Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Success Story: Hormones Michelle

  Success Story: Hormones Michelle

Michelle called me to confirm that she will be taking TAFYH the second time round because she sees this as a huge business potential and she was excited to tell her story.  . She was going to a hormone doctor specialist trying to get her hormones in balance taking estrogen , progesterone, testosterone and all these hormones creams. Quite recently she did a blood test and all hormones are back in balance not because of the hormones she was taking but because of the Laws of Nature she learned in TAFYH. All she did was follow the TAFYH program;

Eliminated all sugars, grains, breads, pop, alcohol junk foods.

She ate meats, fish, chicken, eggs, vegies, seeds, berries, applies

She drank smoothies with Collagen, Green Zone, Solstic Energy, Flax Hull Lignans, water and berries

She took Cat’s Claw combination\

She took Psyllium hulls and LBS11

She did the One Day Bowel Cleanse, the One day Kidney Flush and the 3 Day Liver Cleanse.

She had her blood tested in July after doing the program for 3 months.