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From the Desk of Donna Roth April 10, 2023

From the Desk of Donna Roth April 10, 2023

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The Fear of Using Herbs

Success Story The Kidney Flush: Severe Hip Pain

Success Story: Arterial blockage

Clinical Study on UltraBiome DTX to clean out heavy metals


Chocolate Pizza Recipe



My observation is this. If you don’t enroll in TAFYH then your health option is taking medications.  In my world medications serve you well in emergency situations but should never be taken for life long purposes.  They are dangerous. That is why you need a prescription for them. Every drug causes side effects and there is no such thing as a safe drug. Side effects is a nice cushy term for inflammation. A drug cannot be digested. I can’t help sharing Fran’s story of her husband who just had no energy for a year. Fran totally knew why? The doctor had prescribed blood thinners for him. And her husband being respectful and obedient submitted to the doctor’s request. But there were huge consequences to that obedience. It left him listless with no health. Fran had mentioned this to the doctor many times but her words fell on deaf ears for an entire year. Then one day the doctor heard Fran and he realized that the drug was the culprit. The minute Fran’s husband was off the blood thinners the energy came back. The listless feeling was gone. He has his life back. So, let’s talk about blood thinners. They thin the blood. Thin blood means less oxygen flow and less flow of nutrient energy. The Law of Nature states thin blood = no energy. Now let’s turn to our God given herbs. The herb, Ginkgo Biloba, and the herbal combination Vari-Gone dissolves blood clots, gets the blood to circulate to the brain and the extremities, slows the aging process, prevents Alzheimer’s, promotes optimum circulation and give you a healthy heart, healthy brain, and provides oxygen to every part of your body. And it gives you energy. Ever thought of taking Ginkgo/Biloba or Vari-Gone instead?


  Just about everyone I know of these days that goes to the doctor is prescribed a statin drug like Lipitor or one of those cholesterol lowering drugs. Little does anyone know that a statin drug strips the fats off the myelin sheath of the nervous system or the fats from the brain thereby exposing the brain, the spinal cells and the nerves to infection. The fats are there for a purpose. They protect the nerves and the spine and the brain from being attacked by foreign dangerous entities that get into the blood stream. The Law of Nature states that when the fungal DNA integrates into the stem cell line of spinal cells the result is MS! I have personally witnessed one man end up with loss of hearing on the left side and diagnosed with MS because he had taken Lipitor for 7 years. Another man was losing his memory because he has taken Lipitor for 12 years. And one doctor just could not think straight because he was taking Lipitor. Every drug has a side effect and the side effect of statin drugs is to strip the fats from your brain, your nerves and your spine. Just think about all the people who have dementia and are stuffed into an institution because they have Alzheimer’s! If you are diagnosed with high cholesterol you don’t need statin drugs! You need to clean your blood of heavy metals. You need to put good fats back into your body. Ever thought about doing the Oral Chelation program? Ask me about it! Then enroll in TAFYH.


Hello, I am so grateful for this advanced tafyh  group. I want to say I'm grateful for is learning about how the brain and gut are connected and how probiotics can really help eliminate certain problems like depression and anxiety. And what really struck a cord for me was about  those ladies at separate cities who all had depression were able to eliminate it with probiotics. 



Dandelion Root from Sayer Ji

 Herbalists the world over have held this common lawn weed in high regard for centuries, and dandelion is a major herb in at least three ancient herbal traditions--Western, Chinese, and Ayurveda. This root is bitter and cold, and due to its high mineral content, a bit salty, making it effective for conditions of "damp heat", in Chinese herbal jargon, conditions like jaundice.

Scientific Studies.

A recent Korean test tube study found that dandelion extract inhibits oxidative stress and inflammatory responses.

Another recent paper reported on rats that had liver damage. A water extract of dandelion reduced oxidative stress and reduce liver injury.

An Israeli study showed similar results in reducing hepatotoxicity with dandelion root extract.

Human studies on dandelion are hard to come by, but one interesting 2011 test tube experiment looked at dandelion root extract for leukemia and concluded that dandelion root presents a potential novel non-toxic alternative to conventional leukemia therapy. Use 5 grams per day in capsules.

Each Nature Sunshine capsule is 464 mg of Dandelion root. To get 5 grams you would need to take 10 capsules of Dandelion root a day. It is important to know that Dandelion has the essential active alkaloids that make it medicinal and according to Mark Pedersen that includes mucilaginous compounds bitter compounds, astringent compounds, carotenoids and flavonoids such as lutein. Because of these medicinal compounds Dandelion root reduces muscle spasms, reduces diarrhea, increases the flow or urine and the flow of the bile, absorbs toxins from the liver.

When I read the label on the Nature Sunshine bottle of Dandelion it states that Dandelion root is used in dermatological conditions meaning skin conditions, increases bile flow and improves digestive disturbances.

Its medicinal properties includes the following:



Its viscous fiber lowers bowel transit time,

absorbs toxins from the bowels,

balances intestinal flora,

Dandelion root is also found in the Nature’s Sunshine LIV-A and LIV-J, Master G Formula, P14, Three,


Success Stories Hip Pain

One client with severe hop pain approached me regarding a One Day Kidney Flush.

Day 1

1 glass of water with Rejuvenaid and lemon

2 K, 2 Eight, 2 hree, 2 Alfalfa,

An hour later:

2 K, 2 Eight, 2 Everflex, 2 Alfalfa,

He followed the instructions and did this 10 times.

Nothing happened. The intensity of the pain did not change.

Day 2

1 glass of water with Rejuvenaid and lemon

2 K, 2 Eight, 2 Everflex, 2 Alfalfa,

An hour later:

2 K, 2 Eight, 2 Everflex, 2 Alfalfa,

He also continued to take his other herbals; Cat’s Claw, St. John’s Wort and Histablock

Day 3

The pain has subsided considerably. It has not gone away but it is now at a tolerable stage. He will now continue to do the One Day Flush one day a week.


Blocked Arteries, No Energy

I received this success story from Jan. Jan is a TAFYH grad and overcame breast cancer 10 years ago. She has been working with a man in his 80’s who had 90% blockages in his arteries. The doctors decided that to operate was too dangerous as the surgery might lead to a stroke. Jan sent me his BSQ and I designed a program for this man.

Circulation 9, Nerves 7, Glandular 6, Structural 5, Respiratory 4, Urinary 3, Rep 3, Hepatic 1, Immune 1

His program:

Arginine Plus and Essential Liquid Minerals twice a day

MC, VariGone, Cat’s Claw, Hawthorne, Super Omega 3.

He followed the program faithfully since the beginning of January. Now it is April, 4 months later and this man is very excited to report that he full of energy and feels great. The other great news is that the doctor told this man that his health made him eligible to go to Mexico for a holiday.



Ear Infection

HRP-C liquid taken several times a day along with Green Zone, Chlorophyll and Essential Liquid Minerals cleared up an ear infection for a 6-year old.

For children that stop growing

Take Zambroza


If there is sleeping problems, clenching teeth, itchy nose there could be parasites.

Black Walnut 20 drops three times a day for 21 days.


Bonny’s husband worked in a Sulfur plant with the consequence of continuous wheezing.  He took Mullein about 6 a day for a whole year and the wheezing is gone.

Lobelia may be the solution to tics as experienced in some children. Sophea

Athletic Stamina; Focus ATN, Solstic Energy, Collagen, Maca, NutriBurn, Arginine Plus

Blood clots: VariGone, Capsicum, MC, Gingko/Biloba

ULC-R cleans out H pylori bacteria which can cause ulcers, heartburn, indigestion

Antibiotics wreck your microbiome. Stop using them, I say take Cat’s Claw and Silver instead. If you have taken antibiotics then you need Probiotic 11 2 bottles of it and take 20 a day for 2 bottles. The continue with about 2 Bacillus Coagulans twice a day.


UltraBiome DTX is back in stock.


Ultra Biome DTX

Clinical Study done  at the Hugh’s Center in the Natures Sunshine Lab reported by Dr Jay

There were 100 people involved in the study.

They took 2 sticks of Ultra Biome DTX ( Advanced Heavy Metal Detox) , Rejuvenaid ( Nitric Oxide generator) 2 sticks, Baccilus Coagulans  3 capsules, Natures Harvest twice a day






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Today I want to share with you my Chocolate Pizza recipe:

In a round saucepan heat up

3 T of coconut oil

2 T of seed butter or walnut butter

2 T of cocoa powder

3 T of sweetener such as Splenda or allulose

1 scoop of Collagen

Place into the freezer to set.

This is the most wonderful, delicious chocolate guilt free.


Martin is a male in his mid 60's that has had diabetes for several years that has been diet controlled.  He had a heart attack last year and recently has had to start taking insulin shots.  On top of that he is having vision problems and suffering from  peripheral neuropathy in both feet and hands.   He will be listening in to the call Monday night if you could make some suggestion in the Q &A.   thankyou Donna.

I am assuming Martin had the CoVid shot and that is where the injury came into play. To do fairness to his program I would need to know what other poisons are affecting his health and causing inflammation. The programs I design always work if I know what poisons are causing the problem.

I will organize the program based on limited knowledge. Here goes.


Eliminate all grains, legumes and all that is starchy. These all convert to sugar.

Eliminate all fruit juices and sweet fruits as they raise blood sugar levels.

Eliminate alcoholic beverages and this affects tne liver and the liver is just as important as the pancreases in addressing diabetes. The liver controls the blood sugar levels.

Eat meat products and eggs, and cheese, to raise the body temperature to increase circulation.

Beef broth and chicken soup with lots of vegetables in great .

Drink clean water but no alkaline water. Your stomach is acidic and needs to be in order to convert proteins into amino acid components.

Every day I would have a smoothie with Collagen and Flax Lignans and Arginine Plus. This helps to bind spike proteins.

Every day I would have Berberine 2 and Cats Claw 2 with each meal.

Take LBS11 to move the bowels.

Then once a week I would do a One Day Flush to cleanse the pancreas, the blood, the kidneys, and liver.

Have a glass of water with Arginine Plus and lemon

Take K  2 capsules, P14 2 capsules and MC 2 tablets and 2 Perfect Eyes

Next Hour:

Have a glass of water with Chlorophyll.

Take K  2 capsules, P14 2 capsules and MC 2 tablets and 2 Perfect Eyes

This flush could be done twice a week for the first 2 weeks or so.