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Heartfelt gratitude to the many who are writing letters to their MP.

My latest letter to Health Canada.

Letter re; NHP’s

From America’s Frontline Doctors

My Recent Conversations with People

Success Story; Migraine headaches and Weight Loss

Nature Sunshine ‘s Skeletal Strength

From Dr. Mercola

Words of Interest from Carol


Write a letter to your MP and ask them to help us by:

1. Getting sections 500-504 of Bill C-47 repealed.

3. Getting the Charter of Health Freedom enacted.

5. De-regulating natural health products.

From Brian and Maria

All great change begins with imagination, all transformation begins with a vision.

 Take time each day to visualize the person you are capable of becoming. If you cannot visualize the better person you wish to become, you cannot become that better person. The more specific your visualization, the faster and more effectively you will be transformed into that better version of yourself. Visualize particular ways of acting in certain situations. Imagine a situation with a particular person where you are normally impatient. Visualize the perfect way to respond to that person, over and over again in the empty moments of the day, and before too long you will begin to respond in the way you have imagined.

All great change is first an idea in our minds. The first expression of every great achievement in history has been in the wonder of the imagination. Visualize the changes you wish to achieve.

If you do not, you will not.

Matthew Kelly


From America’s Frontline Doctors

The World Health Organization (WHO) this month held a summit on traditional medicine which is being seen as a move by the organization to co-opt or altogether confiscate effective, non-pharmaceutical medical practices from the public.

One Health, which has been highly endorsed by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), would prioritize “climate change” over human health in some regard. No sacrifice would be too great to save the climate if it is the chief determinant of the health of all living things. A zoonotic outbreak, therefore, could open the door for climate mandates like lockdowns and forced vaccinations to stop the spread.

Indeed, the WHO recently paired with the Rockefeller Foundation to search for “climate pandemics.” It also partnered in June with the European Commission to develop international vaccine passports as drugmakers call for “climate vaccinations.” 

From Donna Roth

Reading this dismal information I could not help but tell you about my conversations with people this week  and what I learned from them regarding CoVid shots.

I can’t help telling you about a lady I recently had a conversation with you succumbed to the CoVid shots. She has a severe reaction to the CoVid shot where she lost sight in one eye, broke out in terrible mouth sores, lost her hearing on one ear, her tongue became swollen, and the allergy specialist assigned to her case spent 2 hours with her after her shot. The allergies were unbearable. Did her doctor acknowledge it to be a reaction to the CoVid shot? NO ! The doctor found a diagnosis that fit the reactions and he called it Mass Cell Disease.  So I ask ; Is this not a blatant  deception;  masking the reactions to these CoVid shots by giving it some insignificant disease name?

Here is the second case of a severe reaction to the CoVid shots. One man was terrified that he would lose his job if he did not get the CoVid shots even though his employer never once requested the shots. Fear overcame his common sense thinking and as a result he lined up for 4 CoVid shots. He suffered some severe reactions of vertigo off and on and he now knows that those CoVid shots caused the reactions.

One lady, I will call her Allie, was coerced by her friend to succumb to the CoVid shot otherwise she would not be allowed to visit her friend and play with the baby. This lady did not want to get the CoVid shots but she was afraid of losing a friend and she loved her little baby. The thought of losing a friend and not seeing her baby, the thought of rejection was unbearable and she succumbed to 3 shots. The third shot sent her straight to the hospital with dizzy spells and vertigo where she could not function. Then she had the 4th shot which completely wiped her out.

To add injury to the CoVid shot reactions Allly was also on antianxiety medications and suffered migraine headaches. She would get brain fog, sore joints and muscles and anxiety attacks even though she was on a medication for 10 years. She was also overweight. Then one day she saw a young woman working on the fire team. This woman was tall, very fit and in great shape. Allie was awe struck and decided she wanted to be like this woman she just saw. Ally changed her diet. She stopped all pop and she was drinking lots of it. Each pop had 75 grams of sugar in it and she drank at least 2 of those a day. She stopped eating all junk food, the cookies, the cakes and all wheat products. She stopped drinking milk and started drinking only water. Then a friend of hers introduced her to Natures Sunshine products. She drank water with Sixated in it. Sixated has Chromium Picolinate in it that helped to regulate metabolism and maintain blood sugar levels. She took Cat’s Claw combination and Liver Support to detoxify the heavy metals from the CoVid shots. Ally did admit that after she started the simple herbal program, she had a bad case of diarrhea for one day.

Then Ally was hit with a migraine headache which was usually the case when her menstrual cycle came along. In the past the migraine headaches were so severe that Ally would go to the doctor for an injection. This time Ally asked her friend about using herbs for the migraine headache. He suggested 8 Cat’s Claw combination and 4 capsules of Liver Support, drink lots of water. Ally did just that. At the point of getting that blurry vision that indicated a migraine she took the herbs as suggested; 8 Cat’s Claw combination and 4 Liver Support with lots of water. The migraine headache stopped dead  in its tracks and never manifested into a full blown migraine headache. No trip to emergency. No injection was needed. Ally was excited. Never in her 10 years of migraine headaches had she ever experienced such amazing results.

Ally has now been on a herbal program for about 6 weeks. The migraine headaches are no longer a big problem, the anxiety is history, she is off all anti-anxiety medications and Ally has lost 81 pounds.

It is so sad for me to witness these young people suffering from such symptoms; anxiety, depression, weight problems, migraine headaches, infections, liver disorders, menstrual problems, joint problems and they have no idea that this other world of wonderful herbal remedies exists. How deceitful to hide this herbal information from them! I know that herbal information is not taught in any school system, or any university. As a matter of fact herbs as a remedy to health does not even cross the average person’s mind or any doctor’s mind. It is a hidden knowledge that our society needs to wake up to. That is why I was inspired to develop my TAFYH course. It is a course that teaches you to become self-reliant in health. You come to know how to be your own doctor.

I know that TAFYH costs money. I know that this is a draw back to many people. I know I had to put a price on TAFYH. Let me explain why. TAFYH took 30 years to develop. I say that because it took that many years to put together the thousands of anecdotal testimonials to prove that the formula you are taught in TAFYH works. The formula I am referring to is I + I + I + I + C = results.  To decipher this formula: To achieve health you need to address Injury, Inflammation, Elimination, Infection, Circulation equals results. It works every time. Now if you calculate the number of hours it took for me to work with these amazing people to get to the point of success then you can start to appreciate that $ 377 is a small price to pay. I have worked with 100’s of cancer clients and each cancer client took a year before success was imminent. Then I write their story as they have shared it with me. I then email the story to them for editing. I edit the story and send it back until the story is pure and true according to their words. I then get their permission to share it. Just this part takes hours of work.

Each lesson in TAFYH has been carefully structured to give you the bottom-line information, NO frills attached. In other words, each 5-minute lesson could easily be extended to a 2 hour presentation.  Is this not what universities do to justify their university fees?

My daughter, Susan, who has done TAFYH at least 4 times was instrumental in assisting me in structuring TAFYH. The structure took a long time to build. We started with a team of people who volunteered to be part of the course so that we could structure it into easy comfortable 20 minute segments. Then there was the method of measurements that had be in place ; the Body Systems Questionnaire,, the Candida tests and the body temperature.  

Many of my TAFYH grads have reported that the fee of $377 is beyond reasonable. Imagine overcoming cancer or diabetes, or arthritis or kidney disease or  MS or saving someone from having their breast cut off or their bladder removed or their prostate cut out with this knowledge! I am grateful to the TAFYH grads for their never-ending sustainable support and their continuous words of appreciation. Now my vision is to set up funds for those who cannot afford TAFYH and the products required for TAFYH. I do hold this vision for the future and perhaps there are people on the call today who may assist in setting up such a foundation.

From Steve: Sun City Silver and Gold Exchange.

I am reminded of the power these humble herbs have. They are not created in any lab as are all medications, they are not created by the hand of man, they are created by the hand of God. No man can create the herbs that  God has created for us for our health and for our wellbeing. These herbs have an energy frequency that were meant for our use in times of stress, or conditions of disease and this is all very well documented in scripture. It is interesting to note that science the way I see it does not consider the Bible as a documented source of reference. The criticism I hear is that much has been removed from the Bible. But does not the same criticism apply to science. How many times have a heard of data being removed from science or data manipulated in science for the purposes of marketing a chemical drug product? How many times have I heard of Big Pharma companies providing funds for the science? Is this independent science and is it not conflict of interest?

The herbs and these programs are there for anyone that wants health, joy and wellbeing. Even if you are not a TAFYH grad you can take on your health by taking a super food smoothie every day and cleansing your big inner tube, the intestinal tract. Your super food smoothie should look like this: Water, Collagen powder, Power Greens, Power Beets, Solstic Energy, These are all meticulous super foods from Natures Sunshine. Tomorrow is the last day of their long weekend special. Check out the special and place your order by calling Nature Sunshine 1 800 265 9163.

From Pauline

This past week I talked to Pauline. She is registered to take the TAFYH course. She has been following the herbal program for a few weeks. She is having a smoothie every day. She takes Ultra Biome DTX and Liver Support and Methyl combination and  Cat’s Claw combination every day. She reported that her blood sugar levels have dropped from 14 to 7.


From Dr. Mercola

It is interesting that as a long-distance runner, Noakes developed diabetes. I used to believe that cardio was the cure for diabetes. It is well-known now that this is simply not the case. Food choices are responsible for causing diabetes.

However, excess carbs and not enough fat are not the reason someone develops diabetes. It is interesting to note that in 1890, about 2.8 people per 100,000 had diabetes. Today that number is likely 30,000 per 100, 000 if you include those with prediabetes. That is a more than 100,000 times increase in a little over 130 years.

Increases in sugar intake or carbs did not just cause this. It was the introduction of seed oils that caused severe mitochondrial dysfunction, causing the body to burn fatty acids rather than glucose. While limiting carbs can help when one develops diabetes, the solution is to radically reduce seed oils and every milligram of processed foods.

My comment: avoid canola oil that is found in many grocery bought products. Use coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil instead. And I suggest to  take fish oil capsules like Super Oil, and Super Omega 3 to bind the bad seed oils.


Skeletal Strength US and Canada

Supports the health of the skeletal system such as the health of bones, cartilage, teeth and gums.

Magnesium and Phosphorus help the body to metabolize carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

Calcium intake, when combined with sufficient vitamin D, a healthy diet, and regular exercise, may reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis

Properties: Alkalinizer and Mineralizer

Systems Affected:  Parathyroid Glands, Skeletal System, Skin and Structural system.

Conditions:   Arthritis, Backache, Broken Bones, Calcium deficiency, Cramps and Spasms, Chrohn’s disease, cystitis, Leg Cramps, menopause, Menstrual Cramps, Osteoporosis, Over acidy and Spinal Disks. 

How It Works:

Skeletal Strength is a vitamin, mineral and herbal supplement formulated to nourish the structural system of the body that have been shown to promote bone mineralization and inhibit bone loss.  The formula contains a wide range of nutrients known to benefit the structural system, as well as the nutritive herbs horsetail, parsley and valerian.  Skeletal Strength is designed to nutritionally support the skeletal system and help maintain healthy bones and structural integrity and it also provides digestive aids to ensure absorption of nutrients that are vital for bone health.


Recent research shows that calcium operates according to a diurnal time cycle. During the day when the body is active, calcium in nerve cells is utilized for muscle contraction and nerve transmissions. When this calcium is depleted, muscle fatigue is experienced. During sleep when the body is inactive, calcium is extracted from bone tissues to replenish cellular stores, that is, unless calcium is being adequately supplied in the diet.

Researchers have shown that taking calcium supplements at night helps to balance calcium levels in the blood, reducing the risk of calcium deficiency and osteoporosis.

There is more calcium in the body than any other mineral. Almost 99 percent (two to three pounds) of all the body’s calcium is found in the bones and teeth.

Calcium, magnesium and phosphorus all work together for healthy bones and teeth. When stress is present calcium is lost, and a deficiency in magnesium may occur in highly stressed individuals.

Magnesium has been referred to as the ant stress mineral.

The best time to take Skeletal Strength is at bedtime.



Medicinal ingredients: Each tablet contains

calcium (hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP) chelate,

phosphate dibasic, citrate) 150 mg;

magnesium (HVP chelate, oxide) 150 mg;

phosphorous (calcium phosphate dibasic) 47 mg;

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 37.5 mg;

potassium (gluconate) 25 mg;

Equisetum arvense (horsetail) stem and strobilus 15 mg;

betaine hydrochloride 7.5 mg;

Petroselinum crispum (parsley) leaves 7.5 mg;

 Valeriana officinalis (valerian) root 7.5 mg;

zinc (oxide) 3.75 mg;

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride) 1.25 mg;

iron (ferrous gluconate) 0.75 mg;

copper (gluconate) 0.50 mg;

boron (HVP chelate) 0.25 mg;

 manganese (HVP chelate) 0.25 mg;

beta-carotene 75 mcg (125 IU);

 Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) 7.5 mcg

vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) 1.25 mcg (50 IU).


7 Year Old Fox Hound, Duke’s Testimony:

  Our 7 year old Fox Hound runs around all day long and then comes into the house limping in pain at night.  His hind left leg is inflamed and red and sore to the point he will not let you touch it.  He actually nips at my hand if I try to massage it for him.  I decided to try him on Skeletal Strength.  We started crushing up 4 tabs a day and put them into his dog food.  Within just 7 days, his leg has no more pain, no more inflammation, I can touch him anywhere on his hip leg area without him becoming angry and he runs even harder all day long.  He is now on 2 crushed Skeletal a day for maintenance.  I have now incorporated into our own personal regime 2 tablets a day of Skeletal Strength.  If a dog has this much success imagines what it will do for our own bone structure.