start. Wendy agreed to pursue this program as instructed by Dr. Cheryl and shortly thereafter she passed a long worm about a foot long. The symptoms she had been experiencing totally vanished.


Dr Julie Ponesse taught at Huron University College in Ontario and recently lost her job due to the vaccine mandate. Here are her words: The top minds in behavioural Psychology now all work for the government and they use all of their studies, all of their knowledge to manipulate our natural critical thoughts and our mental instincts, that which makes us human. They are dehumanizing us one billboard message at a time.

If what we have seen to date continues when the vaccines are rolled out for 5 to 11 year old’s there are children reading stories and getting tucked into be right now who won’t live to see their nest birthdays.


I have attended rallies in Kelowna at Stuart Park, at the Interior Health Building, at the City Hall, at our local media stations. I have written letters on many occasions. I have signed many letters of petition. I urge you to do the same.


I am so grateful to these wonderful people who have taken a stand for freedom in our present-day society. I have also made a decision to take a stand for freedom. I have decided from Day 1 2019 when this CoVid fraud was released into the media that I would not succumb to their satanic rituals of wearing a breathing barrier or injecting my God given sacred body with lethal poisons known as the CoVid shots.. And yes I have been yelled at, bullied, mocked, shamed, refused service. It does not matter. I have decided to be the example. I know what I know. There is no virus. The more you practice standing in freedom the easier it becomes and the less you attract that mockery. Recently I went to my local post office without a mask of course. There were 2 ladies behind the shielded counter. One lady whose name was Lori decided to bully me with her very loud harsh voice, Where is your mask?  I can’t serve you without a mask. At this point knew she was breaking Criminal Code Section 264 : To which I replied, I don’t wear a mask! and what would you like me to do?” Of course there were quite a few other people in the post office who were witnessing her bullying. She had to think about that and then told me I could step outside and she would serve me there. And she did serve me. She totally knew that she would be breaking the constitution if she refused to serve me. Did I care that I was yelled at. Did I stand back with a cowered head. NO! I knew my rights.   I know who my Master is, I know His Laws of Nature, I make it my goal to reiterate the lie of the Germ Theory or  the Virus Theory. Dr Zak Bush once said, “If you damn a virus, you damn life. Viruses are part of the ecosystem. It has been found that there are about 42 different viruses in your blood stream! “You are not dead because you have 42 viruses. Viruses do not cause death. It’s the morbid waste debris in your body that causes death. Viruses happen in an unbalanced microbiome in your body.


I continue to teach people the Laws of Nature through my course, TAFYH, and through my consultations. Every week I get phone calls from people who really want to understand the Laws of Nature. I commend these people. They are in the process of crossing the threshold from indoctrinated medical institution to the world of Laws of Nature, to getting to know that our bodies are created to heal, that prescribed drugs and vaccines are poisons to their bodies.


This is our year where justice is being served. I am proud to be a member of Action4Canada and here in Kelowna I was part of a team who took part in serving Notices of Liability to every school board, trustees, and every Superintendent in BC, all kinds of doctors, nurses, health authorities, mayors, councilors,  We, as a volunteer team, signed our names and served 100’s of Notices of Liability  which are backed by The Constitution of Canada under the supremacy of God and by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and by Human Rights and the Nuremburg Code and our lawyer is the top Canadian Constitutional lawyer, Rocco Galati. The Notice of Liability simply states that by breaking the law, asking employees to get vaccinated against their will and without their consent and releasing them from their employment duties without pay that you will be held personally liable if any of them get injured from this poisonous CoVid shot and this could be as bad as criminal charges. To date 25 out of 60 school districts have said NO to mandating vaccines to their employees and teachers and this NO is trickling down to parents and children. A recent poll was done where 95% of the parents said they would pull their children out of school if vaccines were mandated within the school system. Yahoo!! We are winning!


From the Notices of Liability, Action4Canada is now moving into learning how to lay criminal charges. I also know that several criminal charges have been laid against those who have broken the law by imposing a medical treatment on people against their will and consent.


The kingdom of the medical institution is collapsing. Just 2 days ago I listened to a documentary about med beds that are capable of restoring eye sight, restoring lost teeth, growing limbs, normalizing weight, rejuvenating every organ of your body. Here is what the instructor said you must be prepared for the experience.  That you may through a healing crisis where your lungs will cough up hardened mucus and debris and you must also take supplements to maintain your restored body because there is not enough energy in the low energy foods we are presently consuming. Even with med beds the Laws of Nature do not change. But they are a faster technology to aid with the body’s healing process.


I 2022 I see many people searching for the way to health. It is only those searching who will find it. Your searching feelers are now turned on and you will talk to someone who has done TAFYH. You will intuitively know it is right for you.


I also see that there is a hard fight ahead of us. Be wise, be strong and be prepared. I would not choose to fly airplanes at this time. With pilots being mandated to vaccinate there are pilots who are flying who may stroke out, become dizzy, foggy and so on. Just recently I heard of a forced landing in Calgary just for that reason. There is a huge movement amongst the pilots to cease and desist mandatory CoVid shots. I understand that 101 pilots have died since the shots became mandatory.


Truck drivers are now told they need CoVid shots. Many are refusing to do so and we may experience food shortages or herbal shortages for that reason.

Be sure to have a food supply stored in your home. I would say 6 months’ worth.

Be sure you have a water source for you and your family.

Just to add 6 drops of Silver to a glass of water will purify your water for you.

SilverGuard is available from Nature’s Sunshine.

Be sure to have an herbal Emergency Preparedness in your home.

Cat’s Claw combination for clearing up infections, swellings, food poisoning, 4 /3 times a day for severe cases.

Capsicum for bleeding. Open the capsule and pour it right onto the bleeding area.

If you have cold feet sprinkle Capsicum into your boots or your mitts for cold hands.

Capsicum heats you up and the blood circulates.

If there is perhaps a suspicious heart attack or a stroke take Capsicum opened capsules in water and sip it down with a straw and take MC with it. You can do this every 15 minutes if you need to.

Have the CoVid infection fighters in your home: HRP-C, Histablock with quercetin, Vit D3, Vit C TR, Cat’s Claw, Lobelia if the lungs are congested. It also calms you and rescues you from anxiety and panic.

Tei Fu Oil is great for sore throats and for sore joints if mixed with a lotion.

Arginine Plus or Rejuvnaid are nitric oxide generators and scientifically known to neutralize spike protein attacks and transmissions.

LBS11 and Magnesium will move your bowels.

Gain the confidence to be your own doctor in your own home by using herbs before panicking and us trotting off to the medical institution where you may be tested and jabbed without your permission.