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From the Desk of Donna Roth October 10/ 22

From the Desk of Donna Roth October 10/ 22

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The plan the Health Minister reveals to improve diabetes

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If you are relying on a system using poisonous drugs and vaccines that have been proven  to cause harm you are not free. If you continue to support a system that keeps you in fear you are not free.  If you continue to support a system that robs you of your God given right to bodily choice you are not free.


Dr Thomas Cowan: There is no such thing as  a high fever that’s going to fry your brain.

Their top 12 antidepressant nutrients deemed best for such disorders were:



Long-chain omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA)





Vitamin A

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B12

Vitamin C


These nutrients are all present in the product known as MC designed by Dr McCausland. MC stands for Master Chelation. MC cleans the poisons out of the blood. Many of these poisons cross the blood brain barrier and distort the function of the amygdala of the brain. It is the center of the brain that is responsible for emotions. When there is a swelling of the amygdala caused by poisons such as glyphosates from grains, Candida fed by sugar and starches, heavy metals from all those vaccines, then the amygdala can swell and cause depression, anger, and so on. MC along with UltraBiome DTX pulls out the heavy metals and poisons. There is now a new product from Natures Sunshine that has replaced Heavy Metal DTX and it is called Liver Support. The program for cleaning out the poisons from the brain is then:

UltraBiome DTX

MC 4 twice a day

Liver Support 3 twice a day

Drink water and Chlorophyll when you take these nutrients.

Do this program for 1 month for every 10 years of your age.


Oct. 6/22

News item in today’s paper: Feds reveal plan to improve diabetes care

Note not to improve the health of the diabetics but improve their care to do what? Read on!

6 million people in Canada are diabetic, 5 million people are prediabetic,

Canada has spent $30 billion on diabetes and diabetes has increased by 6.5% ??

Minister of Health Jean-Yves Duclos offers the solution:

Take some of the money from Canada Revenue Agency and give it to diabetes

Does that mean an increase in taxes?

Money to be used for education, training and guidance for health care workers not for diabetics

Money to be used for stigma around diabetes because too many are not taking the medications

Belief is that not taking medications hurts their quality of life.

Note there is not one mention of helping these diabetics with change in diet or improving nutrition or helping them wean off the medications which many diabetics do not like, but only in ensuring they are taking their medications Every medication has a side effect meaning poisonous. One of my bladder cancer clients has taken insulin shots for years. The side effect says urinary infections. He has bladder cancer, a urinary fungal infection!

The article states that diabetes causes blindness, kidney failure, heart attacks, strokes, I looked up the side effects of Metformin; kidney disease and heart problems!!


Diabetes and Depression :It has been reported to me by Elaine whose Mother was suffering from diabetes that her insulin units have dropped from 43 units a day to 10 units a day, 3 anti-depressants were reduced to 1 and the blood pressure medications have been reduced. Elaine had her Mother eliminate grains and sugars and take Chi Mineral Toni, Chlorophyll and Cat’s Claw and over a period of about 8 months the results have been significant.

From Tina, TAFYH Leader, Jan./2015

One of my clients, diagnosed medically as diabetic, on blood pressure meds, high cholesterol and having a fatty liver, called me to tell me her success story after seeing her doctor.  She was taken off the Metformin as her doctor said she no longer has diabetes.  He reduced her blood pressure meds, she no longer has high cholesterol and he also said she has no more fatty liver!!!  She said she was just floored and there is no way she has any desire to lead the lifestyle she used to.

D had been on insulin since 2007 to maintain her high blood sugar levels. In 2011 she was diagnosed with cancer. D chose to do the Paw Paw Program for her breast cancer. She started to feed her body with high dense nutrition. She also eliminated sugars, grains ,legumes ,and dairy from her diet. Within two weeks of doing the Paw Paw program she noticed that her blood sugar normalized to the point that she was able to stop the intake of insulin. Her blood pressure became normal as well and all blood pressure medications were stopped within two weeks of doing this program.

Diabetes: One man with diabetes had a serious heart condition and was scheduled to go to Vancouver for surgery. But this process was delayed because he could not stablize his blood sugar levels. His friend happened to have a bottle of chlorophyll water which he graciously gave to his friend. Upon drinking the chlorophyll water the blood sugar levels dropped to 11.0 from a high of 30 . He kept drinking Chlorophyll water and in a few days he was able to undergo his surgery without any difficulties.

One gentleman with type II Diabetes started with a sugar reading of 14. 3 years ago. Normal blood sugar is 7. He cut out sugar from his diet and used the drug “Medformin” and his average reading was only 9.5-10.5. On Feb3/05 he started P14 3 / 3x a day with meals and 1 Digestive Enzyme with each meal. He stopped eating all wheat products and ate more vegetables, fruits, eggs and meats. On March 1 the blood sugar dropped to 6.2. His cholesterol levels dropped as well and his doctor’s comment was “Whatever you are doing keep on doing."

Sharon was diagnosed with diabetes and used the drug Medformin to control it. However the morning blood sugar would always be high at around 8.5 Normal is 7. For about 1 month Sharon used P14 and Medformin together. Then she noticed if she stopped eating apples before bed and if she took P14 at bedtime the blood sugar reading in the morning dropped. On April 18, Sharon stopped taking Medformin and her blood sugar reading even in the morning were always in the normal range: 5.4, 5.7, 6.2, 6.7, 6.6. The program she followed:

No wheat, No sugar, No Yeast,

Black Walnut 4 in the morning,

2 P14 at breakfast, 2 P14 at Lunch, 2 P14 at dinner, 2 P14 at bedtime.


High blood sugar not only causes diabetes but let’s take a look at what other serious problems it causes.

I want to share my personal experience with a client whose name was Peter. Peter  visited the doctor due to a concern he had regarding high blood sugar and diabetes. The doctor was prompted to do a PSA test for him. It was discovered that Peter had a high PSA and a biopsy showed prostate cancer. It is interesting to note here that high blood sugar was related to a high PSA test in this situation. Now Peter refused all other surgeries, hormone treatments, chemo, radiation and simply stuck to the Paw Paw program where all sugar foods and starches were eliminated and high dense super foods and minerals were taken regularly along with high doses of Paw Paw and Cat’s Claw and Protease Plus enzymes. After a few months on this program another PSA test was done whereupon it was discovered that the PSA was now at 1. within a normal range.

Now along come Peter’s friends who decide to have a one-week Bagel and Alcohol party. Shortly after the party Peter visited his doctor one more time to have a PSA test done. To Peter’s surprise his PSA rose to the 5.6 level. Once again both Peter and I come to the conclusions that high sugar consumption equals high PSA test. One more time Peter returned to the Paw Paw program for a few months and once again a PSA test is done which showed low levels.

Even though this is a single case of PSA testing I have observed many cases of high PSA levels come down after eliminating all sugar, all starches and sticking to  the Paw Paw program for a few months. These cases are revealed in Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury www.donnaroth.com. It is interesting to note that simple anecdotal observations are not accepted by the present-day medical institutions as they are not so called scientifically researched.  But then on the other hand scientific research done by Dr Otto Warburg in 1931 proved  sugar feeds cancer but this is not accepted by the present-day medical establishment. The medical institution does not recognize high blood sugar as a contributing factor to prostate cancer or any other cancer.

Globe and Mail reported an article as published in the New England Journal of a Medicine that revealed the largest ever clinical study trial which compared surgical removal of the prostate to the “watchful waiting “strategy . This study was financed by the US Dept. of Veteran Affairs, the National Cancer Institute and the Agency for Healthcare and Research and Quality. It encompassed 731 men over a period of 15 years. The study concluded that there was no statistical difference in risk of death from prostate cancer or any other cause among men who were assigned to the surgery group vs men assigned to an observation group. By the end of 15 years 354 men had died from a cause other than prostate cancer. Within the surgical group there were 171 deaths and the observation group there were 183 deaths. As shown this study demonstrates no statistical difference in the overall mortality rates.

Timothy Wilt, the study author and professor of medicine at Minneapolis Veterans Affairs Center for Chronic Disease Outcomes Research stated “Many men when they hear about a diagnosis of cancer become fearful. They think if they aren’t treated, they will die from it. Our results clearly demonstrate that ‘s not true. The overwhelming majority will not die of their disease if its left untreated.”

The study included only men with early stage disease and about 50% of them learned about their cancer as a result of the PSA blood tests. In May of 2012 the US Prevention Services Task Force issued a controversial statement concluding the PSA tests offer little if any benefit. On the other hand, PSA tests subject men to unnecessary anxiety and painful biopsies. Consequently many of these men through lack of knowledge, choose invasive surgeries and treatments that put their health at risk.

You men, today, concerned about prostate cancer and all who are diagnosed with diabetes are then left to make your own decision. You men can accept invasive surgical removal of the prostate with serious consequences of impotence and incontinence , the watchful waiting strategy hoping that no other cancer will take over. You can choose the natural nutritional approach cutting back on bread and sugar and taking nutritional supplements  which works to keep your prediabetic stage in check a and your entire body in a state of constant  health. You Choose!

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