Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Migraine Headaches, Weight, Anxiety

Migraine Headaches, Weight, Anxiety

 One lady, I will call her Allie, was coerced by her friend to succumb to the CoVid shot otherwise she would not be allowed to visit her friend and play with the baby. This lady did not want to get the CoVid shots but she was afraid of losing a friend and she loved her little baby. The thought of losing a friend and not seeing her baby, the thought of rejection was unbearable and she succumbed to 3 shots. The third shot sent her straight to the hospital with dizzy spells and vertigo where she could not function. Then she had the 4th shot which completely wiped her out.

To add injury to the CoVid shot reactions Allly was also on antianxiety medications and suffered migraine headaches. She would get brain fog, sore joints and muscles and anxiety attacks even though she was on a medication for 10 years. She was also overweight. Then one day she saw a young woman working on the fire team. This woman was tall, very fit and in great shape. Allie was awe struck and decided she wanted to be like this woman she just saw. Ally changed her diet. She stopped all pop and she was drinking lots of it. Each pop had 75 grams of sugar in it and she drank at least 2 of those a day. She stopped eating all junk food, the cookies, the cakes and all wheat products. She stopped drinking milk and started drinking only water. Then a friend of hers introduced her to Natures Sunshine products. She drank water with Sixated in it. Sixated has Chromium Picolinate in it that helped to regulate metabolism and maintain blood sugar levels. She took Cat’s Claw combination and Liver Support to detoxify the heavy metals from the CoVid shots. Ally did admit that after she started the simple herbal program, she had a bad case of diarrhea for one day.

Then Ally was hit with a migraine headache which was usually the case when her menstrual cycle came along. In the past the migraine headaches were so severe that Ally would go to the doctor for an injection. This time Ally asked her friend about using herbs for the migraine headache. He suggested 8 Cat’s Claw combination and 4 capsules of Liver Support, drink lots of water. Ally did just that. At the point of getting that blurry vision that indicated a migraine she took the herbs as suggested; 8 Cat’s Claw combination and 4 Liver Support with lots of water. The migraine headache stopped dead  in its tracks and never manifested into a full blown migraine headache. No trip to emergency. No injection was needed. Ally was excited. Never in her 10 years of migraine headaches had she ever experienced such amazing results.

Ally has now been on a herbal program for about 6 weeks. The migraine headaches are no longer a big problem, the anxiety is history, she is off all anti-anxiety medications and Ally has lost 81 pounds.

It is so sad for me to witness these young people suffering from such symptoms; anxiety, depression, weight problems, migraine headaches, infections, liver disorders, menstrual problems, joint problems and they have no idea that this other world of wonderful herbal remedies exists. How deceitful to hide this herbal information from them! I know that herbal information is not taught in any school system, or any university. As a matter of fact herbs as a remedy to health does not even cross the average person’s mind or any doctor’s mind. It is a hidden knowledge that our society needs to wake up to. That is why I was inspired to develop my TAFYH course. It is a course that teaches you to become self-reliant in health. You come to know how to be your own doctor.