Tuesday, January 18, 2022

TAFYH team 64 Successes



BSQ dropped from 62 to 14

Body temperature increased from 97.9 to 98.1

Hepatic dropped from 6 to 2

Circulation 6 to 4

Nerves 9 to 0

Glandular 12 to 0

Structural 8 to 3

Candida changed from 1 big, long strand to 1 small strand

Heart palpitations gone

Itchy skin gone

Anxiety and nervousness gone

Muddled confusion is gone

Now feel calm and clarity

Low energy is gone

Sugar cravings gone

Muscle soreness is gone

Did the gall bladder cleanse and stones are dissolved and passed and shoulder pain decreased

Clearer thinking

Treat the whole body using the Laws of Nature

I loved my classmates



BSQ dropped 77 to 22

Body temperature increased from 36.2 to 36.8

Urinary dropped from 11 to 1

Circulatory dropped from 8 to 5

Nerves dropped from 7 to 4

Glandular dropped from 10 to 5

Structural dropped from 11 to 1.

BT increased from 36.2 to 36.8

Frequent bathroom experiences gone

Sense of calmness in my belly

The vision board, the TAG team and the structure was perfect

My nerves, blood and fluids were flowing in rhythm

My commitment shifted from weight loss to a health movement.



BSQ dropped from 74 t0 9

Body Temperature increased from 35.6 to 36.8

Is now off thyroid medication, Synthroid, Had been on it for over 25 years.

Off anti-inflammatory medications

Masses in lower abdominal area have decreased in size

Surgery is no longer an option

Lost 10 pounds

Bloating is gone

Puffiness is gone

Swollen joints gone

Right leg pain is gone

Cold hands and feet gone

Hands and feet are no longer cracked and dry

Constipation is gone’

Energy has increased


Kris. So wonderful to receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers from you, Kris, as a token of your gratitude.

My heartfelt thank you to you, Kris.

BSQ dropped from 21 to 8

Nerves dropped from 5 to 2

Glandular dropped from 5 to 1

Reproductive dropped from 3 to 1

Feels so much lighter

Nerves are relaxed

Is now grounded

Now empowered to stand up for myself

Coughing spells are now a lot better

Sinuses have cleared up



BSQ dropped from 19 to 8

Urinary dropped from 2 to 1

Circulatory dropped from 4 to 2

More clarity and well being

Feet have healed

Water retention gone

My feet are healthier and I am honoring them

I love Rejuvenaid, Cat’s Claw, Psyllium Hulls and Capsicum

Medical bullying has conditioned us to comply

See my greatness and wisdom

I am learning to be my own physician, my own lawyer and my own teacher

I choose to be proactive and vibrant and to be the Centurion

You are amazing



BSQ 31 to 29

Body temperature increased from 36.1 to 36.7

Extracted my infected tooth and used no antibiotics and used Cat’s Claw and Silver

More energy

More happy

Incredible information

Donna has done years of research



BSQ dropped from 89 to 49

Less abdominal pain

Root canal was extracted after 2 months of high dense nutrition to build up the energy

Used Cat’s Claw and Silver for root canal extraction; no antibiotics

After numerous doctors and ND’s and dentists, no one told me to take out my root canals.

Anxiety is gone after the root canal extraction; anxiety and panic attacks for 6 years

Bowels are working

Sinuses have cleared up and breathing is better

Gas and bloating is gone

Muscle pain has lessened

Lost 8 pounds

Lost lots of fluid retention

Donna was there for me



BSQ dropped from 117 to 57

Dramatic improvement in health

Candida test showed that it is almost gone

Heart palpitations gone

Stopped taking Synthroid

Bowels are moving twice a day; this is huge

Sinuses have completely cleared up

By brain is thinking and doing better

I have to work on my root canals

Thank you, Donna, for your generosity and care.



BSQ dropped from 24 to 8

Body temperature increased from 36.2 to 36.5

Second time doing TAFYH

Intestinal stomach pain is gone

Urination, back to normal

Joint pain gone; tried everything in the past


Did the Gall Bladder cleanse and passed many dissolved gall stones

Now more intentional about body systems

Has inspired my wife and kids

Sleep has improved

Lost 7 pounds and is much more stronger

Love the accountability

Love your spark and I support you,.

Its been an honor to be a part of Team 61.


BSQ dropped from 44 to 19

Nervous 7 to 4, Glandular 8 to 4, Structural 3 to 1

Body temperature increased from 35.9 to 36.3

Anxiety gone

Constipation gone

Expelled lots of parasites

Skin problems, itchiness  gone

Dropped 8 pounds

Biofeedback showed energy has increased from 5. 5 to 6.1 out of 10

Menstrual cycle is now normal

Cravings are gone

Sinuses have cleared

Medical side has totally got caught up in diagnosis and names

TAFYH is a wonderful, comprehensive program, packed with so many gems of wisdom.

 Donna is a wealth of knowledge and has put years into this course.

 The testimonials are invaluable motivation.



No more doctors practicing on me

Structural 10 to 8, Circulation 6 to 4, Urinary 6 to 2

Body temperature increased from 36.1 to 37.2

Clothes fit better,  lost 9 lbs.

No shortness of breath when I climb stairs.

Cleared up infection in teeth using Silver Guard

Cleared up skin rashes from the CoVid shot using Rejuvenaid and Pine Needle Oil

Sleep has now improved and no more 3 pm naps

No more waking up at night

Was diagnosed with Lupus, arthritis, and was told I was just getting old.



Digestive 11 to 8

Nervous 10 to 12

Glandular 14 to 15

Body temperature increased from 98.2 to 98.4

Improvement in digestion

No matter what disease you are diagnosed with if you follow the Laws of Nature your body will heal.

I have gained more confidence by reading all the success stories

Its about organ renewal not organ removal

Donna is a born teacher, on track, on time, and committed



BSQ dropped from 26 to 13

Intestinal 4 to 2, Circulation 7 to 4, Nerves 6 to 2, Glandular 2 to 1

Body temperature increased from 35.3 to 35.7 to 36.5

Blood Pressure -decreased

More energetic throughout the day!

Sleeping 7 hours

Easy to wake up and feel good for the day.

Morning stiffness and joint pain Gone!

Cravings for sugar are gone.

Increased will power to say NO to unhealthy food.

Gallbladder cleanse- completed today July 7/21. Successful- expelled about 80 or more pea size to marble size stones.

Bloating gone

I have found that this course has changed my whole outlook on our health care system and what I can do differently to bring healing to myself and others.

I have gained more confidence and knowledge to share with others who ask for holistic health advice.

Understanding the 5 Pillars of health and the need to address them with nutrients and proper protocol was very enlightening.

Will work on extracting the root canals

Really great course, empowering

People suffer needlessly

There is a whole misconceptions about cholesterol; no such thing as a bad cholesterol

I have become a fearless leader

Loved Donna’s passion; teaches us true health




BSQ dropped from 84 to 61

Body temperature increased from 35.7 to 36.6

Lost 20 pounds

More energy

Can cope with stress

Look forward to waking up every morning

Less pain

Cravings for sugar gone

Conscientious of food choices

Craves the smoothies

Will address my teeth

Give help to others

We have been chosen for this time.

 Evaluations Team 61 July 8/21