Monday, December 18, 2023


 insulin is down to 30 units! No more dizzy spells

My Mom is a 78 yr old diabetic with limited energy & a number of health issues. for years she has been on medications for blood pressure, cholesterol, depression, diabetes & these last few years her doctor has added 3 different puffers for asthma.

 Mom lives on her own & her diet has never been healthy. In spite of knowing she should take better care she found it was easier to eat convenience foods. When she wasn't feeling well because her blood sugar was too high, she'd go to the doctor & he'd simply increase the amount of insulin he prescribed. My sisters & I tried working with Mom on her diet but with only limited success. She didn't feel a need to change her habits when a little more insulin or another pill would allow her to continue her preferred choices.

For years now, with each new health concern she had - dizzy spells, poor balance, headaches, low energy, decreased mobility, chronic back pain, etc. the doctor just added another drug & told her it's to be expected at her age.

A couple of years ago her doctor discovered she was losing blood but after numerous tests & referrals to specialists they couldn't find anything conclusive, so he stopped looking for answers. When I offered him information on a supplemental product (listed in the Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties) to boost Mom's immune system he handed me back the printout & dismissed my concerns. During my mother's next visit (I wasn't with her) he actually discouraged her from taking it, telling her it was too expensive & that her prescriptions were free.

 When she started losing weight for no apparent reason, her doctor actually recommended she drink Ensure Plus Nutrition drink to gain the weight back. Ensure Plus & similar products are full of processed sugar, chemical additives & synthetic vitamins!!!

That's when I got very upset & stepped in. You don't have to be a genius to know how much harm that can do for someone with compromised health & in my opinion you have to be stupid to recommend it to a diabetic!

I worked with Mom on her diet in an effort to reduce her insulin - mostly by cutting down on sugar, limiting some fruits & increasing her water intake. As we saw some success, she was able to reduce her insulin from 42 units to 35! Mom has also started seeing a chiropractor & has considerably less back pain after treatment.

It wasn't until after we started applying what I'm learning in Donna Roth's TAFYH course that we were able to come up with a solid plan to help Mom in a significant way!

 Now after just a few months of cutting out sugar, reducing grains, getting rid of processed foods, cutting out soft drinks, junk food, drinking Chlorophyll water & taking Capsicum for the blood loss...

Mom's insulin is down to 30 units! She doesn't have dizzy spells, her balance is continuing to improve, she has more energy, better concentration & her weight has stabilized. She has only had 2 bad headaches (both times she had over indulged in sugar).

Mom is so excited by the changes that we are making plans to continue to improve her diet & she is now open to adding in supplements to be sure she gets the nutritional support her body needs to continue reducing her medications & restore her health to new levels.