Monday, April 3, 2023

Success Story: Jeanette: Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Water Pills, Synthroid


Today I have one of those amazing people on my call as my guest.

Jeanette is the Mother of Christine. Christine is one of my TAFYH students doing the TAFYH course.

It so happened that one day Christine was at her Mom’s house while she was on the TAFYH teleconference call. Well guess what? Her Mom happened to be in the background eavesdropping on the call. By the way I do encourage eavesdropping. Her Mom listened intently and it was after the call that she asked Christine if there was something that she could take to better her own health. Of course Christine was only too eager to help her Mom.

Christine had already experienced her own success story in overcoming migraine headaches and in getting her own energy back. So she sent me an email. I then got to work and designed a herbal program for her Mom. At this point I really had no idea whether Jeanette took this program seriously. I must tell you that often I design programs for people, and they are never followed. People just don’t believe that these programs make a difference. I love Dr. Christopher’s quote when he says: There is no such thing as incurable disease. there are only incurable people.” I totally agree because the majority of people I design programs for fall away. But not Jeanette. She was determined. This past Saturday I had the honour and privilege of meeting Christine’s Mom and Dad. There was sparkle and joy in their eyes and I know why.

I am now  going to turn the time over to Jeanette. She can give you the rest of the story.


Success Story: Jeanette: Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Water Pills, Synthroid

“Hi Donna,
After what is happening to me and my migraines and strength I am experiencing I am amazed by this program.”

Regarding Christine’s Mom: “ I see the amount of vitamins and blood pressure medications and her Synthroid 25 mg thyroid meds my mom has been on… a year ago she had a tumor removed from her left ovary so as I did the kidney flush she was helping me with (part of my tag team but I think she needs guidance as she has recurring bladder infections. She has a heart valve opening that she is getting checked. She has toenail fungus podiatrist said its caused from inside her body.”


BSQ 89

Digestive 5, Hepatic 9 , Intestinal 6  , Respiratory 2, Urinary 11 , Circulation 12 , Nerves 14 Glandular13, Structural 2 , Immune 5 , Reproductive 10

Prior to TAFYH Jeannette’s health was not in tip top shape.

She was concerned for her health and went to the doctor regularly.

As a result she was prescribed the drugs; Synthroid, blood pressure medications, cholesterol lowering drugs, and water pills.

Now it so happened that her daughter, Christine, decided to do the TAFYH course.

And it also so happened that there were times that Jeanette listened in to the calls.

Jeannette was intrigued with the information that was being taught in TFAYH.

Consequently she approached her daughter to ask if there was a program she could follow to better her health.

That’s when Christine sent me an email with a completed body systems questionnaire.

I then designed a program for her Mom that looked like this:


I would wean off Synthroid as it is known to be the cause of cancer.
As she does this program she can also wean off BP meds.
Green Zone
Flax Hull Lignans
Solstic Energy

Take Cat's Claw 3 twice a day

One Day Flush: Do this Flush one day every week.
Water with Arginine and lemon and 1/2 tsp Lobelia
2 K, 2 MC, 1 Liver Support. 1 Master G

1 hour later
Water with Chlorophyll
2 K, 2 MC, 1 Liver Support. 1 Master G
Repeat every hour and Alternate the Arginine and Chlorophyll  for 10 times
Be sure the bowels are moving.


Jeannette decided that this was easy enough and took it on.

She then listened to the TAFYH calls whenever she could.

Today, March 28/23 she spoke with words of excitement

“I was afraid at first. But now I am off Synthroid, blood pressure medications,

Cholesterol lowering drugs and water pills. I have lost 10 pounds and I feel great.

The doctor told me I shouldn’t be doing that.

But recently Jeannette had her blood tested and her blood tests proved she was in great health.

Blood pressure normal, cholesterol normal, thyroid normal!

Christine was proud to report that her Mom only heard 3 calls and was so intrigued that she decided to do the program as well.

I loved hearing Jeannette’s voice as she shared her success with that tone of exuberance.

Jeannette, you made the day for all of us.