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From the Desk of Donna Roth August 8/22


From the Desk of Donna Roth August 8/22

Transforming the Health of Nations  

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Monday Teleconference Call with Donna Roth and Guests

At 5:45 pm Pacific Time

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Two powerful guest speakers on this call.

My call today is from 5:45 pm to 6:15 pm as I am off to attend my Health and Sciences meeting.

TAFYH and Advanced TAFYH registrations for September

TAFYH; Taking Action For Your Health, abides by the Laws of Nature.

TAFYH teaches you how to be self-reliant in health.

Gratitude to Paul, TAFYH grad and guest last week; his optimistic health results re; cancer

Guest; Maria reports on her health success after TAFYH

Guest; Ken reports on his health and experience in TAFYH


Your body is created to heal. But you must provide your inner stem cell carpenters with the fire and the fuel for that healing to take place.

These God given healing powers are contained in plants and foods we find in Nature.


Fire: Dr Christopher always addressed the Fire in every case that came across his clinic. Dr Christopher knew that the blood must move in order for it to deliver the essential nutrients to the stem cell carpenters that are waiting for those building blocks. And he relied on a very simple herb available to everyone and that is Capsicum. The company, Natures Sunshine, started with Capsicum when Gene Hughes was able to solve his bleeding ulcers by taking Capsicum. Capsicum as Dr Christopher would say has its own intelligence. It coagulates the blood when there is internal bleeding and it dissolves a blood clot and it makes the blood move and circulate so all the nutrients are able to reach the stem cells in every organ and gland of the body. Capsicum also heats up your inner body so it raises your body temperature. Just to reiterate my past seminars, cancer cannot grow in a body temperature of 37 C or 98.6. BT is a simple measurement. Just use a mouth thermometer first thing in the morning before any movement and check your body temperature. Dr Jernigan says low BT is the plague of the 21st century because we are consuming dead food and we are poisoning our bodies with drugs and vaccines.

I want to bring it to your attention that Capsicum is not the only product that raises BT. I want to also promote the product Arginine Plus as another product known to raise BT, to move the blood, and most important to bind the spike proteins found in the very toxic CoVid shots. And it has been reported that these spike proteins are known to shed. So I take Arginine Plus every day for that reason.

I remember about a year ago going to a massage therapist who had just worked on a lady before me. This lady walked out with a mask on and in my world, this is a sign that she was most likely vaxxed. When it was my turn to have the massage treatment, I ended up with a nose bleed which was quite heavy but for a short period of time. I never get nose bleeds. I came to the conclusion that this incident was perhaps due to the shedding of the spike proteins. It was at this point that I made Arginine Plus part of my smoothie.

I take a smoothie every day and I suggest that you take a smoothie every day to counteract the dead foods we are all consuming. So what do TAFYH grads put into their smoothies:

Collagen powder which is now back in stock

Ultimate Green Zone

Flax Hull lignans


Solstic Energy

Notice the colors of these super foods

Yellow is Solstic Energy

White is Collagen

Blue is water and Zambroza

Green is Ultimate Green Zone

Red I love Chi Mineral Tonic for this purpose but presently it is not on the market. It is being reviewed by a Health Canada agent. I don’t know for what purpose Chi Mineral Tonic needs review except that this agent decided with a stroke of a pen to take it off the market for review purposes. I am here to say that no Health Canada agent has ever taken a herbal course in their lives and yet they are given the responsibility to pull our innocent herbs off the market when in fact they should really be concerned with the harm that these shots are causing and the harm all drugs are causing.

It is a huge problem today that men and women in society are no longer able to discern what is nutrition and fuel for the body and what is a poison.

Here is my quiz for this day:

Is a drug such as Synthroid a poison or is it a nutrition

Is a vaccine a nutrition or is it a poison

Is an antibiotic a poison or a nutrition

 I want to share a success story I received about a year ago regarding a lady who had the shot and ended up with nerve pain all over her body particularly her feet. The pain was unbearable, and it was a TAFYH grad who had learned the protocol for addressing the CoVid shot because she attended my calls regularly. This lady took notice and followed a program which was:


Arginine Plus

Cats Claw

Chlorophyll and water

On the second day the pain at the bottom of her feet subsided and on Day 4 all pain was gone.


Just recently Jollean asked me what herbal combination Natures Sunshine has for pain and it is called Eight. I learned that from Dr Cheryl who uses Eight combination for her clients suffering from pain.