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Teleconference Call April 4/22

 Teleconference Call April 4/22


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Eradicating the Diagnosed Disease Dogma

Your Mind Determines How Quickly You Heal

Successes in Overcoming Cancer

Success in Overcoming MS

Collagen and Its Importance

Natures Fresh Enzyme Spray: Miracle in a Bottle

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Sickness is the vengeance of Nature for the violation of her laws. Dorothy

Lisa got sick and contacted me. She took Cat’s Claw about 12 a day and drank lots of Chlorophyll and water and she gone better in a couple of days.

I noticed a big difference when I put my parents on smoothies in just in 5 days. Their eyes were brighter. Ida is presently doing TAFYH and helping her elderly parents to good health. My insight here is that the TAFYH course of $377 is not only for you but for your loved ones as you learn how to become self reliant in health you can teach others to do the same.

UC3J  3 with each meal and taking Probiotic 11 20 capsules a day made a big difference to the health of my bowels. Diarrhea is gone!

My toothache disappeared by using a bunch of Cat’s Claw.

I have less pain in my back after doing the One Day Kidney flush Jeannine TAFYH grad

I had a molar extracted and used Cat’s Claw and Silver instead of antibiotics. D’Arcy TAFYH grad

A painful toe joint went away in one day after doing the One Day Kidney Flush

I did the Liver /Gall bladder flush and passed all kinds of dissolved gall stones. D’Arcy

After TAFYH joint pain gone, constipation gone, insomnia gone, anxiety gone, muscle stiffness and pain gone, Cheri TAFYH grad

Fatigue gone, brain fog gone, heart palpitations gone, bloating gone, menstrual cycle balanced, Sofia TAFYH grad

I dumped the medications and walked away from the doctors; painful gall bladder attacks gone, high blood pressure gone Darrel achieved this before TAFYH and then did TAFYH. Darrell, grad Darrell has helped 2 others because of the confidence he gained from TAFYH. One woman’s horrible skin problems disappeared because Darrell shared.

My hair is shiny, my sleep is deeper, my skin is radiant, and I dropped 20 pounds Susan TAFYH grad

Pain in the breast gone, indigestion gone, brain fog gone, anxiety gone, heaviness is gone, PMS is gone, water retention is gone, energy increased Raelyn TAFYH grad


1954 in Vancouver , BC at the British Commonwealth Games Roger Banister accomplished the impossible . He was the first  man to run the 4 minute mile in an Olympic race . Since then many have achieved the 4-minute mile and have even exceeded this mark.

So it is with cancer. Well-meaning authorities clinging to the myths and dogma of the day have made society believe that:

-cancer has no answer

-the solutions to cancer are limited to an institution

-no one can heal their own cancers

- it is a mysterious disease with no explanation

- nutrition has nothing to do with cancer

-we are powerless beings that have no control over cancer


Just this past week I talked to 2 of my clients who have overcome cancer. One was a man from this area who had thyroid cancer. The other was from Vancouver who was diagnosed with sarcoma, the same kind of cancer that Terry Fox had. These are 2 successes that I have not even written about. It is now a few years that both of these men have been cancer free. Both of them are TAFYH grads and they have learned how to be self-reliant in addressing their own health without chemo or radiation. Just a point of interest; here we have 2 men diagnosed with 2 different types of cancer and both of them did the same therapeutic nutritional program. I recall a man that once called me for a consultation because he had been diagnosed with a specific kind of cancer. The title of the cancer was important to him, I outlined a simple program for him: eating the right foods, addressing the poisons that cause the inflammation and taking specific herbs. He then took time to go to my site and he noticed that the cancer success stories posted in my site all basically followed the same program. His mind was so focused on the title of his cancer that he did not see that all of these people with different cancers all overcame cancer following the same nutritional program. He did not see that his body needed fuel to overcome cancer. He then decided not to do the program.


  In my world following the Laws of  Nature all cancers no matter what the diagnostic name is need to be addressed by abiding by 5 pillars:

Injury, Inflammation, Elimination, Infection, Circulation, and I have added time.


It takes time to heal cancer. The stem cell carpenters cannot rebuild a damaged muscle or organ or gland overnight just as a carpenter building a house cannot build that house overnight. The time it takes to overcome cancer with those I have worked with is usually a year and with others it is a longer period of time. Time depends on several factors:

 Your determination to follow the program.

Abiding by the vision of your own health and not by  the vision of  someone else, the media, the doctor who is creating for you.

Focusing on your body in a state of health is significant as it sets up the neuro pathways for your brain to send messages of healing to the area of the body afflicted with cancer. The stronger the messages of healing you personally create the sooner your healing takes place.

Setting aside those frantic fears and winds of doubt that constantly linger in your mind.

Knowing that your body is created to heal.

Expressing the energy of love and gratitude every day instead of focusing on the energy of anger and death strengthens your commitment. I recall Gail who was diagnosed with breast cancer telling me how she was grateful for her cancer because she had learned the pitfalls of eating junk foods, believing doctors and experiencing chemo that actually sent her into a psychiatric ward for 3 weeks. She also was grateful for the program she followed as she overcame breast cancer and lost 100 pounds.

Know that there is another way to address cancer and know you have choices! When I say another way that means that you have to search for it and find it. I now quote Diane who said this after she overcame MS and that took 2 years.


“Most people don’t know they have choices. I relied on my stubborn streak and tried to find another way.” Diane was told to forget about piano, that she would never skate again and that she would never walk and never have children. As a matter of fact it was strongly suggested to her that she should have her tubes tied at age 19! Fast forward to the present Diane says this:  I have 2 lovely daughters! I walk very well with no limp, I play piano and I work full time! This is all very tender and emotional for me to think what might have happened if I had succumbed to the doctors’ advice.”


In 1982 Diane was diagnosed with MS. It was in 1980 that she first noticed the symptoms of MS appear. She was 19 years old. It was around this time that she was given a tetanus shot. However, she failed to correlate her symptoms to that shot until she did the TAFYH course. I am the inflammation detective. I know that all diseased conditions are started from inflammation, so I always look for the source of the inflammation.

Diane’s first symptoms were loss of vision. The optical nerve was affected and she lost 90% of her vision. The next symptoms she noticed was paralysis from the right shoulder to the toes and blood clots. Diane was at that time a student of McGill University studying piano.( My heart strings were tugging. I also have a son who was a piano student at McGill University. )Diane’s dream was to play music and here she was paralyzed at the University Hospital.

Diane followed the same program I recommend for cancer. Addressing the 5 pillars and then adding time. So what did Diane do:

She followed ABCD  Health Plan and  here is sample of the  herbal programs she used:

A: activate your lymphatic system with Echinacea - 6 caps. /day - immune system


B: build the body by eating clean foods and taking:

Spirulina - 6 caps. /day - high in vitamin B

Red Raspberry - 9 caps. /day - high in calcium and magnesium

Super Vitamins and Minerals - up to 6/day

Super Oil - 3 tsp/day - very good for multiple sclerosis Super Oil; it has is a blend of 6 good fats including evening primrose oil, linseed (aka flax seed) oil, cold-fish oils with lecithin, and vitamin E and natural lemon to support the nervous system and the myelin sheath.

Evening Primrose Oil - up to 12 daily - very good for multiple sclerosis

Liquid Chlorophyll - blood builder


C: cleanse with

Psyllium Hulls - bowel, bulk

Cascara Sagrada - to help achieve 3 bowel movements daily - bowel, improve peristalsis action

Black Walnut Extract - 1/2 dropper, 3 times/day – bowel


Direct: the body systems with:

Energy-V - 6 caps. /day - Fatigue, energy

I-X - 9 to 12 caps. /day – iron and fatigue it is fantastic for numbness and tingling, for circulation, for energy and circulation to the head.

APSII - 6 caps. /day - pain, sleep (This is no longer available, option is Eight )

At a later time when my symptoms reduced these were the core products I took:

A : HRP-C  or Olive Leaf extract  for the lymphatics

B; Build your body by eating clean foods and taking a super food smoothie Collatrim Plus and Smart Meal , Zambroza Chlorophyll.

Herbal Ca; herbal combination loaded very high amounts of calcium and magnesium and all the minerals to absorb them; it is also great for spasms.

C: Cleanse; Garden Essence Enzymes  Bod-e-Detox to nutritionally support my chronic intestinal problem, my liver and to repair my colon.

D: Direct the body systems depending on what is needed.

Nerves: Stress Formula: it has lots of B’s in proper ratio, C’s with bioflavonoids  nourish nervous system.

Kidneys; K; it strengthened and toned my bladder; I would get up 10 times a night to go to the bathroom and I took high amounts about 12 a day until it worked.



Collagen is critical in this program.

What else happens as collagen production decreases? Muscles and skin sag. The bones lose density. The joints and ligaments become weaker and less elastic. Cartilage becomes thinner and weaker at the joints it is supposed to cushion. Hair loses its wave or curl or thickness. Organs may sag toward the floor (prolapse), and may malfunction. The lungs turn to paper. The heart weakens and enlarges. The liver and prostate may weaken and enlarge. The arteries weaken and are less able to resist plaque formation. Also they are more likely to develop a break in one of their 3 layers (aneurysm). The skin becomes thinner and it wrinkles.


What are Enzymes? Dr Kim Balas

Enzymes are a crucial part of biological function and healing of any kind.

Enzymes are an important part of the immune system function.

 Enzymes are the organic catalysts that make a lot of chemical reactions in your body possible.

Enzymes are the sparks that start the essential chemical reactions our bodies need to live.

They are necessary for digesting food, stimulating the brain, providing cellular energy, healthy fertility,

building bone, processing toxins and poisons and for repairing all tissues, organs, and cells.

 The human body needs certain things to function such as: clean air, pure water,

and nutritional food, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, fats, vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

All of these are “building blocks” except for the enzymes! Enzymes actually do all of the work in the body – Enzymes are ENERGY!!!

All known enzymes have been classified into six fundamental groups based on the

types of reaction they catalyze. They are:

•Hydrolases – digest food by breaking the chemical bonds with the addition of

water. Protease Plus is in this group.

•Lyases - Protein carbohydrate and glucose metabolism depend on lyase enzymes.

•Oxidoreductases – are involved with the transfer of electrons from one molecule

to another. These enzymes are used in free radical scavenging reactions

as well as polarizing molecules for mineral and ion exchange into and out of the cell to run cellular reactions like energy production. These are actually antioxidant enzyems.

•Transferases Probably the most well-known enzyme in this class is glutathione transferase

that is made in the liver and helps detoxify every cell in the body.

•Isomerases – change the arrangement of molecules .Most amino acids utilized by the body need isomerases.

•Ligases-catalyze the formation of a chemical bond between two molecules that enable energy-rich phosphate compounds to be broken down.


And guess what?

Nature’s Fresh, a unique product from Nature’s Sunshine contains all of the six classes of

enzymes you need. It can be used externally and internally to replenish your enzymes, to  clean your inner body and generally, make your life healthier.

Nature’s Fresh is a Miracle in a Bottle Dr Kim Balas

Nature’s Fresh Ingredients include natural enzymes derived from vegetable sources and fruit acids. The enzymes in NSP’s Nature’s Fresh are naturally derived from a fermented vegetable extract.

These enzymes, when sprayed on to an odor problem, cause the odor molecules to break down to harmless ingredients (water and carbon dioxide).

Natures Sunshine markets this product as an enzyme-rich deodorizing product for use around the

house and on pets to remove odors and stains. What Nature's Sunshine didn't know is

what a miracle it is. People have been using it to help numerous health-related problems with overwhelming results.


How Nature’s Fresh Works

Just like enzymes in the digestive tract break food particles down into smaller pieces,

the enzymes in Nature’s Fresh work to break down toxins, etc. so the debris can be

easily transported. Small pieces of trash can more easily be transported and removed from

the site of inflammation than big pieces can. Consequently this action increases circulation & O2 (oxygen) to the area to facilitate healing.

Think of these big toxins as coal.  The coal has to be broken down into smaller pieces to be

transported out of the body. These enzymes found in Natures Fresh are the careful miners that do this work. Without sufficient enzymes, the job falls into the hands of our immune system, which goes in and sets off  bombs to reduce the size of the pieces thereby causing much collateral damage this way in the form of inflammation. These enzymes reduce the local trash into capillary or lymph receptacle

sized pieces in a ‘kinder, gentler’ way and the trash moves out efficiently and easily without inflammation.

Enzymes were once thought to break down the actual molecules of other substances when new findings showed that they change the structures and create a whole new compound that the body can use.


Nature’s Fresh works enzymatically in many ways that we can’t even imagine. Dr Kim Balas

 Just spray it straight on the whole spine for tension, back pain, arthritis, etc. Also, you can take it

internally (about 1-2 TBS per day). Depending on the seriousness of the problem, you

may want to add more.

Natures Fresh can be used as a poultice on damaged/dehydrated disks. It is absorbed

through the skin and helps bring life giving enzymes into the damaged disk to help

repair it and helps re-hydrate it. Along with the poultice and taking 1 to 2 tablespoons a day drink water and Chlorophyll at least 8 glasses a day and you will be amazed at the results.

Other Uses:

o Use Nature’s Fresh as an underarm deodorant. Spray directly on after

bath or shower and throughout the day or night as needed.

o Contact Lenses – Use a couple of drops in pure water and rinse thoroughly

o Acne – Use daily as a cleanser/toner

o Arthritis – spray on inflamed joints and areas with pain

o Sore stiff muscles – spray on topically and also 1 tsp 2x daily internally

o Insect bites – relieves swelling and itching

o Cough/sore throats – spray in the back of the throat area

o Nail fungus – soak daily

o Infected cuts/scrapes – spray on topically

o Fibromyalgia – internally 2 tsp per day and topically on areas of concern

o Sinus infection/inflammation – use in a nose spray bottle diluted 50% with SilverGuard

o Sunburn- spray on topically to relieve pain

o Teeth/gums – use as a mouth rinse for bleeding gums, infection or abscesses

o Spider veins – spray on topically twice daily