Monday, December 18, 2023

 Success Story Sheila ‘s Thyroid March 2014

On Oct. 31/11 Sheila received the test results of her thyroid TSH levels and they were totally off the scale at 8.38 and normal levels should be within .10 to 5.00. Sheila’s thyroid was in trouble and she was overweight. Not know what else to do she began to take medications for her thyroid. However, medications just did not seem as the right thing to do and in August of 2012 Sheila dramatically changed her lifestyle. She eliminated all sugars, all grains and all legumes. When craving hit she resorted to a super food smoothie with Mineral Chi Tonic, Flax Lignans and Noni juice and she took TS11 and Cat’s Claw combination. Soon enough cravings ceased, and Sheila discovered some comforting recipes in Mud Pies. Within this time period Sheila lost 30 pounds. On Feb. 12/2014 Sheila got the results of her thyroid tests and the TSH levels were at 1.62. Normal is .10 -5.00.

Sheila stopped her thyroid medication and she did a nutritional program to resolve her thyroid problem.

The health of the thyroid is destroyed by Candida in the body. Candida produces xenoestrogens which affect the function of the thyroid and the metabolism mechanism goes haywire! The solution therefore is to stop feeding that Candida with sugars and starches ,address  Candida with Cat’s Claw and  have a high dense therapeutic nutrition smoothie with Chinese Mineral Chi TonicFlax Lignans which binds toxic xenoestrogens, and Solstic  Energy.

Candida can also be fed by root canals in your teeth or by mercury fillings in your mouth. Recently I had another thyroid client and it took me a long time to convince her that her problem was not the thyroid but the infected root canals in her mouth. We are totally trained to  want an herb to replace a drug but it does not work that way. Its not a thyroid problem, it’s a nutritional deficiency problem and it’s a toxic overload problem.