Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bug Bites

One lady recently spent 2 months in the Caribbean and she noticed that in the evening there were a lot of pesky bugs to deal with. In other words there were bug bites and they were itchy and irritating. She just happened to have brought a tube of Pau D’ Arco Lotion with her on her trip. In wisdom she applied the lotion to the bug bites and the bites were always healed by morning. She also used Pau D’ Arco Lotion for burns and rashes and she was very impressed that they were cleared up almost instantly with the lotion. Now here is a word of advise to all travellers. On your trips be sure to pack an emergency type kit with you for the “just –in-case“ instances and here is what I pack on my trip :
Cat’s Claw for infections and swellings
Tei-Fu Oil for sore or dry throats, headaches
Capsicum for bleeding or shock or trauma
Cascara Sagrada for the bowels
Digestive Enzymes
Pau d’Arco Lotion for burns, rashes, bug bites, dry skin
Black Walnut extract to prevent parasites
TNT bars and Zambars for the vitamin /minerals and for a quick healthy snack.