Thursday, June 5, 2008

Energy, Colon Problems

One lady who had previously experienced cancer of the bowels, was suffering with frequent diahrea and a lack of energy . She did a program of Flax Hull Lignans 2 scoops a day with lots of water, Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 2 oz a day, ULC-R to alleviate gas and bloating, Pantothenic Acid 4 at bedtime to help her sleep and I-X 4 with meals to increase the iron levels. She also made the famous SynerProtein shakes with banana and the fruit of choice to provide her body with the amino acids that were lacking due to a distorted digestive system. Because of a past history of cancer she also decided to add Paw Paw 4 a day and Protease Plus enzymes taken on an empty stomach to cleanse the foreign proteins that may be lingering in the blood stream thereby adding toxins to her blood. Within a week of following this program she was very excited to report that her energy had increased to the point that she could now carry heavy boxes where previously that was quite impossible. She also reported that the diahrea has subsided. She is very happy with the results she is achieving.