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Success story: Josey’s Mom

Success Story: Bladder Infection; Katherine

What I Learned from Belle re: biopsies

Dr. Cordain’s Research Grass fed vs Grain Fed

Program for Diabetes


Thank you for teaching me, Donna.

I have learned so much in TAFYH and its 100% opposite to what doctors have led me to believe. Every time I find  new truth I get angry; they indoctrinated me, my brother, his wife and at the end they give you a death sentence. They always say there is no science backing this ( therapeutic nutrition) up. In TAFYH there are numerous doctors who have done the studies.

If you do to doctors you are in their indoctrination system. I was so indoctrinated. I believe it was the Ramapril that caused me to have cancer. I remember going skidoing one day and I forgot to take Ramapril for my blood pressure and I was anxious the whole day waiting for my blood pressure to shoot up and having a heart attack. Nothing happened ! Ken


The CoVid business was premeditated at the NA Sciences. Peter Daszak said; We need to increase public understanding and the key is media. We need to create the hype to get investors on board. Dr David Martin.

Catching polio was never established scientifically. 100 people were given bacteria sprayed into their nostrils. No one got sick from the flu. They were given lung fluids extracted from corpses, No one got sick. They were injected with blood from sick people. No one got sick.  The Germ Theory is Dead, By Dr Roseneau.

Just listen to the narrative we have been indoctrinated with. I caught a cold from my grand daughter. I caught a cold. You do not catch a cold. Your body created the cold for you to detoxify your overpoisoned system. And if it happened in the same household then know that they all ate the same foods, or got the same poisons as you did. Nature in its wisdom created a cold for you and that poison moved out to allow life to continue in your body. So say thank you, cold and stop put poisons in your body.

Success story by Katherine

One woman in her 30’s came to see Katherine with severe bladder infections. There was horrible cramping and discomfort. The doctor prescribed antibiotics. Instead of taking antibiotics this woman followed Katherine’s recommendation

Cat’s Claw 4 twice a day

Uva Ursi 4 a day

Drink water and lemon

Within one hour the pain eased. By the third day the pain was totally gone. Off to the doctor for a urine test. The results showed no blood, no pus and the infection was totally gone.

She is now going to reduce her coffee intake and do the One Day Kidney Flush regularly.

In looking at my health conditions during those years, I began to question medical proficiency because surly there are cause and effect relationships to be drawn when a series of events happen! By the way, I ended up being diagnosed with 4 other significant diseases before the age of 30:

Erythema Noueux



Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

I remember asking a specialist “if there could be a connection between the 5 diseases, because I simply could not believe that somebody could be so doomed” and I was told “No, no connection at all – that is the way it is”. 

You do have options and choice ... and they are a powerful combination

I had finally decided to take ownership for my own recovery! 

I did not think or say if … I said once I would come back ... this is a very important point and I believe crucial to successfully fighting any illness or disease (or achieving any goal for that matter). You see, in my mind and in my heart - there were no doubts.

I did not know how long it would take

I did not know what I would have to do

I did not know how much money it would cost.

My one burning desire was to get well, then stay well.

I wanted to enjoy life without depending on others - I wanted and still want to do everything I choose, when I want, as long as I want, and I still do whatever it takes to stay healthy.

The years of nutritional support I required to get my body functioning normally included a clean diet with lots of whole foods plus large quantities and correct formulations of nutrient dense herbal medicines and nutritional supplements. Through early trial and error with a number of herbal product lines, I eventually found the correct formulations in Nature's Sunshine Products and today, they remain a part of my maintenance program and my natural health practice.


48% of the atypical hyperplasia diagnoses matched

by S Kasraeian · 2010 · Cited by 173 — In regard to determining exact diagnosis, fine-needle aspiration had a 33.3% accuracy and core biopsy had a 45.6% accuracy

Dr Cordain’s  Research on Grain Fed vs Grass Fed Beef

Diseases of present day American civilization emerged as a result of the discordance between our ancient genetic biology and contemporary agricultural practices . Such practices have fundamentally altered seven crucial nutritional characteristics of past ancestral diets Namely:

1 glycemic load

2 fatty composition

3 macronutrient composition ( trace minerals)

4 macronutrient density (proteins, fat, carbohydrates)

5 acid/base balance

6 sodium/potassium ratio

7 fiber content.

Each of these factors have, in one way or another contributed to the pathogenesis of present day chronic diseases that we are afflicted with. How did this all happen ?

Cattle husbandry practices have changed dramatically in the last 200 years. Cattle are now bred to develop specific traits such as higher milk production, heavier animals for meat, heat tolerance, and so on . Today there are about 800 different breeds of cattle. In the past cattle were typically pastured on range lands but with the development of technology giving rise to railroads and with increased grain harvests  today cattle are fed grains, primarily corn. The feed lot fattening of cattle made it possible to produce a 545 kg steer for slaughter within 24 months. Today a 545 kg steer can be brought to slaughter within 14 months.   Such beef is typically exhibited as ‘marbled beef’ and well accepted in our society.

However there is a serious nutritional consequence to grain fed , feed lot cattle.

Omega 3 fatty acid content is much lower than grass fed beef.

Omega 6 fatty acids are much higher in grain fed beef.

The fat content of feed lot beef contains 2 to 4 times more saturated fat than that of grass fed beef.

The potassium /sodium ratio of grain fed beef is lower.

The conjugated linoleic acid is lower in grain fed beef.

Vitamin C, E, Beta Carotene is lower in grain fed beef. Pasture raised beef has 58.9 % more Vitamin C than feed lot beef.

The fattier meats from grain fed beef has reduced content of iron, zinc, B12, B6, and niacin. B 12 and B6 are critical vitamins to keep down dangerous homocysteine levels which is often a contributing factor to high blood pressure and heart disease.

This is when it is significant to learn about the Natures Sunshine product MC which actually stands for Master Chelation. It contains the missing Vit C, E, Beta Carotene, iron, zinc, B 12, B6 to keep the dangerous homocysteine levels down. Homocysteine is a type of amino acid that your body uses to make proteins. Even though we all need some level of this amino acid in our bodies, when homocysteine goes too high, you could be at a greater risk of autoimmune conditions, heart disease, and other chronic health issues. MC is the best vitamin/mineral tablet on the market. It also has in it bovine adrenal, bovine thymus and the herbs Butcher’s Broom and Gingko Biloba.

Grass fed beef contains 76.5% of its total energy as protein. Grain fed beef contains only 48.9% of its energy as protein. This is a significant difference. We come to realize that the cheaper lower quality grain fed beef that we purchase in the supermarkets just don’t sustain the protein energy we need for energy and injury repair. Cheaper is not better. Quality means more energy.  It is important to your health benefit to buy grass fed beef from your local farmer. And the end it will even be more economical because you will be more satisfied, you will crave less, you will eat less, you will lose weight and health will flourish.

Dr Cordain says that a litany of recent studies proved that Type 11 diabetes showed significant improvements in glucose and insulin metabolism.  These studies also showed that elevations in protein have a beneficial effect upon blood lipid profiles, in significantly lowering the blood pressure and in improving insulin sensitivity and glycemic control.

Studies have that protein causes” the greatest release of a gut hormone known as PYY that reduces hunger while simultaneously improving central nervous system sensitivity to leptin another hormone that controls appetite and body weight regulation.” Dr Cordain

Dr Cordain emphatically states that many to he chronic diseases afflicting the American population today results from an excessive consumption of sugars, grains, vegetable oils, fatty meats and dairy products. “Human health could be improved by including more lean grass fed beef into our diet.”

So here is my program for those suffering from diabetes
Eat grass fed meat and grass fed raw cheese and cottage cheese and yogurt

Have a super food smoothie with Essential Liquid Minerals, NutriBurn Whey ( high grass fed protein) Solstic Energy, water and ice

Take 1 Berberine and 1 Probiotic 11 with each meal.

Take Psyllium Hulls combination 1 tsp into a glass of water morning and night.

If your bowels are not moving 3 times a day take LBS11.

Take MC 2 twice a day